Chapter 1 - Montana: Where the Land Writes History


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Worksheet 1: Reading a Map

Worksheet 2: Making a Chart


Learning from Historical Documents:

Letter from Helen Piper about the 1935 Earthquake


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Interesting Links

Test your knowledge with this crossword puzzle featuring Montana counties. (Need help? You can find the answers at the Montana Place Name Website).

Do you enjoy riddles? See if you can find the answers to Montana town name riddles.

Learn about the great floods that shaped the Pacific Northwest and take a virtual tour of the landscapes they created at the Montana Natural History Center's Glacial Lake Missoula website. When and where were the most recent earthquakes in Montana? Check out the Earthquake Education Services web page.

How did your town get its name? Visit the Montana Place Names Companion Website to find out.

See how Glacier National Park glaciers have melted over the years by looking at the images from this repeat photography project.

Ancient Earth Globe is an online, interactive map that you can use to find out what any area of the world might have looked like at a given point in prehistoric times! Type in a town name to find the names of fossils that have been found nearby. Then click on the name for more information about that particular type of dinosaur. 

Geysers in Yellowstone
Geysers in the Old Faithful area of Yellowstone National Park, photo by Donnie Sexton, Travel Montana
Cutthroat Trout
Cutthroat Trout, courtesy US Fish and Wildlife Service