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Hands on History Footlockers

The Society's Footlocker program offers thematic "traveling trunks" focused on a wide variety of topics, from Indigenous history, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and state symbols to homesteading, the Progressive Era, and World War II. Each footlocker is filled with reproductions of clothing, tools, everyday objects, maps, photographs, documents. Each footlocker user guide includes historical narratives for educators and students, lesson plans (many of which do not require material from the footlockers), Amazing Montanan biographies, and information on standards alignment.

Available Titles: Find a list of available Montana Historical Society-created footlockers and view their User Guides here.

Availability and Cost: Footlockers are available to Montana educators for two weeks at a time. Schools pay a $25 rental fee, while the Montana Historical Society covers the cost of shipping to the next venue. In an effort to provide equitable access, reservations are limited to four per year per teacher.

PLEASE NOTE: Footlocker reservations are closed for the school year. Check back in the Fall for available dates.

Did you know? The Office of Public Instruction Indian Education Division has class sets of the books available for borrowing for use in your classroom for up to three months. These go with lesson plans on the OPI Indian Education Web site. Learn more here.