Centennial Farm and Ranch Program

Centennial Farm and Ranch Program graphic



The 2009 Montana Legislature created the Montana Centennial Farm and Ranch Program to recognize and commemorate the agricultural traditions of Montana. Through this program, farm or ranch families that have owned or lived on their land for 100 years or more may be recognized for their contribution to Montana's history.


Proof of continuous ownership by members of the same family beginning with the founder and concluding with the present owner, spanning minimally 100 years.

Proof of founding date, commonly through a deed, and subsequent deeds.

Line of ownership from the first family member(s)—those whom you consider to be the founder(s)—may be through spouses, children, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, or adopted children.

Must be a working farm or ranch with a minimum of 160 acres or if fewer than 160 acres, must have gross yearly sales of at least $1,000.

One current owner must be a Montana resident.



Official framed certificate signed by the governor of Montana

24-inch by 36-inch metal roadside sign with the property name and founding year (example at left)

Property history printed in our periodic farm and ranch yearbook




Application fee is $100. To apply, please complete the Centennial Farm and Ranch Application (Word) (PDF) or call 444-1687 to request the application by email or US mail.