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The State Archaeology program within Montana SHPO encourages recognition and preservation of archaeological sites, and places of cultural importance to Indian peoples.

Under this goal, archaeological staff conduct archaeological and traditional cultural properties consultation according to section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. The state archaeology program is also responsible for reviewing Antiquities Permits for work on state lands.

In addition, as time allows we provide guidance and technical assistance to tribes and agencies, as well as the general public. The state archaeologist is the primary contact point for tribal consultation for the office, and SHPO staff offer assistance in preparation of National Register nominations for Traditional Cultural Properties and archaeological sites. We support heritage education projects through the Montana Historical Society education program and in the schools.

View a short video about the National Historic Preservation act in Big Sky Country.

For further information contact Jessica Bush, State Archaeologist at (406) 444-0388 or E-mail to:

Archaeology Planning Bulletins

  • Planning Bulletin No. 3 Discussion and guidelines for the application of site numbers to cultural resources in Montana. (PDF)
  • Planning Bulletin No. 21 Consulting with the Montana SHPO: Guidelines and Procedures For Cultural Resource Review and Consultation under the National Historic Preservation Act and the Montana State Antiquities Act.
  • Planning Bulletin No. 22 Recordation Standards and Evaluation Guidelines for Stone Circle Sites. (PDF)

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