Teacher Leaders in Montana History


The 2019-2020 MHS Teacher Leader in History Fellows include eight returning elementary and middle school teachers and six high school teachers. These teachers are all experienced Montana history classroom teachers. They have also received additional training on available Montana history resources and best practices in history education. The Teacher Leaders in Montana History are ready to lead by providing one-on-one mentorship and by offering presentations at regional workshops or in-school or in-district PIR trainings within their own districts and in neighboring districts. Possible presentation topics include "An Overview of Montana Historical Society Resources," "Using Visual Thinking Strategies," "Hands-on History Footlockers," "Bringing the Montana Historical Society Museum Exhibits into Your Classroom," "Art and History: Charlie Russell and/or Plains Indian Pictographic Art," "Teaching with Primary Sources," "Historical Thinking," "Engaging Students with National History Day" and more.

Looking for a presenter? Contact a nearby Teacher Leader in History directly, or contact Martha Kohl at the Montana Historical Society for a recommendation of who will best fit your needs.

2020-21 Teacher Leader Fellow

Dylan Huisken Dylan Huisken
6-8 Social Studies, 2019 Montana Teacher of the Year
Bonner, Missoula County
406-258-6151 ext. 307
Areas of special interest: literature tie-ins, IEFA, Montana history, place-based education, Civil War, U.S. government

Returning Teacher Leaders

Ruth Ferris

Ruth Ferris
K-5 Librarian
Billings, MT
Areas of special interest: literature tie-ins, IEFA, teaching with primary sources, MHS resources

Ron Buck

Ron Buck
5th Grade
Shelby, Toole County
Areas of special interest: Hands-on learning, ledger art, technology integration

April Wills

April Wills
2nd Grade
Bainville, Roosevelt County
Areas of special interest: Adapting lessons to lower grades, place-based history, technology integration, hands-on history footlockers, collaborative research projects across grade levels

Debra Crow

Debra Crow
4th-6th Grade
Garrison, MT, Powell County
Areas of special interest: Place-based education, multi-age classrooms, hands-on history footlockers

Jennifer Hall

Jennifer Hall
7-8 history
Eureka, Lincoln County
Areas of special interest: planning multi-day Montana history fieldtrips, MHS resources, peer mentoring, historical thinking

Kathi Hoyt

Kathi Hoyt
6-8 Library
Billings, Yellowstone County
Areas of special interest: IEFA, teaching with primary sources, MHS resources

Jennifer Graham

Jennifer Graham
7-12 history
Philipsburg, MT, Granite County
Areas of special interest: mining history, teaching with primary sources, historical thinking, MHS resources

Cynthia Wilondek

Cynthia Wilondek
10-11 World and US history
Bigfork, MT, Flathead County
406.837.7400 Extension #4237
Areas of special interest: Visual Thinking Strategies, Primary Sources in the Classroom, Adding Montana History to an American History classroom

Michael Herdina

Michael Herdina
Grades and Subjects Taught
Conrad, MT, Pondera County
Area of special interest: National History Day

Elysia Bain

Elysia Bain
9-12 US and world history, government
Ashland, MT, Rosebud County
Areas of special interest: Visual Thinking Strategies, incorporating Montana History into World History, IEFA, Montana Memory Project, MHS resources.

Kari Blaylock

Kari Blaylock
11-12 grade US history, government, American West
Columbus, MT, Stillwater County
406-322-5373, ext. 149
Areas of special interest: integrating Montana history into US History and Government, using Virtual Thinking Strategies, and adapting materials for struggling learners.

Laura Monasmith

Laura Monasmith
8-12 US, Montana and world history, government, Hi-Set
Miles City, MT, Custer County
Area of special interest: government