2019 Montana Preservation Poster

Playing For Keeps

This year, MT SHPO celebrates the nation’s fascination with mammoths and the Montana sites that tell ancient stories of humans during the last Ice Age (late Pleistocene). Our 2019 preservation poster features a woolly mammoth replica skull. Also shown is a c. 12,600‐year‐old Clovis point (courtesy of Mary Sarver), part of the Anzick Collection on loan at the Montana Historical Society (MHS). Both the skull and the collection will be featured in MHS’ new Ice Age Montana exhibit.

Clovis points are associated with mammoth hunting at various North American sites, including Blackwater Draw near Clovis, New Mexico; Domebo in Oklahoma; and Colby in Wyoming. No Montana sites containing both mammoth remains and tools have been discovered yet, but archaeologists have found mammoth fossils across the state, including in the Shields River Valley near the Anzick site. Nearly complete mammoths, dating from about 34,000 to 11,500 years ago, have been recovered in Dawson, Powder River, Beaverhead, and Carter Counties. Ice Age exhibit at the Montana Historical Society Museum is Open Now!

To receive a free copy of this poster contact our office at mtshpo@mt.gov or by phone at 406-444-7715.