Dave Walter Research Fellowship

The Dave Walter Research Fellowship will be awarded to two Montana residents involved in public history projects focused on exploring local history.* The award is intended to help Montanans conduct research on their towns, counties, and regions using resources at the Montana Historical Society. Research can be for any project related to local history, including exhibit development, walking tours, oral history projects, building history or preservation, county or town histories, archaeological research, and class projects. Awards of $1,250 each will be given to two researchers annually.


Recipients will be expected to:

  • travel to the MHS to conduct research
  • spend a minimum of one week in residence conducting research
  • provide a copy of their final product or a report on their completed project to the MHS Research Center

Applications are evaluated on:

  • suitability of the research to the Society's collections
  • potential of the project to make a contribution to local history
  • experience in conducting local history research

The application must include the following:

  • project proposal, not to exceed 3 pages, describing the research including the specific MHS Research Center collections you intend to use
  • cover letter
  • 1-2 page resume
  • letter of recommendation

Applications must be sent as one PDF document to mhslibrary@mt.gov no later than March 15. Announcement of the award will be made in early April. Questions should be directed to Molly Kruckenberg at mkruckenberg@mt.gov.

* Montana Historical Society employees and previous Dave Walter Fellows are not eligible to apply. Applicants must be a United States resident.

Dave Walter 2-17-2004 #25. Photo by Tom Ferris

A long-time historian at the Montana Historical Society, Dave Walter (1943-2006) was an advocate for the study of Montana’s local history.