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Spring 2017 coverSpring 2017 / Vol. 67 (1)

“We Had to Start Treating Them as Human Beings”
Dr. Philip Pallister, Clinical Genetics, and the Montana State Training School, 1940s–1970s
by Linda Sargent Wood

More than Mourning Dove
Christine Quintasket—Activist, Leader, Public Intellectual
by Laurie Arnold

Working on the Railroad
A Memoir by Immigrant Laborer Poet Antonio Andreoni
by Maria Bendinelli Predelli

Winter 2016 coverWinter 2016 / Vol. 66 (4)

Western Montana’s Christmas Tree Boom, 1926–1969
by Rich Aarstad

From Forest to Market
Work in Montana’s Christmas Tree Industry
by Darris Flanagan

Picturing Indian Health
Dr. Ferdinand Shoemaker’s Traveling Photographs from the Crow Reservation, 1910–1918
by Rebecca S. Wingo

Alberta’s Special Areas
Drought and Adaptation on the Canadian Plains
by William N. Holden

Becoming Herders
Basque Immigration, Labor, and Settlement in Nevada, 1880–1910
by Iker Saitua

Montana Book Roundup
by Aaron Parrett

Autumn 2016 coverAutumn 2016 / Vol. 66 (3)

“Realizing the Chance of Your Life”
A Wisconsin Doctor Moves to Missoula, 1905
by Todd L. Savitt

Nurse, Mother, Midwife
Susie Walking Bear Yellowtail and the Struggle for Crow Women’s Reproductive Autonomy
by Brianna Theobald

After the West Was Won
How African American Buffalo Soldiers Invigorated the Helena Community in Early Twentieth-Century Montana
by Anthony Wood

Fraud at Fort Parker
How Corruption and Contracting Built Early Bozeman
by Crystal Alegria and Marsha Fulton

“I was smitten with the West”
The Montana Historical Society celebrates Brian W. Dippie
by Charles E. Rankin

Summer 2016 coverSummer 2016 / Vol. 66 (2)

State of Change: Women and the 1972 Montana Constitutional Convention
by Kelly Kirk

“One Page at a Time“: Early Printing in Territorial Montana
by Aaron Parrett

“Dead Work,“ Electric Futures, and the Hidden History of the Gilded Age
by Jeremy Zallen

Expanding Digital Access to Historic Montana Newspapers
by Tammy Troup

Spring 2016 coverSpring 2016 / Vol. 66 (1)

Creating “Staunch Hearted, Bright-Eyed Sportswomen”: The Montana Legacy of Ina E. Gittings
by Pamela Stewart

A Cross in the Wilderness: St. Mary’s Mission Celebrates 175 Years
by Ellen Baumler

Rocky Mountain Radicals: Copper King James A. Murray, Senator James E. Murray, and Seventy-Eight Years of Montana Politics, 1883–1961
by Bill Farley

Manufactured Housing in Twentieth-Century Montana
by Zoe Ann Stoltz

Winter 2015 coverWinter 2015 / Vol. 65 (4)

Cowboys and Capitalists: The XIT Ranch in Texas and Montana, 1885–1912
by Michael M. Miller

“Failure to Protect”: Legal Interpretations of Rape and Wife Assault in Butte, Montana, 1900–1920
by Natalie F. Scheidler

“There When We Needed Them”: Harriette E. Cushman and the Birth of Montana’s Turkey Marketing Cooperatives
by Amy L. McKinney

Yellowstone’s History, Lost and Found: The Tangled Provenance of the Gustavus Cheyney Doane Papers
by Kim Allen Scott

Where Did I Read That? A Guide to Montana’s Comprehensive Index and Databases
by Christy Eckerle

Autumn 2015 coverAutumn 2015 / Vol. 65 (3)

Remove the Dam, Restore the River: How Public Participation Redefined Superfund Law at Milltown, Montana
by David Brooks

Surviving Montana: Women’s Memories of Work and Family Life, 1900–1960
by Laurie Mercier

The Traditional Worldview of the Kootenai People
by the Kootenai Culture Committee

Summer 2015 coverSummer 2015 / Vol. 65 (2)

Going Public: Childbirth, the Board of Health, and Montana Women, 1860–1920
by Jennifer J. Hill

Pack Mules and Parachutes: Firefighting Partners at Montana’s Ninemile Remount Depot
by Janet Ore

Forgotten Pioneers: The Chinese in Montana
by Ellen Baumler

Daphne Bugbee Jones: A Modernist Architect’s Legacy
by Hipólito Rafael Chacón

Montana Book Roundup
by Aaron Parrett

Spring 2015 coverSpring 2015 / Vol. 65 (1)

When Jeannette Said “No”: Montana Women’s Response to World War I
by Mary Murphy

“Upward Ho! Or, The Way of The Better Life”: The Circuit Chautauqua Movement in Montana
by Nancy Cooper

Bob & Charlie: A Montana Pair to Draw To
by Kirby Lambert and Jennifer Bottomly-O’looney

Firefighters in the Sky: 75 Years and Still Smokejumping over Montana
by Lincoln Bramwell

The Montana Historical Society Celebrates 150 Years
by Bruce Whittenberg

Winter 2014 coverWinter 2014 / Vol. 64 (4)

Women, Wobblies, and the ‘War of Grays Harbor’: Finnish-American Women and the 1912 Grays Harbor Lumber Strike
by Aaron Goings

In the Winner’s Circle: How Montana Thoroughbreds Upset the Nineteenth Century’s Racing Establishment
by Catharine Melin-Moser

John Mix Stanley: An Artist’s View of the 1853 Pacific Railroad Survey and the Far Northwest
by Peter H. Hassrick

Authenticating Chief Joseph’s Shirt: Revelations from Comparison of Digitized Photographs
by Jeffrey Baitis and James S. Brust

Becoming Chinese in Montana: The Chinese Empire Reform Association and National Identity among Montana’s Chinese Communities
by Mark Johnson

Autumn 2014 cover Autumn 2014 / Vol. 64 (3)

In Search of the Sublime: Finding Transcendence in the Mountain West, 1880–1920
by Diana L. Di Stefano

Rudyard Kipling: At Large in the West
by Landon Y. Jones

‘We Are Learning to Do These Things Better’: A Women’s History of Helena’s First Neighborhood
by Ellen Baumler

‘Come Join the K.K.K. in the Old Town Tonight’: The Ku Klux Klan in Harlowton, Montana, during the 1920s
by Christine K. Erickson

Protecting Montana’s Historic Properties
by Kathryn Ore  watch the video

Summer 2014 coverSummer 2014 / Vol. 64 (2)

Women’s History Matters: The Montana Historical Society’s Suffrage Centennial Project
by Ellen Baumler, Laura K. Ferguson, Jodie Foley, Annie Hanshew, Anya Jabour, Martha Kohl, and Marcella Sherfy Walter

Calamity Jane: A Life and Legends
by Richard W. Etulain  watch the video

Divas, Divorce, and Disclosure: Hidden Narratives in the Diaries of Evelyn Cameron
by Ann Roberts and Christine Wordsworth

Ewen and Evelyn Cameron Under the Big Sky

Spring 2014 coverSpring 2014 / Vol. 64 (1)

Wheeling through Yellowstone: A History of Early Bicycling in America’s First National Park
by Wes Hardin

‘The Courage to Act by a Higher and Humaner Principle’: Lewis J. Duncan and the Socialist Movement in Butte, Montana, 1900–1914
by John Hajduk

Forrest Anderson, the 1972 Constitution, and the Reshaping of Montana
by Brian Shovers  watch the video

From Havana to Montana: Cuban Refugee Children, Operation Pedro Pan, and the Cold War Catholic Church
by Clint Attebery

Winter 2013 coverWinter 2013 / Vol. 63 (4)

Montana’s Conjurers, Con Men, and Card Cheats: Wilbur E. Sanders, S. W. Erdnase, and The Expert at the Card Table
by Marty Demarest  watch the video

‘Hewing Community Out of Wilderness’: Montana’s Korpivaara and Kuhmoniemi Settlements in the Early Twentieth Century
by Dena L. Sanford

Killing Montana’s Wolves: Stockgrowers, Bounty Bills, and the Uncertain Distinction between Predators and Producers
by Michael Wise

Montana Book Roundup
by Aaron Parrett

Autumn 2013 coverAutumn 2013 / Vol. 63 (3)

Blood Money: The Montana Bankers Association and the Bozeman Bank Robbery of 1932
by Kim Allen Scott

The Bones Brothers Ranch
by Joan L. Brownell

From Party Lines and Barbed Wire: A History of Telephones in Montana
by Ellen Arguimbau

A Massive Undertaking: Constructing Montana’s Interstate Highways, 1956–1988
by Jon Axline  watch the video

From the Society—Luck and Details: Photographing the Work of Charles M. Russell
by Tom Ferris  watch the video

Summer 2013 coverSummer 2013 / Vol. 63 (2)

Montana Modernism: Contemporary Architecture in the Western State, 1945–1975
by H. Rafael Chacón

Black Hills and Bloodshed: The U.S. Army and the Invasion of Lakota Land, 1868–1876
by Catharine R. Franklin

Charlie Russell and Glacier Park
by Elizabeth A. Dear and David Stanley

Lee Metcalf and the Politics of Preservation: Part II—Conflict, Compromise, and the Art of Leadership
by Frederick H. Swanson

Spring 2013 coverSpring 2013 / Vol. 63 (1)

Lee Metcalf and the Politics of Preservation: Part I—A Positive Program of Development
by Frederick H. Swanson

On Trial: The Washington R*dskins’ Wily Mascot—Coach William “Lone Star” Dietz
by Linda M. Waggoner

The Case for a Custer Battalion Survivor: Private Gustave Korn’s Story
by Albert Winkler

A “Temple of Pleasure”: Missoula’s Wilma Theatre
by Elizabeth “Libi” Sundermann

From the Society—Montana’s National Register Program
by John Boughton

Winter 2012 coverWinter 2012 / Vol. 62 (4)

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Burton K. Wheeler, and the Great Debate: A Montana Senator’s Crusade for Non-intervention before World War II
by Marc C. Johnson

Children of the Hill: Situating Children in Butte’s History
by Janet L. Finn  watch the video

Vaccine Production in the Bitterroot Valley during World War II: How Rocky Mountain Laboratory Protected American Forces from Yellow Fever
by Gary R. Hettrick

Camp Cooke: Montana Territory’s Forgotten First U.S. Army Post
by Rodger Lawrence Huckabee

From the Society—And the Bride Wore . . . Montana Weddings, 1900–1960: An Exhibit from the Montana Historical Society
by Martha Kohl

Montana Book Roundup
by Aaron Parrett

Autumn 2012 coverAutumn 2012 / Vol. 62 (3)

This Was J.C.Penney: A Century of James Penney’s Main Street Department Stores in the Rocky Mountain West
by David Delbert Kruger  watch the video

The Travails of Flathead Indian Agent Charles S. Medary, 1875–1877
by Robert Bigart

The Art of Storytelling: Plains Indian Perspectives
by Jennifer Bottomley-O’looney

Louis W. Hill, the Great Northern Railway, and the Origins of Automobile Tourism in the Northern Plains
by Alan R. Havig

Montana Episode—The Serendipitous Preservation of Butte’s Mai Wah Noodle Parlor and the Wah Chong Tai Company
by Hal Waldrup

Summer 2012 coverSummer 2012 / Vol. 62 (2)

The End of Freedom: The Military Removal of the Blackfeet and Reservation Confinement, 1880
by William E. Farr

Protest, Power, and the Pit: Fighting Open-Pit Mining in Butte, Montana
by Brian Leech

Breaking Racial Barriers:  ‘Everyone’s Welcome’ at the Ozark Club, Great Falls, Montana’s African American Nightclub
by Ken Robison

Building Permanent and Substantial Roads: Prison Labor on Montana’s Highways, 1910–1925
by Jon Axline

From the Society—Signs of the Times: The Montana Historical Society’s National Register Sign Program
by Ellen Baumler

Spring 2012 coverSpring 2012 / Vol. 62 (1)

Jerry O’Connell: Montana’s Communist Congressman
by Vernon L. Pedersen

Beyond the ‘Mongolian Muddle’: Reconsidering Virginia City, Montana’s China War of 1881
by Laura J. Arata

E. B. White’s Montana and The Trumpet of the Swan
by Marcia Melton

The Politics of Performance: Montana’s Landless Indians and Beveridge’s Montana Wildest West Show
by Elizabeth Sperry

From the Society—Innovations in Education: The Montana Historical Society’s Reach Extends Nationally and Internationally
by Mark Johnson  watch the video

Winter 2011 coverWinter 2011 / Vol. 61 (4)

The West Loved Oysters Too!: A Look at that Time in America When Those Briny Bivalves Were All the Rage, Even beyond the Missouri River
by Paul L. Hedren

Staging the Past in Montana’s Alder Gulch: Ruminations on History, Tourism, and Preservation
by J. Philip Gruen

‘Our Snow Covered Trail’: A Montana Freighter Recalls the Hard Winter of 1906–1907
by Joseph M. Hartmann

Ahead of His Time: Joseph Kinsey Howard and the Writing of Strange Empire
by Heather Devine

From the Society—Cons Online: A Montana Historical Society Digitization Project
by Caitlan Maxwell and Jodie Foley

Autumn 2011 coverAutumn 2011 / Vol. 61 (3)

‘Indians shall do things in common’: Oglala Lakota Identity and Cattle-Raising on the Pine Ridge Reservation
by Jeffrey D. Means

Ernest Hemingway’s West
by Lou Mandler

Montana’s Barns: A Vanishing History
by Chere Jiusto and Christine W. Brown; photographs by Tom Ferris

From Canning to Contraceptives: Cooperative Extension Service Home Demonstration Clubs and Rural Montana Women in the Post–World War II Era
by Amy L. McKinney

From the Society—The Restoration of a Legendary Painting by C. M. Russell
by Erica ESH Henry

Summer 2011 coverSummer 2011 / Vol. 61 (2)

Changing Lives: Baptist Women, Benevolence, and Community on the Crow Reservation, 1904–60
by Becky Matthews

Steamboats, Woodhawks, and War on the Upper Missouri River
by Greg Gordon

The Rise and Fall of Social Welfare in a Frontier Mining Community: Virginia City and Madison County, Montana Territory, 1863–69
by Jeffrey J. Safford

‘Howdy Everyone! Glad to See You’: Montana Tourism and its Port of Entry Stations
by Jon Axline

From the Society—The Western Rendezvous of Art
by Susan R. Near

Spring 2011 coverSpring 2011 / Vol. 61 (1)

Helen P. Clarke in ‘the Age of Tribes’: Montana’s Changing Racial Landscape, 1870–1920
by Andrew R. Graybill

Axis Nation ‘Detainees’ and Japanese Enemy Aliens in the West during World War I?I
by Carol Van Valkenburg

‘Not an imaginary picture altogether, but parts’: The Artistic Legacy of Buffalo Bill Cody
by Robert E. Bonner

‘With no companion but her horse’: The Rocky Mountain Husbandman’s Traveling Correspondents Anna Kline and Carolyn A. Murphy, 1889–1904
by Frank R. Grant

Montana Book Roundup

Winter 2010 coverWinter 2010 / Vol. 60 (4)

Mina Westbye: Norwegian Immigrant, North Dakota Homesteader, Studio Photographer, ‘New Woman’
by Lori Ann Lahlum

Marketing the Northwest: the Northern Pacific Railroad’s Last Spike Excursion
by Jan Taylor

A Devastating Diagnosis of Leprosy: The Story of Orville Willett
by Ellen Baumler

Just a Name on a Grave?:  Discovering the story of an Unknown Montana Miner
by Don L. Crawford and Melinda Blanchard Crawford

The Lonesome Life in Glacier National Park: Kishenehn Ranger Station, 1910–1940
by Mark Hufstetler

Autumn 2010 coverAutumn 2010 / Vol. 60 (3)

The Nez Perce and Their Trials: Rethinking America’s Indian Wars
by Elliott West

Guy M. Brandborg and the Bitterroot Controversy: A Conservationist’s Legacy in the Northern Rockies
by Frederick H. Swanson

Hunger: A Memoir of Growing Up in Northeastern Montana
by Ruth McLaughlin; introduced by Dee Garceau

When the Mountains Roared: The 1910 Northern Rockies Fires
by Lincoln Bramwell

From the Society—The Mapkeepers
by Brian Shovers

Summer 2010 coverSummer 2010 / Vol. 60 (2)

Conceiving Nature: The Creation of Montana’s Glacier National Park
by Andrew C. Harper

Where the Prairie Ends and the Sky Begins: Maynard Dixon in Montana
by Donald J. Hagerty

Glacier National Park: People, a Playground, and a Park
by Jennifer Bottomly-O’looney and Deirdre Shaw

The Miraculous Survival of the Art of Glacier National Park
by Hipólito Rafael Chacón

Spring 2010 coverSpring 2010 / Vol. 60 (1)

The N Bar N Ranch: A Legend of the Open-Range Cattle Industry, 1885–99
by Lee I. Niedringhaus

‘Charlot loves his people’: The Defeat of Bitterroot Salish Aspirations for an Independent Bitterroot Valley Community
by Robert Bigart

Following the Old North Trail to Berlin: Walter McClintock and the Grand Opera Poia
by Steven L. Grafe

Romancing Montana: Frances Parker, Western Writer
by Mary L. Helland

From the Society—From Bits of Paper to Bytes of Data: The Newspaper Collection at the Montana Historical Society
by Molly Kruckenberg

Winter 2009 coverWinter 2009 / Vol. 59 (4)

Dying in the West: Part 2—Caregiving in the Home and the Death of Daniel Slayton
by Dawn D. Nickel

‘The Huge Mass Writhed and Screamed like a Live Thing’: Revisiting the Failure of Hauser Dam
by Aaron Parrett

Lt. James H. Bradley: The Literary Legacy of Montana’s Frontier Soldier-Historian
by Jon G. James

Montana Episode—In the Company of Heroes: Charlie Russell and the ‘Temple of Fame’
by Kirby Lambert

From the Society—Copper Commando and the Anaconda Company’s Wartime Production
by Amanda Graham

Autumn 2009 coverAutumn 2009 / Vol. 59 (3)

Failed National Parks in the Last Best Place
by Lary M. Dilsaver and William Wyckoff

Dying in the West: Part 1—Hospitals and Health Care in Montana and Alberta, 1880–1950
by Dawn Nickel

Cromwell Dixon: The World’s Youngest Aviator
by Del Phillips

From the Society—Celebrating a Century of County Building in Montana
by Jeff Malcomson

Historical Commentary—Are We There Yet?: Some Thoughts on the Current State of Western Women’s History
by Sue Armitage

Montana Film Roundup: Butte, America
by Brian Shovers

Summer 2009 coverSummer 2009 / Vol. 59 (2)

Abraham Lincoln: Political Founding Father of the American West
by Richard W. Etulain

To Think Like a Star: The American West, Modern Cosmology, and Big?History
by Kevin J. Fernlund

‘My heart now has become changed to softer feelings’: A northern Cheyenne Woman and Her Family Remember the Long journey home
by John H. Monnett

‘Baseball was our life’: Amateur Baseball in?Butte, Montana, 1920–1960
by John Mihelich

Spring 2009 coverSpring 2009 / Vol. 59 (1)

‘These Men Play Real Polo’: An Elite Sport in the ‘Cowboy State,’ 1890–1930
by Michael A. Amundson

Montana Deaconess School to Intermountain: A Centennial of Restoring Hope for Children, 1909–2009
by Ellen Baumler

Plying the Waters in America’s Little Switzerland: Early-Twentieth-Century Lake Tourism in Glacier National Park
by Calvin H. Mires

Montana Episode—From Coal Mine to Courtside: Basketball in Bearcreek, Montana
by Liza J. Nicholas

From the SocietyMontana: Stories of the Land: A New Approach to Teaching Montana History
by Martha Kohl

Winter 2008 coverWinter 2008 / Vol. 58 (4)

Tough Trip to Publication: Tough Trip through Paradise and the Beautiful Wives of Andrew Garcia
by Diane Smith

Thomas Savage, Forgotten Novelist
by O. Alan Weltzien

Learning a Trapper’s and Hunter’s Art
by Frank Bird Linderman; introduced by Sarah Waller Hatfield

 ‘This unfortunate affair’: An 1810 Letter from the Three Forks
by Rich Aarstad

The Charles M. Russell Catalogue Raisonné
by B. Byron Price

Autumn 2008 coverAutumn 2008 / Vol. 58 (3)

‘More Real than the Indians Themselves’: The Early Years of the Indian Lore Movement in the United States
by Clyde Ellis

Montana Quilts and Quiltmakers: A History of Work and Beauty
by Mary Murphy

Montana Quilts and Quiltmakers: From Sunburst to Nine-Patch—Treasures of the Nineteenth Century
by Annie Hanshew

A Call to Order: Law, Violence, and the Development of Montana’s Early Stockmen’s Organizations
by T. A. Clay

Sitting Proud: The Indian Portraits of Joseph Scheuerle
by Jennifer Bottomly-O’looney

Historical Commentary—‘Big Love’: Unnatural Families and the Suburban West
by Maria E. Montoya

Summer 2008 coverSummer 2008 / Vol. 58 (2)

Bringing Home All the Pretty Horses: The Horse Trade and the Early American West, 1775–1825
by Dan Flores

The Eleventh Man
by Ivan Doig

Justice as an Afterthought: Women and the Montana Prison System
by Ellen Baumler

‘Peas That Please’: The Gallatin Valley Pea Industry, 1911–1970
by Phyllis Smith

Historical Commentary—The Mining Law of 1872
by Gordon Morris Bakken

From the Society—Assault on Basalt
by Mark Baumler

Spring 2008 coverSpring 2008 / Vol. 58 (1)

The Fight for Crow Water: Part II, Damming the Bighorn
by Megan Benson

The World in the West, the West in the World: Friedrich Gerstäcker, Richard Francis Burton, and Isabella Bird on the Nineteenth-Century Frontier
by David Wrobel

The Seminal Years of the Montana Legislative Council, 1957–1965
by Eugene C. Tidball

Living Artifacts: The Ancient Ponderosa Pines of the West
by Stephen F. Arno, Lars Östlund, and Robert E. Keane

How It Worked: The Stamp Mill
by Duane A. Smith

Historical Reflections—Charlie Russell and the Mysterious Photographs
by Ken Robison

From the Society—Restoring History at the Original Governor’s Mansion
by Susan R. Near

Montana Book Roundup
by Sue Hart

Winter 2007 coverWinter 2007 / Vol. 57 (4)

Wallace Stegner’s Formative Years in Saskatchewan and Montana
by Philip L. Fradkin

‘A Residual Frontier Town’: Wallace Stegner’s Salt Lake City
by Robert C. Steensma

The Fight for Crow Water: Part I, The Early Reservation Years through the Indian New Deal
by Megan Benson

‘Our Genial Photographer’: The Life and Times of Henry D. Weenink
by D. Lyle Dechant

From the Society—Not-So-Buried Treasures: Exploring the On-line Resources of the MHS Research Center
by Jodie Foley and Roberta Gebhardt

So You Want to Be Published?
by Stan Lynde

A Guide to Self-Publishing Your Book

Autumn 2007 coverAutumn 2007 / Vol. 57 (3)

Abortion in the Old West: The Trials of Dr. Edwin S. Kellogg of Helena, Montana
by Todd L. Savitt

George ‘Montana’ Oiye: The Journey of a Japanese American from the Big Sky to the Battlefields of Europe
by Casey J. Pallister

Babe in the Woods: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Unlikely Summer in Montan
by Landon Y. Jones

The Railroad Photography of Warren McGee
by Jennifer Jeffries Thompson

Historical Commentary—HBO’s Deadwood: Not Your Typical Western
by John Mack Faragher

Montana Traveler—The St. Ignatius Mission
by Katherine Mitchell

From the Society—Happy Birthday MHS Press!

Summer 2007 coverSummer 2007 / Vol. 57 (2)

Flying across America: The Airline Passenger Experience and the West
by Daniel L. Rust

One Day on Timbered Island: How the Rockefellers’ Visits to Yellowstone Led to Grand Teton National Park
by Marian Albright Schenck

Postcard Portraits of Yellowstone National Park
by Susan and Jack Davis

Neither Empty nor Unknown: Montana at the Time of Lewis and Clark
by George Oberst

‘I haven’t time to kiss everybody!’: Larry Mathews Entertains in Yellowstone, 1887–1904
by Lee H. Whittlesey

Spring 2007 coverSpring 2007 / Vol. 57 (1)

Gwendolen Haste: Giving Voice to the Homesteaders
by Sue Hart

When Does a Cactus Become an Angry Buffalo?: Traditional Games of the Lakotas
by Raymond A. Bucko, S.J.

The Tragic Montana Career of Dr. D. E. Salmon
by Fredric L. Quivik

The Nez Perces in Yellowstone in 1877: A Comparison of Attempts to Deduce Their Route
by Lee Whittlesey

Montana Architecture—More than a Mile from City Center: Helena’s Northern Pacific Railroad District and Sixth Ward
by Kate Hampton

From the Society—Identifying African American Resources Project
by Scott Meredith

Montana Book Roundup

Winter 2006 coverWinter 2006 / Vol. 56 (4)

Entering Butte
by Robert R. Swartout Jr.

‘See America the Bountiful’: Butte’s Berkeley Pit and the American Culture of Consumption
by Timothy J. LeCain

Another Look at Burke’s Butte: The Great Depression and William Allen Burke’s ‘Greenhorn Miner’
introduced by Matthew Basso

Caring for the Dead: The Development of the Funeral Business in Butte
by Zena Beth McGlashan

1,000,000 Glasses a Day: Butte’s Beer History on Tap
by Steve Lozar

Montana Episode—Driving Haul Trucks in the Berkeley Pit: Reminiscences of a Gritty Job
by Bill Long

About Butte
by Wim Wenders

From the Society—The Butte-Anaconda National Historic Landmark
by Martha Kohl

The Natural West—Bioprospecting in the Berkeley Pit: The Search for Valuable Natural Products from a Most Unnatural World
by Andrea Stierle

Montana Traveler—Our Lady of the Rockies
by Kris King

Autumn 2006 coverAutumn 2006 / Vol. 56 (3)

Frontiersman for the Tsar: Timofei Tarakanov and the Expansion of Russian America
by Kenneth N. Owens

Love, Valor, and Endurance: World War II War Brides Making a Home in Montana
by Seena B. Kohl

The Story from Indian Country: What We Learned from the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial
by Frederick E. Hoxie

Remembering Dave Walter

From the Society—Teaching Twentieth-Century Montana History
by Linda Wruck

Montana Book Roundup

Summer 2006 coverSummer 2006 / Vol. 56 (2)

Anaconda Sheds Its Press: The Story behind the Company’s Decision to Sell Its Newspapers
by Dennis Swibold

An Army Surgeon’s Account: Henry Remson Tilton’s View of the Bear’s Paw Mountains Expedition and the Conclusion of the Nez Perce War
by Jerome A. Greene

‘No Fighting is to be Apprehended’: Major Eugene Baker, Sitting Bull, and the Northern Pacific Railroad’s 1872 Western Yellowstone Surveying Expedition
by M. John Lubetkin

William Ranney: A Painter’s Requiem to the Mountain Man
by Peter H. Hassrick

Of Professors and Predators: John Ostrom, Deinonychus antirrhopus,—and the Nature of Dinosaurs
by Jon Axline

Caroline Lockhart on the Dryhead: ‘Happily-Ever-Aftering’ on a Montana Cattle Ranch
by John Clayton

Brokeback MountainA Western
by Richard White

Key Ingredients: America by Food

From the Society—We Proceeded On: Creating a Masterpiece for the Montana State Capitol
by Kirby Lambert

Montana Traveler—Tower Rock: A Traveler’s Landmark
by Clint Attebery

Spring 2006 coverSpring 2006 / Vol. 56 (1)

Mormonism in Montana
by Brian Q. Cannon

Second Views of the Treasure State
by William Wyckoff

Monopolizing The Virginian (or, Railroading Wister)
by Melody Graulich

Brigadier General George Crook’s ‘Horse Meat March’ and the Fight at Slim Buttes: A Letter by Walter Scribner Schuyler
by Charles M. Robinson III

Fort Davis and the Antebellum Military Frontiers
by Robert Wooster

Montana Reflections—Forest Images by K. D. Swan
by Kirby Lambert

From the Society—The Montana Heritage Project
by Katherine Mitchell

Montana Traveler—Forsyth, Montana
by Martha Kohl

Winter 2005 coverWinter 2005 / Vol. 55 (4)

What’s the Matter with Texas?: The Great Enigma of the Lone Star State in the American West
by Ty Cashion

‘Good night with the Stars and Stripes, Army, Navy, and Mister damned Wilson’: Montana’s Central Role in the Repression—and Eventual Recognition—of Free Speech
by Clemens P. Work

In the Shadow of Billy the Kid: Susan McSween and the Lincoln County War
by Kathleen P. Chamberlain

Montana Episode—The Masonic Apron of Meriwether Lewis and the Legacy of Masonry in Montana
by Ellen Baumler

Montana Traveler—Comet, Montana
by Christine W. Brown

From the Society—Unexpected Treasures among the Photographs of Ed and Emil Kopac
by Delores J. Morrow and Sandra J. Barker

Autumn 2005 coverAutumn 2005 / Vol. 55 (3)

Animal Last Stands: Empathy and Extinction in the American West
by Jon T. Coleman

Women and Hunting in the West
by Mary Zeiss Stange

Hunting Democracy
by Daniel Justin Herman

‘The Great Source of Amusement’: Hunting in the Frontier Army
by James E. Potter

The Legendary Earl Durand: Wyoming’s ‘Tarzan of the Tetons’
by Lillian Turner

Historical Commentary—‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’
by Gordon Morris Bakken and Elwood Bakken

From the Society—Travel and Exploration Narratives in the Montana Historical Society Collection
by Rich Aarstad and Jennie Stapp

Montana Traveler—Pine Butte Swamp Preserve and the Rocky Mountain Front
by W. Clark Whitehorn

Summer 2005 coverSummer 2005 / Vol. 55 (2)

Captivity For Yellowstone Bison: Their Doom or Salvation?
by Mary Ann Franke

Tragedy at Red Cloud Agency: The Surrender, Confinement, and Death of Crazy Horse
by Jeffrey V. Pearson

‘We Belong to the North’: The Flights of the Northern Indians from the White River Agencies, 1877–1878
by Kingsley M. Bray

‘Custer’s Last Stand’: An Artist’s Perspective
by Thom Ross

Mapping Montana: The Federal Land Surveys of 1867–1868
by Jeffrey J. Safford

Montana Episode—Fear in the Time of Infantile Paralysis
by Volney Steele

Montana Traveler—The 320 Ranch
by Connie Staudohar

From the Society—Community Preservation in Montana
by Rolene R. Schliesman

Spring 2005 coverSpring 2005 / Vol. 55 (1)

Diversions, Ditches, and District Courts: Montana’s Struggle to Allocate Water
by Brian Shovers

The Contradictory Legacies of Buffalo Bill Cody’s First Scalp for Custer
by Paul L. Hedren

Elwood Mead, Buffalo Bill Cody, and the Carey Act in Wyoming
by Robert E. Bonner

Kayaking Playground or Nature Preserve?: Whitewater Boating Conflicts in Yellowstone National Park
by Michael J. Yochim

Montana Traveler—Historical Maps of Montana and the Stories They Tell
by Sally Thompson

From the Society—Reading between the Lines
by Clyde Ellis and Charlene Porsild

Winter 2004 coverWinter 2004 / Vol. 54 (4)

‘This Wicked Family’: A Biography of the Deschamps Family of Fort Union—Their Feuds, Fights, and Violent Demise
by Robert W. Thomson

The Bearer Has Permission: A Brief History of Research Permitting in Yellowstone National Park
by Alice Wondrak Biel

Old West and New West in Garden Park, Colorado
by Steven M. Schnell, Curtis J. Sorenson, Soren Larsen, Matthew Dunbar, and Erin McGrogan

Laura Bell McDaniel: Queen of the Colorado City Tenderloin
by Jan MacKell

Montana Episode—Icy Reconnaissance
by Michael J. Ober

From the Society—Federal Historic Rehabilitation Income Tax Credit Program
by Pete Brown

Montana Traveler—New Deal Oasis on the High Plains
by Fredric L. Quivik

Autumn 2004 coverAutumn 2004 / Vol. 54 (3)

Empty Saddles: Desertion from the Dashing U.S. Cavalry
by Judy Daubenmier

Fire and Ashes: The Last Survivor of the Mann Gulch Fire
by John N. Maclean

A Rashomon Night: Montana Vigilantes and the Subjective Question of Guilt
by Frederick Allen

‘Give Me Eighty Men’: Shattering the Myth of the Fetterman Massacre
by Shannon Smith Calitri

Montana Episode—The Trials of John L. Smith
by John Clayton

The Natural West—The Old Works Golf Course, Anaconda, Montana
by Brian Shovers

From the Society—From Liverpool to Cut Bank
by Jodie Foley

Montana Traveler—Bearcreek, Montana
by Jon Axline

Summer 2004 coverSummer 2004 / Vol. 54 (2)

Kona: Cradle of Hawai‘i’s Paniolo
by Richard W. Slatta, Ku‘ulani Auld, and Maile Melrose

Montana’s Worst Natural Disaster: The 1964 Flood on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation
by Aaron Parrett

‘I Want It Real Bad’: The Charles M. Russell–Malcolm Mackay Collaboration
by Brian W. Dippie

Montana’s Last Best Chance: The Malcolm S. Mackay Collection of Charles M. Russell Art
by Kirby Lambert

From the Society—A Recipe for New Research
by Charlene Porsild

Montana Traveler—Remembering Butte’s Chinatown
by Carrie Schneider

Spring 2004 coverSpring 2004 / Vol. 54 (1)

Falling in Love with Montana: John Vachon’s Photographic Sojourn
by Mary Murphy

‘Enigma Woman’ Nellie Madison: Femme Fatales and Noir Fiction
by Kathleen Cairns

Going to Buffalo: Indian Hunting Migrations Across the Rocky Mountains
Part 2—Civilian Permits, Army Escorts
by William E. Farr

‘Performers Prove Beauty & Rodeo Can Be Mixed’: The Return of the Cowgirl Queen
by Renee M. Laegreid

‘The Fellow Who Can Talk the Loudest and Has the Best Shotgun Gets the Water’: Water Regulation and the Montana State Engineer’s Office, 1889–1964
by James E. Sherow

Historical Commentary—Days of Discovery
by Dayton Duncan

From the Society—L. A. Huffman
Gene Allen & Bev Allen

Montana Traveler—Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge
by Amy L. McKinney

Winter 2003 coverWinter 2003 / Vol. 53 (4)

Going to Buffalo: Indian Hunting Migrations Across the Rocky Mountains
Part 1—Making Meat and Taking Robes
by William E. Farr

‘Music, Song, and Laughter’: Yellowstone National Park’s Fountain Hotel, 1891–1916
by Lee H. Whittlesey

Letters from World’s End: A Young Couple’s Portrait of Butte, 1936–1941
by Brenda Pentland

‘The Making of a Good Woman’: Montana and the National Florence Crittenton Mission
Ellen Baumler

From the Society—Documenting Education in Montana
by Molly Kruckenberg

The Montana Traveler—Lolo Hot Springs
by Charlene Porsild

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