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Winter 2016

Winter 2016

Vol. 66, No. 4

Created: Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Vol. 66, No. 4

Western Montana’s Christmas Tree Boom, 1926–1969by Rich Aarstad

From Forest to Market Work in Montana’s Christmas Tree Industry
by Darris Flanagan

Picturing Indian Health Dr. Ferdinand Shoemaker’s Traveling Photographs from the Crow Reservation, 1910–1918
by Rebecca S. Wingo

Alberta’s Special Areas Drought and Adaptation on the Canadian Plains
by William N. Holden

Becoming Herders Basque Immigration, Labor, and Settlement in Nevada, 1880–1910
by Iker Saitua

Montana Book Roundupby Aaron Parrett

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Lansing, Insurgent Democracy, reviewed by Molly P. Rozum | Owens, Empire Maker, reviewed by Robert H. Greene | McDermott, Grim, and Mobley, eds., The Mullan Road, reviewed by Paul R. Wylie | Adams, Three Roads to Magdalena, reviewed by Marilyn Irvin Holt | Wright, Law at Little Big Horn, reviewed by Frederic C. Wagner III | Ferguson, This Is Our Land, reviewed by Greg Gordon | Hansen, Encounter on the Great Plains, reviewed by Linda Clemmons

On the cover

(front) A “Bear” Chance, by Philip R. Goodwin, 1907; (back) Christmas card, 1883