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Winter 2009

Winter 2009

Vol. 59, No. 4

Created: Monday, December 21, 2009

Vol. 59, No. 4

Dying in the WestPart 2—Caregiving in the Home and the Death of Daniel Slayton
by Dawn D. Nickel

‘The Huge Mass Writhed and Screamed like a Live Thing’Revisiting the Failure of Hauser Dam
by Aaron Parrett

Lt. James H. BradleyThe Literary Legacy of Montana’s Frontier Soldier-Historian
by Jon G. James

In the Company of HeroesCharlie Russell and the ‘Temple of Fame’
by Kirby Lambert

Copper Commando and the Anaconda Company’s Wartime Productionby Amanda Graham

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Worster, A Passion for Nature, reviewed by Paul Hirt | Hämäläinen, The Comanche Empire, reviewed by Dan Flores | Schwantes and Ronda, The West the Railroads Made, reviewed by James E. Fell Jr. | Cobb, Native Activism in Cold War America, reviewed by Laurie Arnold | Johnson, “They Are All Red Out Here”, reviewed by Greg Hall | Brinkley, The Wilderness Warrior, reviewed by Diane Smith | Hausdoerffer, Catlin’s Lament, reviewed by Alan G. Shackelford | Cruse, Battles of the Red River War, reviewed by Henry B. Crawford | Harrison, ed., All Our Stories Are Here, reviewed by Linda K. Karell | Littlefield, Conflict on the Rio Grande, reviewed by Megan Benson | Miller, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane, reviewed by Christine Hill Smith | LeCain, Mass Destruction, reviewed by Kent Curtis | Benton-Cohen, Borderline Americans, reviewed by John R. Chávez | Chiang, Shaping the Shoreline, reviewed by Chris Friday | West, The Last Indian War, reviewed by Francis Paul Prucha | Abbott, How Cities Won the West, reviewed by Andrew Needham

On the cover

(front) The Start for the Hills, by William Herbert Dunton, c. 1918; (back) Gus Sbragia with gear pattern, Pattern Shop, Anaconda smelter, 1942