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Winter 2004

Winter 2004

Vol. 54, No. 4

Created: Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Vol. 54, No. 4

‘This Wicked Family’A Biography of the Deschamps Family of Fort Union—Their Feuds, Fights, and Violent Demise
by Robert W. Thomson

The Bearer Has PermissionA Brief History of Research Permitting in Yellowstone National Park
by Alice Wondrak Biel

Old West and New West in Garden Park, Coloradoby Steven M. Schnell, Curtis J. Sorenson, Soren Larsen, Matthew Dunbar, and Erin McGrogan

Laura Bell McDanielQueen of the Colorado City Tenderloin
by Jan MacKell

Icy Reconnaissanceby Michael J. Ober

Federal Historic Rehabilitation Income Tax Credit Programby Pete Brown

New Deal Oasis on the High Plainsby Fredric L. Quivik

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Ellis, A Dancing People, reviewed by Mark van de Logt | Mead, How the Vote Was Won, reviewed by Christine K. Erickson | Halaas and Masich, Halfbreed, reviewed by R. Eli Paul | Snyder, ed., Bear in Mind, reviewed by Tom Palmer | Jenish, Epic Wanderer, reviewed by Barry Gough | Smith, Mountain Harmonies, reviewed by Garrit Voggesser | Kennedy, Wyoming Trucks, True Love, and the Weather Channel, reviewed by Mary Clearman Blew | Alunik, Kolausok, and Morrison, Across Time and Tundra, and John, Stories for Future Generations/Qulirat Qanemcit-llu Kinguvarcimalriit, reviewed by Charlene Porsild | Scharff, ed., Seeing Nature through Gender, reviewed by John Husmann | Smith, ed., The Future of the Southern Plains, reviewed by David Blanke | Deverell, Whitewashed Adobe, and Nunis Jr., ed., The Founding Documents of Los Angeles, reviewed by Gordon Morris Bakken | Knab, Mad Jesus, reviewed by Adrian A. Bantjes | Christian, Before Lewis and Clark, reviewed by Kerry R. Oman | Riley, Taking Land, Breaking Land, reviewed by James O. Gump

On the cover

(front) Grinnell Lake, by Kathryn Leighton, c. 1920; (back, detail) Cree Woman, by Karl Bodmer, 1833