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Winter 1995

Winter 1995

Vol. 45, No. 1

Created: Sunday, January 1, 1995

Vol. 45, No. 1

‘Always Bet on the Butcher’ Warren Nelson and Illegal Gambling in Montana in the 1920s and 1930s
by R. T. King

When Indians Became Cowboysby Peter Iverson

Battle for Dinosaur Echo Park Dam and the Birth of the Modern Wilderness Movement
by Mark W. T. Harvey

Historical Commentary The Rocky Mountain West: Fragile Space, Diverse Place
by Dan Flores

Essays on the West Writing One Sweet Quarrel, Telling the Accurate Lie
by Deirdre McNamer

In Commemoration Merrill G. Burlingame, 1901–1994
by Pierce C. Mullen, Brian Cockhill, Vivian A. Paladin, and Michael P. Malone

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Hagerty, Desert Dreams, reviewed by Peter H. Hassrick | Weber, The Spanish Frontier in North America, reviewed by Albert L. Hurtado | Benedek, The Wind Won’t Know Me, reviewed by Gerald Thompson | Noyes, Los Comanches, reviewed by Elmer Kelton | Biolsi, Organizing the Lakota, reviewed by Dorothy R. Parker | Brafford and Thom, comps., Dancing Colors, and Thom, comp., Becoming Brave, reviewed by Barbara Loeb | Engh, Frontier Faiths, reviewed by Roger D. Launius | Vogel, Great Lakes Lumber on the Northern Plains, reviewed by Carl E. Krog | Findlay, Magic Lands, reviewed by Carol A. O’Connor | O’Flaherty, An End and a Beginning, and Those Powerful Years, reviewed by William Deverell | Gerber, On the Home Front, reviewed by Patricia Ann Owens | Kroes, The Persistence of Ethnicity, reviewed by Robert R. Swartout Jr. | Love and Love Froidevaux, comps. and eds., Lady’s Choice, reviewed by Sandra Schackel | Jordan, Riding the White Horse Home, reviewed by Barbara Love | Yagoda, Will Rogers, reviewed by Clyde A. Milner II | Johenning, Ballads of the Old West, and Weibert, Montana’s Last Desperado, reviewed by F. Lee Graves | Steffen, The Horse Soldier, 1776–1943, Volume II and Volume III, reviewed by Dan Gagliasso | Blevins, Dictionary of the America West, reviewed by Clay Reynolds | Robbins, Last Refuge, reviewed by John B. Wright | Fradkin, Wanderings of an Environmental Journalist in Alaska and the American West, reviewed by Dayton Duncan | Rydell, Safford, and Muller, In the People’s Interest, reviewed by G. Thomas Edwards

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Men and Mountains, 1933, by Mayard Dixon