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Winter 1993

Winter 1993

Vol. 43, No. 1

Created: Friday, January 1, 1993

Vol. 43, No. 1

Beyond the Beaver Fur and the American West by James P. Ronda

Certainty of Vengeance The Hudson’s Bay Company and Retaliation in Kind against Indian Offenders in New Caledonia
by John Phillip Reid

A View from the Bottom Up The Work Force of the American Fur Company on the Upper Missouri in the 1830s
by William R. Swagerty

Lou Devon’s Narrative A Tale of the Mandan’s Lost Years
by Will Bagley

Fort Uintah and the Reed Trading Postby John D. Barton

Traders to Trappers Andrew Henry and the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade
by Linda Harper White and Fred R. Gowans

Essays on the West Exploration and Commerce along the Pacific Northwest Coast
by James P. Ronda

A River Runs Through It, A Review
by Ivan Doig

Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven—The Western Is Back
by John Mack Faragher

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Blew, All But the Waltz, reviewed by Earl Ganz | Hampsten, Settlers’ Children, reviewed by Anne M. Butler | Lindgren, Land in Her Own Name, reviewed by Frances W. Kay | Jensen, Promise to the Land, reviewed by Sandra Schackel | Jeffrey, Converting the West, reviewed by Annette Atkins | Cutter, Malaspina and Galiano, reviewed by Janet Fireman | McKelvey, Ewan, Beckham, Botanical Exploration of the Trans-Mississippi West, 1790–1850, reviewed by Dan Flores | Josephy, The Civil War in the American West, reviewed by Joseph G. Dawson III | Gray, Custer’s Last Campaign, reviewed by Neil C. Mangum | Hedren, ed., The Great Sioux War, 1876–77, reviewed by Gregory Urwin | Fitzgerald, Yellowtail, Crow Medicine Man and the Sun Dance Chief, reviewed by Keith Algier | Oberly, Sixty Million Acres, reviewed by Emmett M. Essin | Highton, Nevada Newspaper Days, reviewed by David Fridtjof Halaas | King, Going to Meet a Man, reviewed by Roger D. McGrath

On the cover

(front) Long Jakes, The Rocky Mountain Man, 1844, by Charles Deas; (back) Fur trade artifacts: Jim Bridger’s Hawken rifle and binoculars, L’Assomption sash, Canadian Cree beaded tobacco pouch once carried by Alexander Culbertson, brass pail, powder horn, pistol, trade bead sample cards, and trade beads