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Winter 1987

Winter 1987

Vol. 37, No. 1

Created: Thursday, January 1, 1987

Vol. 37, No. 1

The Shared Memory of Montana’s Pioneersby Clyde A. Milner II

The Letters of Barbara Alice Slater Homesteading on Canadian Prairies, 1909–1918
ed. by Jean E. Dryden and Sandra L. Myres

Boycott in Butte Organized Labor and the Chinese Community, 1896–1897
by Stacy A. Flaherty

W. A. Clark and the Las Vegas Connection The “Midas of the West” and the Development of Southern Nevada
by James W. Hulse

Montana Episodes Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Threshing in the Judith Basin
by Henry T. Murray with John A. Murray

Historical Landscapes Marcus Daly and Montana: One Man’s Imprint on the Landscape
by Carroll Van West

Historical Commentary The Tarnished Dream: The Turbulent World of the Forest Products Industry in the Northwest
by William G. Robbins

Review Essay Simple Stories of a Complicated People, or Complicated Stories for a Simple People?
by Richard White

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

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Porter, Paper Medicine Man, reviewed by Darlis A. Miller | Turner, Rediscovering America, reviewed by William L. Lang | Prouty, More Deadly Than War, reviewed by Edwin R. Bingham | Fairbanks, Prairie Women, reviewed by Mary Clearman Blew | Wood and Thiessen, eds., Early Fur Trade on the Northern Plains, reviewed by Henry E. Fritz | Davies and Hutton, ed., Ten Days on the Plains, reviewed by Robert C. Carriker | Trafzer, ed., Indians, Superintendents, and Councils, reviewed by William N. Bischoff, S.J. | Schoelwer and Gläser, Alamo Images, reviewed by Sandra L. Myres

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The Nomads, 1902, by Henry Farny