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Winter 1980

Winter 1980

Vol. 30, No. 1

Created: Tuesday, January 1, 1980

Vol. 30, No. 1

Joseph Kinsey Howard and His Vision of the Westby Richard B. Roeder

The Legendary Joe Cosleyby Jerry DeSanto

“Peace Is a Woman’s Job . . .” Jeannette Rankin and American Foreign Policy: The Origins of Her Pacifism
by Joan Hoff Wilson

Edwin M. Ellis Montana’s Bicycling Minister
by Nina Ellis Dosker

Montana Episodes Heavers, Hashers, Skinners & Dudes: Yellowstone 1915
by Yellowstone Chip Samuell

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Keating, The Flamboyant Mr. Colt and His Deadly Six-Shooter, reviewed by Gary L. Roberts | Brown and Dorsett, K.C.: A History of Kansas City Missouri, reviewed by James B. Allen | Floyd, intro., Chronological List of Actions, &c., with Indians from January 15, 1837, to January, 1891, reviewed by Robert M. Utley | Thrapp, ed., Dateline Fort Bowie: Charles Fletcher Lummis Reports on an Apache War, reviewed by Roger L. Nichols | Hutton, Vigilante Days: Frontier Justice along the Niobrara, reviewed by Larry D. Ball | Wardwell, Objects of Bright Pride: Northwest Coast Indian Art from the American Museum of Natural History, reviewed by Michael L. Lawson | Horowitz, The Great Impeacher: A Political Biography of James M. Ashley, reviewed by Clark C. Spence | Schwantes, Radical Heritage: Labor, Socialism, and Reform in Washington and British Columbia, 1885–1917, reviewed by Garin Burbank | Ladner, O. C. Seltzer, Painter of the Old West, reviewed by Vivian A. Paladin | Spritzer, Waters of Wealth: The Story of the Kootenai River and Libby Dam, reviewed by Siegfried B. Rolland | Wyman, Hard Rock Epic: Western Miners and the Industrial Revolution, 1860–1910, reviewed by Otis E. Young, Jr. | Arrington and Britton, The Mormon Experience: A History of the Latter-Day Saints, reviewed by Charles S. Peterson | Stewart, Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast, reviewed by Jeanne Oyawin Eder | Conn, Native American Art in the Denver Art Museum, reviewed by George P. Horse Capture | Green, ed., Zuni: Selected Writings of Frank Hamilton Cushing, reviewed by Richard N. Ellis | Campa, Hispanic Culture in the Southwest, reviewed by J. Leitch Wright, Jr. | Schullery, Old Yellowstone Days, reviewed by Richard A. Bartlett | Hanna, Lost Harbor: The Controversy over Drake’s California Anchorage, reviewed by Donald C. Cutter | O’Neal, Encyclopedia of Western Gunfighters, reviewed by Jeff Nathan

On the cover

(front) Conversation, 1917, by Maynard Dixon; (back) Picture Writing, 1917, by Maynard Dixon