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Winter 1978

Winter 1978

Vol. 28, No. 1

Created: Sunday, January 1, 1978

Vol. 28, No. 1

Frontier Brethren The Hutterite Experience in the American West
by Dorothy Schwieder

A Mountain Charade The Sheepeater Campaign of 1879
by Joan Corbett Quinn

James Hervey Simpson in the Great Basin A Topographical Discovery of a Shorter Route to California, 1859
by Barbara Beeton

The Men from Bribir The Croatian Stonemasons of Lewistown, Montana
by Anna Zellick

Hum-Pa-Zee Major C. B. Lohmiller, Imposing Man at Fort Peck Agency
by Ben H. Johnson

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Furman, Walter Prescott Webb: His Life and Impact, reviewed by Richard W. Etulain | McCarthy, Hour of Trial: The Conservation Conflict in Colorado and the West, 1891–1907, reviewed by Lyle W. Dorsett | Krakel, Adventures in Western Art, reviewed by Ron Tyler | Scamehorn, Pioneer Steelmaker of the West: The Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, 1873–1903, reviewed by Morris F. Taylor | Thomas and Ronnefeldt, eds., Peole of the First Man: Life among the Plains Indians in Their Final Days of Glory, reviewed by H. Craig Miner | Crowe and Brinckerhoff, eds., Early Yuma: A Graphic History of Life on the American Nile, reviewed by Merrill J. Mattes | Myers, ed., Cavalry Wife: The Diary of Eveline M. Alexander, 1866–1867, reviewed by Thomas Edwards | Spring, Cow Country Legacies, reviewed by Elliott West | Steffen, William Clark: Jeffersonian Man on the Frontier, reviewed by Norman Bender | Tweton and Jelliff, North Dakota: The Heritage of a People, reviewed by Charles R. Kutzleb | Evans, St. Mary’s in the Rocky Mountains: A History of the Cradle of Montana’s Culture, reviewed by Wilfred P. Schoenberg | Minge, Acoma: Pueblo in the Sky, reviewed by Noblet B. Danks | Drache, Beyond the Furrow, Some Keys to Successful Farming in the Twentieth Century, reviewed by Thomas R. Wessel | Nasatir, Borderland in Retreat: From Spanish Louisana to the Far Southwest, reviewed by Al Lowman | Mygatt and Cheney, Hans Kleiber: Artist of the Big Horn Mountains, reviewed by Clifford P. Westermeier | Woodall, Magnificent Derelicts: A Celebration of Older Buildings, reviewed by Richard Dillon | Hutchins, Boots and Saddles at the Little Big Horn, reviewed by Gordon Chappel | Haines, The Yellowstone Story, reviewed by Paul Schullery | Wood and Wood, I Hauled These Mountains in Here, reviewed by Henry P. Walker | Carroll, ed., General Custer and the Battle of the Little Big Horn: The Federal View, reviewed by Michael L. Tate

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(front) Crossing the Border, 1951, by Olaf C. Seltzer; (back) Prairie Prowlers, n.d., by Olaf C. Seltzer