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Winter 1974

Winter 1974

Vol. 24, No. 1

Created: Tuesday, January 1, 1974

Vol. 24, No. 1

Beggars to Washington Montana’s Territorial Delegates
by Clark C. Spence

Condition of the Tribes, 1865 The Report of General McCook
by Gary L. Roberts

A Short Moral Essay Or, How Kids Made Money in a Frontier Town
by Dorothy M. Johnson

Pastor on the Prairie The Letters of Rev. Scriver Thorpe
edited by Avis R. Anderson

The Custer Battle on Canvas Reflections and Afterthoughts
by Brian W. Dippie

The Great Bear Creek Sheep Raid The Quiet Slaughter
by Lyman Brewster

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Elliott, History of Nevada, reviewed by Robert G. Athearn | Paher, Death Valley Ghost Towns, reviewed by Eric N. Moody | McGaw, Savage Scene: The Life and Times of James Kirker, Frontier King, reviewed by Andrew Wallace | Upton, ed. and comp., Fort Custer on the Big Horn, 1877–1898: Its History and Personalities as Told and Pictured by Its Contemporaries, reviewed by Robert C. Carriker | Luther, Custer High Spots, reviewed by Robert G. Palmer | Peel, Steamboats on the Saskatchewan, reviewed by R. C. MacLeod | Keats, Eminent Domain: The Louisiana Purchase and the Making of America, reviewed by Gordon Dobbs | Phillips, Alaska-Yukon Place Names, reviewed by Ted C. Hinckley | American West eds., The Magnificent Rockies: Crest of a Continent, reviewed by George G. Suggs, Jr. | Cantrell, Youngers’ Fatal Blunder: Northfield, Minnesota, reviewed by Lawrence D. Ball | Mails, Dog Soldiers, Bear Men, and Buffalo Women: A Study of the Societies and Cults of the Plains Indians, reviewed by William C. Weidert | Cook, Flood Tide of Empire: Spain and the Pacific Northwest, 1543–1819, reviewed by Frederick J. Athearn | Beshoar, Hippocrates in a Red Vest, reviewed by Marshall Sprague | Coburn (autobiographer), Walt Coburn: Western Word Wrangler, reviewed by E. E. MacGilvra

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(front) The Scout: Friends or Enemies?; (back) Self-Portrait, both n.d., both by Frederic S. Remington