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Summer 2006

Summer 2006

Vol. 56, No. 2

Created: Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Vol. 56, No. 2

Anaconda Sheds Its PressThe Story behind the Company’s Decision to Sell Its Newspapers
by Dennis Swibold

An Army Surgeon’s AccountHenry Remson Tilton’s View of the Bear’s Paw Mountains Expedition and the Conclusion of the Nez Perce War
by Jerome A. Greene

‘No Fighting is to be Apprehended’Major Eugene Baker, Sitting Bull, and the Northern Pacific Railroad’s 1872 Western Yellowstone Surveying Expedition
by M. John Lubetkin

William RanneyA Painter’s Requiem to the Mountain Man
by Peter H. Hassrick

Of Professors and PredatorsJohn Ostrom, Deinonychus antirrhopus, and the Nature of Dinosaurs
by Jon Axline

Caroline Lockhart on the Dryhead‘Happily-Ever-Aftering’ on a Montana Cattle Ranch
by John Clayton

Brokeback MountainA Western
by Richard White

Key IngredientsAmerica by Food

We Proceeded OnCreating a Masterpiece for the Montana State Capitol
by Kirby Lambert

Tower RockA Traveler’s Landmark
by Clint Attebery

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Jackson, Domesticating the West, reviewed by Laura Woodworth-Ney | Lamar, Charlie Siringo’s West, reviewed by Robert M. Utley | Utley, Custer and Me, reviewed by Elliott West | Merrill, ed., Seeing Yellowstone in 1871, reviewed by Judith L. Meyer | Flayderman, The Bowie Knife, reviewed by Gordon Morris Bakken | Adare, “Indian” Stereotypes in TV Science Fiction, reviewed by Nicolas G. Rosenthal | Cramer, Cash, Color, and Colonialism, reviewed by Mark Edwin Miller | Dean, Soldiers and Sled Dogs, reviewed by David Kennedy | Loughlin, Hidden Treasures of the American West, reviewed by Sherry L. Smith | Sitton and Conrad, Freedom Colonies, reviewed by George M. Cooper | Keyser, Art of the Warriors, reviewed by Pat Barker | Hoagland, Army Architecture in the West, reviewed by Pete Brown | McChristian, Fort Bowie, Arizona, reviewed by Leo J. Mahoney | Paul, Blue Water Creek and the First Sioux War, 1854–1856, reviewed by Randy Kane | Martínez, PADRES, reviewed by John Hart | Wolff, A Room for the Summer, reviewed by Fredric L. Quivik | Pate, Livestock Hotels, reviewed by Dave Nesheim | Anderson, The Conquest of Texas, reviewed by Joseph Herring

On the cover

(front) A Trapper Crossing the Mountains, by William Ranney, 1853; (back) We Proceeded On, by Eugene Daub, 2005