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Summer 1996

Summer 1996

Vol. 46, No. 2

Created: Friday, June 21, 1996

Vol. 46, No. 2

The Curse of the Buffalo Skull Seventy Years on the Trail of a Charles M. Russell Biography
by John Taliaferro

Frederic Remington, The Painter A Historiographical Sketch
by Peter H. Hassrick

Selling the Myth Western Images in Advertising
by Elliott West

Burying the Hatchet The Semi-Centennial of the Battle of the Little Bighorn
by Douglas C. McChristian

Historical Commentary Creating a ‘New’ West: Big Money Returns to the Hinterland
by William G. Robbins

Essays on the West The Way West, A Review
by Philip J. Deloria

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Dippie, Remington and Russell, reviewed by Lorne E. Render | Troccoli, First Artist of the West, and White and Limerick, The Frontier in American Culture, edited by James R. Grossman, reviewed by Michael Leslie | Brown and Ruby, Indian Slavery in the Pacific Northwest, reviewed by Larry Cebula | Robbins, Colony and Empire, reviewed by Carroll Van West | Gomez, Quest for the Golden Circle, reviewed by Andrew Gulliford | Davis, Rivers in the Desert, reviewed by William Deverell | Adams, King, and Nelson, Always Bet on the Butcher, reviewed by Keith Edgerton | Losee, Doc, reviewed by Anna Zellick | Reneau, The Adventures of Moccasin Joe, reviewed by F. Lee Graves

On the cover

(front, detail) Pretty Mother of the Night—White Otter Is No Longer a Boy, c. 1900, by Frederic Remington; (back)The Cow Puncher, 1901, by Frederic Remington