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Summer 1993

Summer 1993

Vol. 43, No. 3

Created: Monday, June 21, 1993

Vol. 43, No. 3

Charlie’s Hidden Agenda Realism and Nostalgia in C. M. Russell’s Stories about Indians
by Raphael Cristy

From Hill 57 to Capitol Hill: ‘Making Sparks Fly’ Sister Providencia Tolan’s Drive on Behalf of Montana’s Off-Reservation Indians, 1950–1970
by Joan Bishop

Custer’s Luck Runs Outby Shirley A. Leckie

Crazy Horse, Custer, and the Sweep to the Northby Gregory F. Michno

Traders to Trappers, Part II Andrew Henry and the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade
by Linda Harper White and Fred R. Gowans

Montana Episodes Phil Weinard Remembers Early Helena, 1880
ed. by K. F. Weinard

Historical Commentary Coming of Age in Montana: The Legacy of A. B. Guthrie, Jr.
by Fred Erisman

Essays on the West Professor Maclean and General Custer
by Robert M. Utley

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Stegner, Where the Bluebird Sings in the Lemonade Springs, reviewed by Richard W. Etulain | Worster, Under Western Skies, reviewed by John Opie | Sweeney, Cochise: Chiricahua Apache Chief, reviewed by Richard N. Ellis | Chalfant, Without Quarter, reviewed by John E. McDermott | Billington, New Mexico’s Buffalo Soldiers, reviewed by Richard Melzer | Seraile, Voice of Dissent, reviewed by John P. Langellier | Langellier, Cox, and Pohanka, eds., Myles Keogh, reviewed by Harry H. Anderson | Brown, No Duty to Retreat, reviewed by Gordon Morris Bakken | Altshuler, Cavalry Yellow and Infantry Blue, reviewed by Ed Sweeney | Palmer, The Snake River, and Echeverria, Barrow, Roos-Collins, Rivers at Risk, reviewed by James E. Sherow | Lang, ed., Centennial West, reviewed by Thomas R. Wessel | Burton, American Indian Water Rights and the Limits of Law, reviewed by Francis Paul Prucha

On the cover

(front) Powder Face, 1903, by Charles M. Russell; (back) Blackfoot Brave of 1858 and Blackfoot Brave of 1898, 1898, by Charles M. Russell