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Summer 1992

Summer 1992

Vol. 42, No. 3

Created: Monday, June 1, 1992

Vol. 42, No. 3

Where Is the American West? Report on a Survey
by Walter Nugent

Western Art Museums A Question of Style or Content
by Peter H. Hassrick

Photographic Allegories and Indian Destinyby Brian W. Dippie

Western Montana Rock Art Images of Forgotten Dreams
by James D. Keyser

Historical Commentary What You See Is Not Necessarily What You Get
by William H. Truettner and Alexander Nemerov

Visitors Respond: Selections from ‘The West as America’ Comment Books
by Andrew Gulliford

Essays on the West Discovered Lands, Invented Pasts
by Ron Tyler

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Linenthal, Sacred Ground, Americans and Their Battlefields, reviewed by Joseph E. Stevens | Barth, Fleeting Moments, Nature and Culture in American History, reviewed by Daniel Tyler | Demars, The Tourist of Yosemite, 1855–1985, reviewed by Alfred Runte | Schwantes, In Mountain Shadows, A History of Idaho, reviewed by William G. Robbins | Eutlain, ed., Writing Western History, Essays on Major Western Historians, reviewed by John R. Wunder | Rolle, John Charles Frémont, Character as Destiny, reviewed by Pamela Herr | Dawson, The Late 19th Century U.S. Army, 1865–1898, reviewed by Paul Andrew Hutton | Russell, Campaigning with King, edited by Paul L. Hedren, reviewed by Robert Wooster | McDonnell, The Dispossession of the American Indian, 1878–1934, reviewed by Marjane Ambler | Robertson, Encyclopedia of Western Railroad History, Volume II, The Mountain States, reviewed by Michael P. Malone

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Indians on Green River, n.d., by Alfred Jacob Miller