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Summer 1991

Summer 1991

Vol. 41, No. 3

Created: Friday, June 21, 1991

Vol. 41, No. 3

The View from Wisdom Region and Identity in the Minds of Four Westerners
by Clyde A. Milner II

The Beginning of the End Miles versus Sitting Bull at Cedar Creek
by Jerome A. Greene

Was There Arsenic in the Air? Anaconda versus the Farmers of Deer Lodge Valley
by Gordon Morris Bakken

Evelyn Cameron Pioneer Photographer and Diarist
by Donna M. Lucey

The Peace Policy at Wind River The James Irwin Years, 1871–1877
by Henry E. Stamm IV

Historical Commentary The Western Intellectual: Josiah Royce
by Robert V. Hine

Review Essays Montana Literature and Western Identity
by Elliott West

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Paladin, E. E. Heikka, Sculptor of the American West, reviewed by Susan R. Near | Powell, Splinters of a Nation, German Prisoners of War in Utah, reviewed by Dean L. May | Nash, World War II and the West, reviewed by David Emmons | Olson, ed., The Struggle for the Land, reviewed by Walter Nugent | Hamer, New Towns in the New World, reviewed by Earl Pomeroy | Forrest, The Preservation of the Village, New Mexico’s Hispanics and the New Deal, reviewed by Robert J. Torrez | Card, Northcott, Foster, Palmer, Jarvis, eds., The Mormon Presence in Canada, reviewed by Charles S. Peterson | Youngquist, American Fever, A Swede in the West, reviewed by Anna Zellick | O’Brien, American Indian Tribal Governments, reviewed by Thomas R. Wessel | Lopach, Brown, Clow, Tribal Government Today, Politics on Montana Indian Reservations, reviewed by David Reed Miller | Manzione, ”I Am Looking to the North for My Life”, reviewed by Michael C. Coleman | Madsen, Glory Hunter, A Biography of Patrick Edward Connor, reviewed by Paul L. Hedren

On the cover

(front) Mt. Republic (and Cooke City, Montana), 1924, by W. H. D. Koerner; (back) Dan Ross cabin, Cooke City, n.d., by W. H. D. Koerner