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Summer 1978

Summer 1978

Vol. 28, No. 3

Created: Wednesday, June 21, 1978

Vol. 28, No. 3

A Partnership in Conservation Theodore Roosevelt and Yellowstone
by Paul Schullery

We Do Not Know What the Government Intends to Do . . . Lt. Palmer Writes from the Bozeman Trail, 1867–68
by Jerome A. Greene

The Shame of Little Wolfby Gary L. Roberts

In Search of Little Wolf . . . A Tangled Photographic Record
commentary by Gary L. Roberts

A Season of Trial Helena’s Entrepreneurs Nurture a City
by Joan Bishop

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Busch, Power for the People: Montana’s Cooperative Utilities, reviewed by Richard L. Stroup | Meyer, The Village Indians of the Upper Missouri, reviewed by Michael B. Husband | Dodds, Oregon: A History, reviewed by G. Thomas Edwards |Savage, Jr., ed. Indian Life: Transforming an American Myth, reviewed by Richard N. Ellis | Highwater, Ritual of the Wind: North American Indian Ceremonies, Music, and Dances, reviewed by Herbert T. Hoover | Parman, The Navajos and the New Deal, reviewed by Robert W. Delaney | Halseth and Glasrud, eds., The Northwest Mosaic: Minority Conflicts in Pacific Northwest History, reviewed by Frederick C. Luebke | /Davis, Frontier America 1800–1840: A Comparative Demographic Analysis of the Frontier Process, reviewed by Richard A. Bartlett | DeHass, Jr., Historic Uptown Butte: An Architectural and Historical Analysis of the Central Business District of Butte, Montana, reviewed by Brian Cockhill | Churchill, ed. Smith and Weber, Fortunes Are for the Few: Letters of a Forty-Niner, reviewed by Norman J. Bender | DeNevi, Tragic Train, reviewed by Jackson C. Thode | King, A Mine to Make a Mine: Financing the Colorado Mining Industry, 1859–1902, reviewed by Ronald C. Brown | Alexander, A Clash of Interests: Interior Department and Mountain West, 1863–1896, reviewed by Elmo Richardson | Prucha, Indian Peace Medals in American History, reviewed by Gordon Chappell | Dockstader, Great American Indians: Profiles in Life and Leadership, reviewed by Thomas R. Wessell

On the cover

(front) Indian Fight No. 1, 1895, by Charles M. Russell; (back) Crow Scout, c. 1892, by Charles M. Russell