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Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Vol. 69, No. 1

Created: Friday, March 1, 2019

“If you had fought bravely I would have sung for you” The Changing Roles of Cheyenne Women during Nineteenth Century Plains Warfare
by David Beyreis

Roosevelt’s “Company” Man The Political Career of J. Bruce Kremer
by Thomas Spencer

Crossing the Divide from Citizen to Voter Tribal Suffrage in Montana, 1880–2016
by Richmond Clow

The Fight Against the “Huns’ Ally” in Missoula, Montana, 1918–1919by Ellen Leahy

Commentary Letters from Louis L’Amour: What I Learned about the Western Narrative
by Michael T. Marsden

My Journey with the Lost Memoir of James Howard Lowell: An Antietam Veteran in Montana
by Katharine Seaton Squires

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Catton, American Indians and National Forests, reviewed by Andrew H. Fisher | Utley, The Commanders, reviewed by Catharine R. Franklin | Voggesser, Irrigation, Timber, and Hydropower, reviewed by Ian Smith | Bennett and Abbott, The Perfect Fence, reviewed by Leah F. Tookey | Kelly, The Hunter Elite, reviewed by Lee Whittlesey | Lovin, Complexity in a Ditch, reviewed by Kevin R. Marsh

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(front) An American Portrait with Flag, 1979, by Fritz Scholder; (back) The Great Blue Heron, 1977, by Bob Scriver