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Spring 2012

Spring 2012

Vol. 62, No. 1

Created: Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vol. 62, No. 1

Jerry O’ConnellMontana’s Communist Congressman
by Vernon L. Pedersen

Beyond the ‘Mongolian Muddle’Reconsidering Virginia City, Montana’s China War of 1881
by Laura J. Arata

E. B. White’s Montana and The Trumpet of the Swanby Marcia Melton

The Politics of PerformanceMontana’s Landless Indians and Beveridge’s Montana Wildest West Show
by Elizabeth Sperry

Innovations in EducationThe Montana Historical Society’s Reach Extends Nationally and Internationally
by Mark Johnson watch the video

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White, Railroaded, reviewed by David A. Nesheim | Huntley, The Making of Yosemite, reviewed by Michael J. Yochim | Ross-Nazzal, Winning the West for Women, reviewed by Sunu Kodumthara | Bigler and Bagley, The Mormon Rebellion, reviewed by Gerrit Dirkmaat | Carter and McCormack, eds., Recollecting, reviewed by Carol L. Higham | Robinson, ed., Plains Indian Art, reviewed by Richmond L. Clow | Dempsey, Always an Adventure, reviewed by Ted Binnema | McCormick and Sillito, A History of Utah Radicalism, reviewed by Jeff Nichols | Findlay and Hevly, Atomic Frontier Days, reviewed by Hunter Hollins | Lee, Principle over Party, reviewed by Jon Lauck | Fryxell, Ferdinand Hayden, reviewed by Paul D. McDermott | McManus, Happyland, reviewed by Sheila McManus | Bushman, ed., Pansy’s History, reviewed by Jennifer Reeder | Ely, Where the West Begins, reviewed by Gerald Betty | Silbernagel, Troubled Trails, reviewed by Brenden Rensink | Fryer, Perimeters of Democracy, reviewed by David Wrobel

On the cover

(front) Detail of beadwork, Métis saddle blanket, 1870; (back) Cree headstall, 1870