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Spring 2002

Spring 2002

Vol. 52, No. 1

Created: Thursday, March 21, 2002

Vol. 52, No. 1

The Texas Ranger Tradition Established Jack Hays and Walker Creek
by Robert M. Utley

The Damming of Yellowstone National Park A Crusade for Irrigation in the Upper Yellowstone Valley
by Hugh Lovin

Learning about the Weather Dryfarming Doctrine and Homestead Failure in Eastern Montana, 1900–1925
by Gary D. Libecap

Winter in the Rockies Winter Quarters of the Mountain Men
by Kerry R. Oman

Saving Montana’s Past The Creation and Evolution of the Montana Historical Society and Montana The Magazine of Western History
by Brian Shovers

Essays on the West Bookmen on the Montana Frontier
by Rick Newby

Montana Episodes Isabelle Randall and the “Natives”
by Phyllis Smith

The Montana Traveler A Hospitable History, Grant Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site
by Lyndel Meikle

Historical Reflections The Haunting of Butte’s Quartz Street Fire Station
by Ellen Baumler

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LaDow, The Medicine Line, reviewed by Jim Mochoruk | Schwantes, Long Day's Journey, reviewed by Jon Axline | Clayton, Hoy, and Underwood, Vaqueros, Cowboys, and Buckaroos, reviewed by Richard W. Slatta | Hagan, “Exactly in the Right Place” and Hoig, Fort Reno and the Indian Territory Frontier, reviewed by Susan Badger Doyle | Robertson, Rotting Face, reviewed by Clyde Ellis | Flores, Horizontal Yellow and Flores, The Natural West, reviewed by Stephen C. Sturgeon | Searl, Montana Disasters and Strohmaier, The Seasons of Fire, reviewed by Gordon Morris Bakken | Zanjani, Sarah Winnemucca, reviewed by Martha C. Knack | Boye, Holding Stone Hands, reviewed by R. Eli Paul | Jacoby, Crimes against Nature, reviewed by James Pritchard

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(front) Montana, 1909, by Maynard Dixon; (back) Ranger Encampment, c. 1880s, by Louis Eyth