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Spring 2000

Spring 2000

Vol. 50, No. 1

Created: Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Vol. 50, No. 1

A Very Different Story Exploring the Southwest from Monticello with the Freeman and Custis Exedition of 1806
by Dan Flores

A Voyage to Montana, Part II Serena Washburn’s Account of Her Trip up the Missouri River in 1869
by Aubrey L. Haines

Mules, Mines, and Millions Frank Smith and Calico Borax
by Douglas Steeples

The Columbia River’s Fate in the Twentieth Centuryby William L. Lang

Memorial Mike Malone—A Man to Remember
by Charles E. Rankin, Pierce C. Mullen, William L. Lang, Vivian A. Paladin, Richard W. Etulain

Historical Reflections Photos from Montana’s Past (Yogo sapphires)
by the editor

The Montana Traveler Chief Plenty Coups State Park
by Molly Holz

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Rothman, Devil’s Bargains, reviewed by Michael P. Malone | Bogue, Frederick Jackson Turner, reviewed by William Deverell | Butler, Gendered Justice in the American West, reviewed by Richard Maxwell Brown | Morrissey, Mental Territories and Hirt, ed., Terra Pacifica, reviewed by Liping Zhu | Dyke, Daggett, edited by Peter Wild, reviewed by Douglas Steeples | Kohl and McIntosh, eds., Discovering Dinosaurs in the Old West, reviewed by Carl Hallberg | Zimmer, Frontier Soldier, edited by Jerome A. Greene | Keto, coordinator, Remington, reviewed by Brian W. Dippie | Sweeney, Mangas Coloradas, reviewed by William H. Broughton | Kime, ed., The Black Hills Journals of Colonel Richard Irving Dodge, reviewed by Michael L. Tate | Hagan, Theodore Roosevelt and Six Friends of the Indian, reviewed by Sherry L. Smith

On the cover

(front) Days of Long Ago, 1903, by Henry Farny; (back) Indians on the Bank of the Columbia River with Mt. Hood, 1884, by James Everett Stuart