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Spring 1999

Spring 1999

Vol. 49, No. 1

Created: Sunday, March 21, 1999

Vol. 49, No. 1

‘This I Know from the Old People’ Yakima Indian Treaty Rights
by Andrew H. Fisher

Hoboes across the Border A Comparison of Itinerant Cross-Border Laborers between Montana and Western Canada
by Evelyne Stitt Pickett

‘Hope It Turns Warm So Things Will Grow’ Dwight and Hazel Howard and the Development of Montana Seed Corn
by Stan Howard

The Crazy Mule Maps A Northern Cheyenne’s View of Montana and Western Dakota in 1878
by Linea Sundstrom and Glen Fredlund

Montana Episodes The Willson Brothers Come to Montana
by Kim Allen Scott

Historical Reflections Photos from Montana’s Past (Montana Highway Patrol)
by the editor

Montana Book Roundup by Martha Kohl

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Utley, A Life Wild and Perilous, reviewed by R. David Emmons | Meikle, ed., Very Close to Trouble, reviewed by Carol A. O’Connor | Lynde, The Bodacious Kid, reviewed by F. Lee Graves | Afton, Halaas, Masich, and Ellis, Cheyenne Dog Soldiers, reviewed by John D. McDermott | Heard, Handbook of the American Frontier, reviewed by Laurence M. Hauptman | Pommersheim, Braid of Feathers, reviewed by Dixie Haggard | Ricketts, The Morman Battalion, reviewed by Brigham D. Madsen | Hardin, Texian Iliad, reviewed by Thomas W. Cutrer | Aadland, Women and Warriors of the Plains, reviewed by Gerald Davidson | Carlson, Joe LeFors, reviewed by Larry D. Ball | DeArment, Alias Frank Canton, reviewed by Joseph G. Rosa | Purdy, ed., The Legacy of D’Arcy McNickle, reviewed by Brian C. Hosmer | Righter, Wind Energy in America, reviewed by David G. McComb | Georgi-Findlay, The Frontiers of Women’s Writing, reviewed by Dee Garceau | Rikoon, ed., Rachel Calof’s Story, reviewed by Kathleen Ely | Ficken, Rufus Woods, the Columbia River, and the Building of Modern Washington, reviewed by Richard S. Kirkendall

On the cover

(front) In Zion, 1934, by Maynard Dixon; (back) No Place to Go, 1935, by Maynard Dixon