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Spring 1995

Spring 1995

Vol. 45, No. 2

Created: Wednesday, March 1, 1995

Vol. 45, No. 2

D’Arcy McNickle Native American Author, Montana Native Son
by Dorothy R. Parker

The Northern Cheyennes and the Fight for Cultural Sovereignty The Notes of Father Aloysius Van Der Velden, S.J.
by Suzanne H. Schrems

Licit Amusements of Enlisted Men in the Post–Civil War Armyby William A. Dobak

Historical Commentary Norman Maclean and Laird Robinson: A Tale of Two Research Partners
by O. Alan Weltzien

Essays on the West Charles M. Russell and ‘Piano Jim’
by John Taliaferro

Essays on the West A Trip through Western Time and Western Space
by David M. Emmons

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Worster, The Wealth of Nature, reviewed by Dan Flores | Scamehorn, Mill and Mine, reviewed by James Whiteside | Nash, A. P. Giannini and the Bank of America, reviewed by Irving Katz | Furtwangler, Acts of Discovery, reviewed by Robert Lawson-Peebles | Svingen, The Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, 1877–1900, reviewed by Suzanne H. Schrems | Hagan, Quanah Parker, Comanche Chief, reviewed by Marcin E. Kroeker | Sarf, The Little Bighorn Campaign, March–September 1876, reviewed by William E. Huntzicker | Moorman and Sessions, Camp Floyd and the Mormons, reviewed by Howard K. Hansen Jr. | Zanjani, Goldfield, The Last Gold Rush on the Western Frontier, reviewed by Malcolm J. Rohrbough | Gibson, Yankees in Paradise, reviewed by James P. Ronda | Love, ed., The World Begins Here; Beckham, ed., Many Faces; and Dodds, ed., Varieties of Hope, reviewed by Richard W Etulain | Doig, Heart Earth, reviewed by Margaret C. Kingsland | Ratcliffe, Painting Texas History to 1900, reviewed by Susan Prendergast Schoelwer | Harris, Long Vistas, reviewed by Sherry L. Smith | Hampsten, Mother’s Letters, reviewed by Teresa Jordan | Miller, Captain Jack Crawford, reviewed by L. G. Moses | Lansing, Juggernaut, reviewed by G. Thomas Edwards | Woerner, Fearless Funnymen, reviewed by Alvin G. Davis | Peterson and Peers, Sacred Encounters, reviewed by Herman J. Viola | Wooster, Nelson A. Miles and the Twilight of the Frontier Army, reviewed by David F. Halaas | Pierce, The Most Promising Young Officer, reviewed by Shirley A. Leckie | Jackson, Shadow on the Tetons, reviewed by Bart Barbour | Hunt, Whiskey Peddler, reviewed by David M. Delo | Dawdy, George Montague Wheeler, reviewed by Richard A. Bartlett

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Lewis and Clark Meeting Indians at Ross’ Hole, 1912, by Charles M. Russell