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Spring 1986

Spring 1986

Vol. 36, No. 2

Created: Friday, March 21, 1986

Vol. 36, No. 2

The Story of Mrs. Picotte-Gilpin, a Sioux Heroine Eagle Woman Learns about White Ways and Racial Conflict, 1820–1868
by John S. Gray

“Roughing It Up the Yellowstone to Wonderland An Account of a Trip through the Yellowstone Valley in 1878
by Colgate Hoyt, ed. by Carroll Van West

The Livery Stable in the American Westby Clark C. Spence

“The Glorious Orb of Day Has Rose” A Diary of the Smoky Hill Route to Pike’s Peak, 1858
by Wilbur Fiske Parker, ed. by Norman Lavers

Handball’s Sagebrush Champs The Growth of Handball in Montana
by Marcia Melton

Montana Episodes Surveying in Yellowstone National Park, 1882
by Samuel P. Panton

Historical Landscapes Solid, Safe, and Secure: Country Banks in Montana

Historical Commentary On Digging Up Custer Battlefield
by Robert M. Utley

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

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Arrington, Brigham Young, reviewed by Richard W. Etulain | Nash, The American West Transformed: The Impact of the Second World War, reviewed by Michael P. Malone | Foxley, Frontier Spirit: Catalog of the Collection of the Museum of Western Art, reviewed by Vivian A. Paladin | Schimmel, The Art and Life of W. Herbert Dunton, reviewed by Mildred Ladner | Righter, The Making of a Town: Wright, Wyoming, reviewed byLee Scamehorn | Schwantes, Coxey’s Army, reviewed by Mark Wyman | Jakle, The Tourist: Travel in Twentieth-Century North America, reviewed by Gerald D. Nash | Lavender, River Runners of the Grand Canyon, reviewed by F. Ross Peterson

On the cover

(front) Montana Summer Scene, c. 1905, by Joseph Henry Sharp; (back) “Crow Indian Camp,” c. 1905, by Joseph Henry Sharp