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Spring 1985

Spring 1985

Vol. 35, No. 2

Created: Thursday, March 21, 1985

Vol. 35, No. 2

Women in Waiting in the Westward Movement Pamelia Dillin Fergus and Emma Stratton Christie
by Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith

Hydraulics in the American West The Development and Diffusion of a Mining Technique
by Randall E. Rohe

“An Eldorado of Ease and Elegance” Taking the Waters at White Sulphur Springs, 1866–1904
by Marilyn McMillan

Real and Fancied Claims Joseph Richard “Skookum Joe” Anderson, Miner in Central Montana, 1880–1897
by George D. Mueller

Montana Episodes Across Montana on the Northern Pacific in 1883
by Paul LIndrau, ed. and trans. by Frederic Trautmann

Historical Landscapes Historic Landscapes and the Western Identity

Historical Commentary The Close of the Copper Century
by Michael P. Malone

A Review Essay English Creek and Western Historical Fiction
by William Bevis

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Goetzman, Hunt, Gallagher, and Orr, Karl Bodmer’s America, reviewed by John C. Ewers | Lowitt, The New Deal and the West, reviewed by Richard T. Ruetten | Schoenberg, Paths to the Northwest: A Jesuit History of the Oregon Province, reviewed by Michael M. Dorcy | Briggs and Trudell, Quarterdeck and Saddlehorn: The Story of Edward F. Beale, 1822–1893, reviewed by Dennis E. Berge | Jordan, Jordan, reviewed by Harold G. Stearns | Guild and Carter, Kit Carson, a Pattern for Heroes, reviewed by Darlis A. Miller | Cooley, Trimotor and Trail, reviewed by Dave Walter | Rochlin and Rochlin, Pioneer Jews, reviewed by Leonard Dinnerstein

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(front) The Dry Land Claim, 1915, by Elmer Boone; (back) “Ranch Model, 1920,” 1920, by Laton A. Huffman