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Spring 2021

Created: Monday, March 1, 2021

Vol. 71, No. 1

Selections from A History of Montana in 101 Objects: Artifacts & Essays from the Montana Historical Societywith an introduction by Kirby Lambert

“This wealth of woodland in the desert” Parks, Trees, and the Early Development of Great Falls, Montana, 1883–1916
by Troy A. Hallsell

Fort Peck’s Finest The 163rd Infantry’s Assiniboine and Sioux Soldiers in World War II
by Elise Boxer

From the Society Our Past, Present, and Future
by Molly Kruckenberg

Winter 2020

Created: Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Vol. 70, No. 4

Letter from the Editorby Diana L. Di Stefano

First Citizen of Montana The Business and Civic Legacy of Anton Holter
by John C. (Chris) Boe

“The days of traveling pill peddlers are done” The Establishment of Montana’s Board of Medical Examiners
by Todd L. Savitt

“Here she comes wearin’ them britches!” Saddles, Riding Skirts, and Social Reform in the Turn-of-the-Century Rural West
by Tracey Hanshew

“They do not, therefor, regard the boundary line as separating them”The Ktunaxa Nation and the Enforcement of the U.S.-Canadian Border, 1887
by Patrick Lozar

Montana Book Roundupby Aaron Parrett

Autumn 2020

Created: Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Vol. 70, No. 3

Investigating Negligence in Indian AffairsCharles C. C. Painter, the Indian Rights Association, and the Blackfeet Famine of 1883–1885
by Valerie Sherer Mathes

Mike Mansfield, Burton K. Wheeler, and the Montana Senate Campaign of 1946by Marc C. Johnson

“What is a country without horses?” Robert Yellowtail and Horse Herd Restoration on the Crow Reservation, 1934–1944
by Kerri Keller Clement, Winner, 2020 Emerging Scholars Contest

On the Wing The Success of Montana’s Warm Springs Game Bird Farm, 1929–1983
by Cole Wandler

CommentaryWarrior Spirit: Honoring the Legacy of American Indians’ U.S. Military Service
by Herman Viola, Cheryl Hughes, and Laura Ferguson

Summer 2020

Created: Monday, June 1, 2020

Vol. 70, No. 2

The Lady and the Monster Popular Perceptions and Treatment of Arctic Grayling and Bull Trout in Twentieth-Century Montana
by Adam R. Hodge

Shakespeare in Frontier and Territorial Montana, 1820–1889by Gretchen E. Minton watch the video

Remembering Yellowstone National Park’s First African American Explorersby Michael Scott Van Wagenen

Paul Bunyan Rivaled Logging and Clearing Montana’s Hungry Horse Reservoir, 1945–1956
by James A. Grant

Spring 2020

Created: Sunday, March 1, 2020

Vol. 70, No. 1

Abundance, Slaughter, and Resilience of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s Mammal Population A View of the Historical Record, 1871–1885
by Lee H. Whittlesey

A Japanese Picture Bride in Montana The Story of Aya Hori Masuoka (1882–1972)
by Kathryn Tolbert

Fort Keogh’s Commissary A Global Market on the Great Plains from 1876 to 1900
by Ryan W. Booth

The Missing Cemetery of Taft, Montana, the “Wickedest City in America”by Kathleen Woodford

In MemoriamPeter H. Hassrick

Winter 2019

Created: Sunday, December 1, 2019

Vol. 69, No. 4

Letter from the Editor by Diana Di Stefano

Transitions in the Changing WestThe Photographic Legacy of Jessamine Spear Johnson
by Tempe Johnson Javitz

Bell v. ArmstrongIrrigation Conflicts, Water Law, and Scarcity in Montana’s Gallatin Valley, 1860–1909
by Jacob Swisher

The Shopkeeper’s FrontierHow the General Store Transformed Montana Territory, 1850–1885
by Greg Gordon

Land Acquisitions for Fort Peck DamA Square Deal Under the New Deal?
by John Lacey

From the Society End of the Last Ice Age
by Amanda Streeter Trum

Montana Book Roundupby Aaron Parrett

Autumn 2019

Created: Sunday, September 1, 2019

Vol. 69, No. 3

Celebrating the “Real Americans” The Indian Paintings of Joseph Henry Sharp
by Dr. Peter H. Hassrick

“Escaped Up Certain Trees”Fugitive Hank Buckner and the Fight for Law and Order in Idaho and Montana Territories, 1864–1866
by Ronald H. Limbaugh

“The Biggest Public Health Experiment Ever”The Polio Pioneers and Montana’s Contribution to the Elimination of Polio in the United States
by Todd S. Harwell, MPH; Stacey L. Anderson, MPH; Greg S. Holzman, MD, MPH; and Steven D. Helgerson, MD, MPH

CommentaryCoyotes on the Road: The 2017 Westminster Expedition
by Jeff Nichols and Brent Olson

From the SocietyThe Montana Brewery Oral History Project
by Anneliese Warhank

Summer 2019

Created: Saturday, June 1, 2019

“Worry, U.S.A.” Dude Ranch Advertising Looks East, 1915–1945
by Flannery Burke

Bigger Than Babies Social Change, Eugenics, and Montana’s “Better Baby” Contests in the Progressive Era
by Casey J. Pallister

Montana’s Norwegian Language Pressby John C. (Chris) Boe

Filling the Sky with Thunderbirds The Extraordinary Career of Native American Aviator Mary Riddle
by Llyn De Danaan

Commentary Truth, Facts, and Alternative Histories: Views from the Little Houses
by Elizabeth Jameson

Spring 2019

Created: Friday, March 1, 2019

“If you had fought bravely I would have sung for you” The Changing Roles of Cheyenne Women during Nineteenth Century Plains Warfare
by David Beyreis

Roosevelt’s “Company” Man The Political Career of J. Bruce Kremer
by Thomas Spencer

Crossing the Divide from Citizen to Voter Tribal Suffrage in Montana, 1880–2016
by Richmond Clow

The Fight Against the “Huns’ Ally” in Missoula, Montana, 1918–1919by Ellen Leahy

Commentary Letters from Louis L’Amour: What I Learned about the Western Narrative
by Michael T. Marsden

My Journey with the Lost Memoir of James Howard Lowell: An Antietam Veteran in Montana
by Katharine Seaton Squires

Winter 2018

Created: Friday, December 21, 2018

Vol. 68, No. 4

Salutations from Your New Editorby Diana Di Stefano

Holding the Herd Nelson Story’s 1866 Cattle Drive
by John C. Russell

Migrant Culture Maintenance The Welsh in Silver Bow County, Montana, 1880–1920
by Robert Llewellyn Tyler

Operations Haylift, Snowbound, and Vittles Federal Disaster Relief and Strategic Humanitarian Intervention in 1949
by David W. Mills

Billings and Beyond The Progressive Vision of Mayor Willard Fraser
by Lou Mandler

From the Society Joe Scheuerle and His Remarkable Indian Gallery
by Jennifer Bottomly-O’looney

Montana Book Roundupby Aaron Parrett

Autumn 2018

Created: Saturday, September 1, 2018

Vol. 68, No. 3

Every Word Belongs by Bill Wyckoff

The Ivan Doig Symposium at Montana State Universityby Susan Kollin

Ivan Clark Doig and His Literary Works, 1939–2015by Jodi Rasker and Jan Zauha

Creating “An In-Between Thing”The United States Forest Service and Ivan Doig’s Two Medicine Country
by Matt Fockler

Writer as Labor HistorianThe Changing World of Work in Ivan Doig’s Montana Books
by Nancy Cook

Home Ground and KinIvan Doig’s Montana
by Jill (Ramaker) Mackin

Born to Be PublishedIvan Doig and Taylor Gordon
by Laura Ferguson

On Writing and WritersA Conversation between Carol Doig and Lois Welch
edited and with an introduction by Mary Murphy

Savvying the RhythmsEditing Ivan
by Rebecca Saletan

The Ivan Doig Archive at Montana State Universityby Hannah McKelvey, Jan Zauha, and Jason Clark

Summer 2018

Created: Friday, June 1, 2018

Vol. 68, No. 2

Ties, Rails, and Telegraph Wires How Railroads Shaped Montana and the West
by Dale Martin

“No More War, No More Plague” The Spanish Influenza Pandemic Toll on Montana
by Todd S. Harwell, Greg S. Holzman, and Steven D. Helgerson watch the video

Mid-Century Monolith in Northwestern Montana The Hungry Horse Dam Project
by Charlene Roise

“Whoa, Blue, Whoa!” Cowpuncher Teddy Blue Abbott, We Pointed Them North, and Montana’s Open-Range Era
by Vic Reiman watch the video

An Editor’s Farewell by Molly Holz

Spring 2018

Created: Thursday, March 1, 2018

Vol. 68, No. 1

Art, Agency, and ConservationA Fresh Look at Albert Bierstadt’s Vision of the West
by Peter H. Hassrick

John Owen’s Worst TripA Journey across the Columbia Plateau, 1858
by Sally Thompson

The Piikuni and the U.S. Army’s Piegan ExpeditionCompeting Narratives of the 1870 Massacre on the Marias River
by Rodger C. Henderson

“Enriched by the Vitalized Pictures”The Moving Image Archives at the Montana Historical Society
by Kelly Burton

Winter 2017

Created: Friday, December 1, 2017

Vol. 67, No. 4

“Ho for the City of Angels and Sunny Skies”The Union Pacific’s Midwinter Excursions to California
by Nancy Cooper

An “Undesirable Station”U.S. Army Soldiers at Fort Yellowstone and the Creation of the National Park Service Ranger Program
by Thomas C. Rust

Tie Hackers on the Front Range, 1886–1887Building the St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba and the Montana Central Railroads
by John A. Vollertsen

Redefining CitizenshipCurriculum Reform and the Changing Politics of Education in World War I–Era Butte
by Cody Dodge Ewert

Montana Book Roundupby Aaron Parrett

Autumn 2017

Created: Friday, September 8, 2017

Vol. 67, No. 3

Cheyenne and Lakota Women at the Battle of the Little Bighornby Leila Monaghan watch the video

“Please Send Me Some Medecine”Dr. Charles A. McNulty’s Medical Practice in Madison County, Montana
by Todd L. Savitt

Buffalo Soldiers in Big Sky Country, 1888–1898by John P. Langellier

A Copper King’s Mysterious MarriageThe Peculiar Pairing of William A. Clark and Anna LaChapelle
by Keith Edgerton

The Great WarFrom the Vaults of the Montana Historical Society
by Martha Kohl

Summer 2017

Created: Friday, July 7, 2017

Vol. 67, No. 2

All-American Indian Days and the Miss Indian America Pageantby Gregory Nickerson watch the video

Operation Skywatch The Montana Ground Observer Corps, 1952–1959
by Jon Axline

The Most Dangerous Man in Montana Corruption, Communism, and Bill Dunne
by Vernon L. Pedersen

Exposing the Work of Albert Peale and Charles Loughrey United States Geological Survey Photography in Montana and Wyoming
by Marcy Flynn

Spring 2017

Created: Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Vol. 67, No. 1

“We Had to Start Treating Them as Human Beings” Dr. Philip Pallister, Clinical Genetics, and the Montana State Training School, 1940s–1970s
by Linda Sargent Wood

More than Mourning Dove Christine Quintasket: Activist, Leader, Public Intellectual
by Laurie Arnold

Working on the Railroad A Memoir by Immigrant Laborer Poet Antonio Andreoni
by Maria Bendinelli Predelli

Winter 2016

Created: Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Vol. 66, No. 4

Western Montana’s Christmas Tree Boom, 1926–1969by Rich Aarstad

From Forest to Market Work in Montana’s Christmas Tree Industry
by Darris Flanagan

Picturing Indian Health Dr. Ferdinand Shoemaker’s Traveling Photographs from the Crow Reservation, 1910–1918
by Rebecca S. Wingo

Alberta’s Special Areas Drought and Adaptation on the Canadian Plains
by William N. Holden

Becoming Herders Basque Immigration, Labor, and Settlement in Nevada, 1880–1910
by Iker Saitua

Montana Book Roundupby Aaron Parrett

Autumn 2016

Created: Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Vol. 66, No. 3

“Realizing the Chance of Your Life”A Wisconsin Doctor Moves to Missoula, 1905
by Todd L. Savitt

Nurse, Mother, MidwifeSusie Walking Bear Yellowtail and the Struggle for Crow Women’s Reproductive Autonomy
by Brianna Theobald

After the West Was WonHow African American Buffalo Soldiers Invigorated the Helena Community in Early Twentieth-Century Montana
by Anthony Wood

Fraud at Fort ParkerHow Corruption and Contracting Built Early Bozeman
by Crystal Alegria and Marsha Fulton

“I was smitten with the West”The Montana Historical Society celebrates Brian W. Dippie
by Charles E. Rankin

Summer 2016

Created: Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Vol. 66, No. 2

State of ChangeWomen and the 1972 Montana Constitutional Convention
by Kelly Kirk

“One Page at a Time“Early Printing in Territorial Montana
by Aaron Parrett

“Dead Work,“ Electric Futures, and the Hidden History of the Gilded Ageby Jeremy Zallen

Expanding Digital Access to Historic Montana Newspapersby Tammy Troup

Spring 2016

Created: Monday, March 21, 2016

Vol. 66, No. 1

Creating “Staunch Hearted, Bright-Eyed Sportswomen”The Montana Legacy of Ina E. Gittings
by Pamela Stewart

A Cross in the WildernessSt. Mary’s Mission Celebrates 175 Years
by Ellen Baumler

Rocky Mountain RadicalsCopper King James A. Murray, Senator James E. Murray, and Seventy-Eight Years of Montana Politics, 1883–1961
by Bill Farley

Manufactured Housing in Twentieth-Century Montanaby Zoe Ann Stoltz watch the video

Winter 2015

Created: Monday, December 21, 2015

Vol. 65, No. 4

Cowboys and CapitalistsThe XIT Ranch in Texas and Montana, 1885–1912
by Michael M. Miller watch the video

“Failure to Protect”Legal Interpretations of Rape and Wife Assault in Butte, Montana, 1900–1920
by Natalie F. Scheidler

“There When We Needed Them”Harriette E. Cushman and the Birth of Montana’s Turkey Marketing Cooperatives
by Amy L. McKinney

Yellowstone’s History, Lost and FoundThe Tangled Provenance of the Gustavus Cheyney Doane Papers
by Kim Allen Scott

Where Did I Read That?A Guide to Montana’s Comprehensive Index and Databases
by Christy Eckerle

Autumn 2015

Created: Monday, September 21, 2015

Vol. 65, No. 3

Remove the Dam, Restore the RiverHow Public Participation Redefined Superfund Law at Milltown, Montana
by David Brooks

Surviving MontanaWomen’s Memories of Work and Family Life, 1900–1960
by Laurie Mercier

The Traditional Worldview of the Kootenai Peopleby the Kootenai Culture Committee

Summer 2015

Created: Sunday, June 21, 2015

Vol. 65, No. 2

Going PublicChildbirth, the Board of Health, and Montana Women, 1860–1920
by Jennifer J. Hill

Pack Mules and ParachutesFirefighting Partners at Montana’s Ninemile Remount Depot
by Janet Ore

Forgotten PioneersThe Chinese in Montana
by Ellen Baumler watch the video

Daphne Bugbee JonesA Modernist Architect’s Legacy
by Hipólito Rafael Chacón watch the video

Montana Book Roundupby Aaron Parrett

Spring 2015

Created: Saturday, March 21, 2015

Vol. 65, No. 1

When Jeannette Said “No”Montana Women’s Response to World War I
by Mary Murphy

“Upward Ho! Or, The Way of The Better Life”The Circuit Chautauqua Movement in Montana
by Nancy Cooper

Bob & CharlieA Montana Pair to Draw To
by Kirby Lambert and Jennifer Bottomly-O’looney

Firefighters in the Sky75 Years and Still Smokejumping over Montana
by Lincoln Bramwell

The Montana Historical Society Celebrates 150 Yearsby Bruce Whittenberg

Winter 2014

Created: Sunday, December 21, 2014

Vol. 63, No. 4

Women, Wobblies, and the ‘War of Grays Harbor’Finnish-American Women and the 1912 Grays Harbor Lumber Strike
by Aaron Goings

In the Winner’s CircleHow Montana Thoroughbreds Upset the Nineteenth Century’s Racing Establishment
by Catharine Melin-Moser

John Mix StanleyAn Artist’s View of the 1853 Pacific Railroad Survey and the Far Northwest
by Peter H. Hassrick

Authenticating Chief Joseph’s ShirtRevelations from Comparison of Digitized Photographs
by Jeffrey Baitis and James S. Brust

Becoming Chinese in MontanaThe Chinese Empire Reform Association and National Identity among Montana’s Chinese Communities
by Mark Johnson

Autumn 2014

Created: Sunday, September 21, 2014

Vol. 64, No. 3

In Search of the SublimeFinding Transcendence in the Mountain West, 1880–1920
by Diana L. Di Stefano

Rudyard KiplingAt Large in the West
by Landon Y. Jones

‘We Are Learning to Do These Things Better’A Women’s History of Helena’s First Neighborhood
by Ellen Baumler

‘Come Join the K.K.K. in the Old Town Tonight’The Ku Klux Klan in Harlowton, Montana, during the 1920s
by Christine K. Erickson

Protecting Montana’s Historic Propertiesby Kathryn Ore watch the video

Summer 2014

Created: Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vol. 64, No. 2

Women’s History MattersThe Montana Historical Society’s Suffrage Centennial Project
by Ellen Baumler, Laura K. Ferguson, Jodie Foley, Annie Hanshew, Anya Jabour, Martha Kohl, and Marcella Sherfy Walter watch the videos

Calamity JaneA Life and Legends
by Richard W. Etulain watch the video

Divas, Divorce, and DisclosureHidden Narratives in the Diaries of Evelyn Cameron
by Ann Roberts and Christine Wordsworth

Ewen and Evelyn Cameron Under the Big SkyA Photographic Essay

Spring 2014

Created: Friday, March 21, 2014

Vol. 64, No. 1

Wheeling through YellowstoneA History of Early Bicycling in America’s First National Park
by Wes Hardin

‘The Courage to Act by a Higher and Humaner Principle’Lewis J. Duncan and the Socialist Movement in Butte, Montana, 1900–1914
by John Hajduk

Forrest Anderson, the 1972 Constitution, and the Reshaping of Montanaby Brian Shovers watch the video

From Havana to MontanaCuban Refugee Children, Operation Pedro Pan, and the Cold War Catholic Church
by Clint Attebery

Winter 2013

Created: Saturday, December 21, 2013

Vol. 63, No. 4

Montana’s Conjurers, Con Men, and Card CheatsWilbur E. Sanders, S. W. Erdnase, and The Expert at the Card Table
by Marty Demarest watch the video

‘Hewing Community Out of Wilderness’Montana’s Korpivaara and Kuhmoniemi Settlements in the Early Twentieth Century
by Dena L. Sanford

Killing Montana’s WolvesStockgrowers, Bounty Bills, and the Uncertain Distinction between Predators and Producers
by Michael Wise

Montana Book Roundupby Aaron Parrett

Autumn 2013

Created: Saturday, September 21, 2013

Vol. 63, No. 3

Blood MoneyThe Montana Bankers Association and the Bozeman Bank Robbery of 1932
by Kim Allen Scott

The Bones Brothers Ranchby Joan L. Brownell

From Party Lines and Barbed WireA History of Telephones in Montana
by Ellen Arguimbau

A Massive UndertakingConstructing Montana’s Interstate Highways, 1956–1988
by Jon Axline

Luck and DetailsPhotographing the Work of Charles M. Russell
by Tom Ferris watch the video

Summer 2013

Created: Friday, June 21, 2013

Vol. 63, No. 2

Montana ModernismContemporary Architecture in the Western State, 1945–1975
by H. Rafael Chacón

Black Hills and BloodshedThe U.S. Army and the Invasion of Lakota Land, 1868–1876
by Catharine R. Franklin

Charlie Russell and Glacier Parkby Elizabeth A. Dear and David Stanley

Lee Metcalf and the Politics of PreservationPart II—Conflict, Compromise, and the Art of Leadership
by Frederick H. Swanson

Spring 2013

Created: Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vol. 63, No. 1

Lee Metcalf and the Politics of PreservationPart I—A Positive Program of Development
by Frederick H. Swanson

On TrialThe Washington R*dskins’ Wily Mascot—Coach William “Lone Star” Dietz
by Linda M. Waggoner

The Case for a Custer Battalion SurvivorPrivate Gustave Korn’s Story
by Albert Winkler

A “Temple of Pleasure”Missoula’s Wilma Theatre
by Elizabeth “Libi” Sundermann

Montana’s National Register Programby John Boughton

Winter 2012

Created: Friday, December 21, 2012

Vol. 62, No. 4

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Burton K. Wheeler, and the Great Debate A Montana Senator’s Crusade for Non-intervention before World War II
by Marc C. Johnson

Children of the HillSituating Children in Butte’s History
by Janet L. Finn watch the video

Vaccine Production in the Bitterroot Valley during World War IIHow Rocky Mountain Laboratory Protected American Forces from Yellow Fever
by Gary R. Hettrick

Camp CookeMontana Territory’s Forgotten First U.S. Army Post
by Rodger Lawrence Huckabee

And the Bride Wore . . . Montana Weddings, 1900–1960An Exhibit from the Montana Historical Society
by Martha Kohl

Montana Book Roundupby Aaron Parrett

Autumn 2012

Created: Friday, September 21, 2012

Vol. 62, No. 3

This Was J.C.PenneyA Century of James Penney’s Main Street Department Stores in the Rocky Mountain West
by David Delbert Kruger watch the video

The Travails of Flathead Indian Agent Charles S. Medary, 1875–1877by Robert Bigart

The Art of StorytellingPlains Indian Perspectives
by Jennifer Bottomley-O’looney

Louis W. Hill, the Great Northern Railway, and the Origins of Automobile Tourism in the Northern Plainsby Alan R. Havig

The Serendipitous Preservation of Butte’s Mai Wah Noodle Parlor and the Wah Chong Tai Companyby Hal Waldrup

Summer 2012

Created: Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vol. 62, No. 2

The End of FreedomThe Military Removal of the Blackfeet and Reservation Confinement, 1880
by William E. Farr

Protest, Power, and the PitFighting Open-Pit Mining in Butte, Montana
by Brian Leech

Breaking Racial Barriers ‘Everyone’s Welcome’ at the Ozark Club, Great Falls, Montana’s African American Nightclub
by Ken Robison

Building Permanent and Substantial RoadsPrison Labor on Montana’s Highways, 1910–1925
by Jon Axline

Signs of the TimesThe Montana Historical Society’s National Register Sign Program
by Ellen Baumler

Spring 2012

Created: Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vol. 62, No. 1

Jerry O’ConnellMontana’s Communist Congressman
by Vernon L. Pedersen

Beyond the ‘Mongolian Muddle’Reconsidering Virginia City, Montana’s China War of 1881
by Laura J. Arata

E. B. White’s Montana and The Trumpet of the Swanby Marcia Melton

The Politics of PerformanceMontana’s Landless Indians and Beveridge’s Montana Wildest West Show
by Elizabeth Sperry

Innovations in EducationThe Montana Historical Society’s Reach Extends Nationally and Internationally
by Mark Johnson watch the video

Winter 2011

Created: Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vol. 61, No. 4

The West Loved Oysters Too!A Look at that Time in America When Those Briny Bivalves Were All the Rage, Even beyond the Missouri River
by Paul L. Hedren

Staging the Past in Montana’s Alder GulchRuminations on History, Tourism, and Preservation
by J. Philip Gruen

‘Our Snow Covered Trail’A Montana Freighter Recalls the Hard Winter of 1906–1907
by Joseph M. Hartmann

Ahead of His TimeJoseph Kinsey Howard and the Writing of Strange Empire
by Heather Devine

Cons OnlineA Montana Historical Society Digitization Project
by Caitlan Maxwell and Jodie Foley

Autumn 2011

Created: Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vol. 61, No. 3

‘Indians shall do things in common’Oglala Lakota Identity and Cattle-Raising on the Pine Ridge Reservation
by Jeffrey D. Means

Ernest Hemingway’s Westby Lou Mandler

Montana’s BarnsA Vanishing History
by Chere Jiusto and Christine W. Brown; photographs by Tom Ferris

From Canning to ContraceptivesCooperative Extension Service Home Demonstration Clubs and Rural Montana Women in the Post–World War II Era
by Amy L. McKinney

The Restoration of a Legendary Painting by C. M. Russellby Erica ESH Henry

Summer 2011

Created: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vol. 61, No. 2

Changing LivesBaptist Women, Benevolence, and Community on the Crow Reservation, 1904–60
by Becky Matthews

Steamboats, Woodhawks, and War on the Upper Missouri Riverby Greg Gordon

The Rise and Fall of Social Welfare in a Frontier Mining CommunityVirginia City and Madison County, Montana Territory, 1863–69
by Jeffrey J. Safford

‘Howdy Everyone! Glad to See You’Montana Tourism and its Port of Entry Stations
by Jon Axline

The Western Rendezvous of Artby Susan R. Near

Spring 2011

Created: Monday, March 21, 2011

Vol. 61, No. 1

Helen P. Clarke in ‘the Age of Tribes’Montana’s Changing Racial Landscape, 1870–1920
by Andrew R. Graybill watch the video

Axis Nation ‘Detainees’ and Japanese Enemy Aliens in the West during World War IIby Carol Van Valkenburg

‘Not an imaginary picture altogether, but parts’The Artistic Legacy of Buffalo Bill Cody
by Robert E. Bonner

‘With no companion but her horse’The Rocky Mountain Husbandman’s Traveling Correspondents Anna Kline and Carolyn A. Murphy, 1889–1904
by Frank R. Grant

Montana Book Roundupby Aaron Parrett

Winter 2010

Created: Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vol. 60, No. 4

Mina WestbyeNorwegian Immigrant, North Dakota Homesteader, Studio Photographer, ‘New Woman’
by Lori Ann Lahlum

Marketing the NorthwestThe Northern Pacific Railroad’s Last Spike Excursion
by Jan Taylor

A Devastating Diagnosis of LeprosyThe Story of Orville Willett
by Ellen Baumler

Just a Name on a Grave? Discovering the story of an Unknown Montana Miner
by Don L. Crawford and Melinda Blanchard Crawford

The Lonesome Life in Glacier National ParkKishenehn Ranger Station, 1910–1940
by Mark Hufstetler

Autumn 2010

Created: Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vol. 60, No. 3

The Nez Perce and Their TrialsRethinking America’s Indian Wars
by Elliott West

Guy M. Brandborg and the Bitterroot ControversyA Conservationist’s Legacy in the Northern Rockies
by Frederick H. Swanson

HungerA Memoir of Growing Up in Northeastern Montana
by Ruth McLaughlin; introduced by Dee Garceau

When the Mountains RoaredThe 1910 Northern Rockies Fires
by Lincoln Bramwell

The Mapkeepersby Brian Shovers

Summer 2010

Created: Monday, June 21, 2010

Vol. 60, No. 2

Conceiving NatureThe Creation of Montana’s Glacier National Park
by Andrew C. Harper

Where the Prairie Ends and the Sky BeginsMaynard Dixon in Montana
by Donald J. Hagerty

Glacier National ParkPeople, a Playground, and a Park
by Jennifer Bottomly-O’looney and Deirdre Shaw

The Miraculous Survival of the Art of Glacier National Parkby Hipólito Rafael Chacón

Spring 2010

Created: Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vol. 60, No. 1

The N Bar N RanchA Legend of the Open-Range Cattle Industry, 1885–99
by Lee I. Niedringhaus

‘Charlot loves his people’The Defeat of Bitterroot Salish Aspirations for an Independent Bitterroot Valley Community
by Robert Bigart

Following the Old North Trail to BerlinWalter McClintock and the Grand Opera Poia
by Steven L. Grafe

Romancing MontanaFrances Parker, Western Writer
by Mary L. Helland

From Bits of Paper to Bytes of DataThe Newspaper Collection at the Montana Historical Society
by Molly Kruckenberg

Winter 2009

Created: Monday, December 21, 2009

Vol. 59, No. 4

Dying in the WestPart 2—Caregiving in the Home and the Death of Daniel Slayton
by Dawn D. Nickel

‘The Huge Mass Writhed and Screamed like a Live Thing’Revisiting the Failure of Hauser Dam
by Aaron Parrett

Lt. James H. BradleyThe Literary Legacy of Montana’s Frontier Soldier-Historian
by Jon G. James

In the Company of HeroesCharlie Russell and the ‘Temple of Fame’
by Kirby Lambert

Copper Commando and the Anaconda Company’s Wartime Productionby Amanda Graham

Autumn 2009

Created: Monday, September 21, 2009

Vol. 59, No. 3

Failed National Parks in the Last Best Placeby Lary M. Dilsaver and William Wyckoff

Dying in the WestPart 1—Hospitals and Health Care in Montana and Alberta, 1880–1950
by Dawn Nickel

Cromwell DixonThe World’s Youngest Aviator
by Del Phillips

Celebrating a Century of County Building in Montanaby Jeff Malcomson watch the video

Are We There Yet?Some Thoughts on the Current State of Western Women’s History
by Sue Armitage

Montana Film Roundup: Butte, Americaby Brian Shovers

Summer 2009

Created: Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vol. 59, No. 2

Abraham LincolnPolitical Founding Father of the American West
by Richard W. Etulain

To Think Like a StarThe American West, Modern Cosmology, and Big History
by Kevin J. Fernlund

‘My heart now has become changed to softer feelings’A northern Cheyenne Woman and Her Family Remember the Long journey home
by John H. Monnett

‘Baseball was our life’Amateur Baseball in Butte, Montana, 1920–1960
by John Mihelich

Spring 2009

Created: Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vol. 59, No. 1

‘These Men Play Real Polo’An Elite Sport in the ‘Cowboy State,’ 1890–1930
by Michael A. Amundson

Montana Deaconess School to IntermountainA Centennial of Restoring Hope for Children, 1909–2009
by Ellen Baumler

Plying the Waters in America’s Little SwitzerlandEarly-Twentieth-Century Lake Tourism in Glacier National Park
by Calvin H. Mires

From Coal Mine to CourtsideBasketball in Bearcreek, Montana
by Liza J. Nicholas

Montana: Stories of the LandA New Approach to Teaching Montana History
by Martha Kohl

Winter 2008

Created: Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vol. 58, No. 4

Tough Trip to PublicationTough Trip through Paradise and the Beautiful Wives of Andrew Garcia
by Diane Smith

Thomas Savage, Forgotten Novelistby O. Alan Weltzien

Learning a Trapper’s and Hunter’s Artby Frank Bird Linderman; introduced by Sarah Waller Hatfield

‘This unfortunate affair’An 1810 Letter from the Three Forks
by Rich Aarstad

The Charles M. Russell Catalogue Raisonnéby B. Byron Price watch the video

Autumn 2008

Created: Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vol. 58, No. 3

‘More Real than the Indians Themselves’The Early Years of the Indian Lore Movement in the United States
by Clyde Ellis

Montana Quilts and QuiltmakersA History of Work and Beauty
by Mary Murphy

Montana Quilts and QuiltmakersFrom Sunburst to Nine-Patch—Treasures of the Nineteenth Century
by Annie Hanshew

A Call to OrderLaw, Violence, and the Development of Montana’s Early Stockmen’s Organizations
by T. A. Clay

Sitting ProudThe Indian Portraits of Joseph Scheuerle
by Jennifer Bottomly-O’looney

‘Big Love’Unnatural Families and the Suburban West
by Maria E. Montoya

Summer 2008

Created: Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vol. 58, No. 2

Bringing Home All the Pretty HorsesThe Horse Trade and the Early American West, 1775–1825
by Dan Flores

The Eleventh Manby Ivan Doig

Justice as an AfterthoughtWomen and the Montana Prison System
by Ellen Baumler

‘Peas That Please’The Gallatin Valley Pea Industry, 1911–1970
by Phyllis Smith

The Mining Law of 1872by Gordon Morris Bakken

Assault on Basaltby Mark Baumler

Spring 2008

Created: Friday, March 21, 2008

Vol. 58, No. 1

The Fight for Crow WaterPart II: Damming the Bighorn
by Megan Benson

The World in the West, the West in the WorldFriedrich Gerstäcker, Richard Francis Burton, and Isabella Bird on the Nineteenth-Century Frontier
by David Wrobel

The Seminal Years of the Montana Legislative Council, 1957–1965by Eugene C. Tidball

Living ArtifactsThe Ancient Ponderosa Pines of the West
by Stephen F. Arno, Lars Östlund, and Robert E. Keane

How It WorkedThe Stamp Mill
by Duane A. Smith

Charlie Russell and the Mysterious Photographsby Ken Robison

Restoring History at the Original Governor’s Mansionby Susan R. Near

Montana Book Roundupby Sue Hart

Winter 2007

Created: Friday, December 21, 2007

Vol. 57, No. 4

Wallace Stegner’s Formative Years in Saskatchewan and Montanaby Philip L. Fradkin

‘A Residual Frontier Town’Wallace Stegner’s Salt Lake City
by Robert C. Steensma

The Fight for Crow WaterPart I: The Early Reservation Years through the Indian New Deal
by Megan Benson

‘Our Genial Photographer’The Life and Times of Henry D. Weenink
by D. Lyle Dechant

Not-So-Buried TreasuresExploring the On-line Resources of the MHS Research Center
by Jodie Foley and Roberta Gebhardt

So You Want to Be Published?by Stan Lynde

A Guide to Self-Publishing Your Bookby the Montana Historical Society Press staff

Autumn 2007

Created: Friday, September 21, 2007

Vol. 57, No. 3

Abortion in the Old WestThe Trials of Dr. Edwin S. Kellogg of Helena, Montana
by Todd L. Savitt

George ‘Montana’ OiyeThe Journey of a Japanese American from the Big Sky to the Battlefields of Europe
by Casey J. Pallister

Babe in the WoodsF. Scott Fitzgerald’s Unlikely Summer in Montana
by Landon Y. Jones

The Railroad Photography of Warren McGeeby Jennifer Jeffries Thompson

HBO’s DeadwoodNot Your Typical Western
by John Mack Faragher

The St. Ignatius Missionby Katherine Mitchell

Happy Birthday MHS Press!from the Society

Summer 2007

Created: Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vol. 57, No. 2

Flying across AmericaThe Airline Passenger Experience and the West
by Daniel L. Rust

One Day on Timbered IslandHow the Rockefellers’ Visits to Yellowstone Led to Grand Teton National Park
by Marian Albright Schenck

Postcard Portraits of Yellowstone National Parkby Susan and Jack Davis

Neither Empty nor UnknownMontana at the Time of Lewis and Clark
by George Oberst

‘I haven’t time to kiss everybody!’Larry Mathews Entertains in Yellowstone, 1887–1904
by Lee H. Whittlesey

Spring 2007

Created: Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Vol. 57, No. 1

Gwendolen HasteGiving Voice to the Homesteaders
by Sue Hart

When Does a Cactus Become an Angry Buffalo?Traditional Games of the Lakotas
by Raymond A. Bucko, S.J.

The Tragic Montana Career of Dr. D. E. Salmonby Fredric L. Quivik

The Nez Perces in Yellowstone in 1877A Comparison of Attempts to Deduce Their Route
by Lee Whittlesey

Montana Architecture—More than a Mile from City CenterHelena’s Northern Pacific Railroad District and Sixth Ward
by Kate Hampton

Identifying African American Resources Projectby Scott Meredith

Montana Book Roundupby Bud Bynack

Winter 2006

Created: Thursday, December 21, 2006

Vol. 56, No. 4

Entering Butteby Robert R. Swartout Jr.

‘See America the Bountiful’Butte’s Berkeley Pit and the American Culture of Consumption
by Timothy J. LeCain

Another Look at Burke’s ButteThe Great Depression and William Allen Burke’s ‘Greenhorn Miner’
introduced by Matthew Basso

Caring for the DeadThe Development of the Funeral Business in Butte
by Zena Beth McGlashan

1,000,000 Glasses a DayButte’s Beer History on Tap
by Steve Lozar watch the video

Driving Haul Trucks in the Berkeley PitReminiscences of a Gritty Job
by Bill Long

About Butteby Wim Wenders

The Butte-Anaconda National Historic Landmarkby Martha Kohl

The Natural West—Bioprospecting in the Berkeley PitThe Search for Valuable Natural Products from a Most Unnatural World
by Andrea Stierle

Our Lady of the Rockiesby Kris King

Autumn 2006

Created: Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vol. 56, No. 3

Frontiersman for the TsarTimofei Tarakanov and the Expansion of Russian America
by Kenneth N. Owens

Love, Valor, and EnduranceWorld War II War Brides Making a Home in Montana
by Seena B. Kohl

The Story from Indian CountryWhat We Learned from the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial
by Frederick E. Hoxie

Remembering Dave Walter

Teaching Twentieth-Century Montana Historyby Linda Wruck

Montana Book Roundupby Sue Hart

Summer 2006

Created: Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Vol. 56, No. 2

Anaconda Sheds Its PressThe Story behind the Company’s Decision to Sell Its Newspapers
by Dennis Swibold

An Army Surgeon’s AccountHenry Remson Tilton’s View of the Bear’s Paw Mountains Expedition and the Conclusion of the Nez Perce War
by Jerome A. Greene

‘No Fighting is to be Apprehended’Major Eugene Baker, Sitting Bull, and the Northern Pacific Railroad’s 1872 Western Yellowstone Surveying Expedition
by M. John Lubetkin

William RanneyA Painter’s Requiem to the Mountain Man
by Peter H. Hassrick

Of Professors and PredatorsJohn Ostrom, Deinonychus antirrhopus, and the Nature of Dinosaurs
by Jon Axline

Caroline Lockhart on the Dryhead‘Happily-Ever-Aftering’ on a Montana Cattle Ranch
by John Clayton

Brokeback MountainA Western
by Richard White

Key IngredientsAmerica by Food

We Proceeded OnCreating a Masterpiece for the Montana State Capitol
by Kirby Lambert

Tower RockA Traveler’s Landmark
by Clint Attebery

Spring 2006

Created: Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Vol. 56, No. 1

Mormonism in Montanaby Brian Q. Cannon

Second Views of the Treasure Stateby William Wyckoff

Monopolizing The Virginian (or, Railroading Wister)by Melody Graulich

Brigadier General George Crook’s ‘Horse Meat March’ and the Fight at Slim ButtesA Letter by Walter Scribner Schuyler
by Charles M. Robinson III

Fort Davis and the Antebellum Military Frontiersby Robert Wooster

Forest Images by K. D. Swanby Kirby Lambert

The Montana Heritage Projectby Katherine Mitchell

Forsyth, Montanaby Martha Kohl

Winter 2005

Created: Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Vol. 55, No. 4

What’s the Matter with Texas?The Great Enigma of the Lone Star State in the American West
by Ty Cashion

‘Good night with the Stars and Stripes, Army, Navy, and Mister damned Wilson’Montana’s Central Role in the Repression—and Eventual Recognition—of Free Speech
by Clemens P. Work

In the Shadow of Billy the KidSusan McSween and the Lincoln County War
by Kathleen P. Chamberlain

The Masonic Apron of Meriwether Lewis and the Legacy of Masonry in Montanaby Ellen Baumler

Comet, Montanaby Christine W. Brown

Unexpected Treasures among the Photographs of Ed and Emil Kopacby Delores J. Morrow and Sandra J. Barker

Autumn 2005

Created: Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Vol. 55, No. 3

Animal Last StandsEmpathy and Extinction in the American West
by Jon T. Coleman

Women and Hunting in the Westby Mary Zeiss Stange

Hunting Democracyby Daniel Justin Herman

‘The Great Source of Amusement’Hunting in the Frontier Army
by James E. Potter

The Legendary Earl DurandWyoming’s ‘Tarzan of the Tetons’
by Lillian Turner

‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’by Gordon Morris Bakken and Elwood Bakken

Travel and Exploration Narratives in the Montana Historical Society Collectionby Rich Aarstad and Jennie Stapp

Pine Butte Swamp Preserve and the Rocky Mountain Frontby W. Clark Whitehorn

Summer 2005

Created: Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Vol. 55, No. 2

Captivity For Yellowstone BisonTheir Doom or Salvation?
by Mary Ann Franke

Tragedy at Red Cloud AgencyThe Surrender, Confinement, and Death of Crazy Horse
by Jeffrey V. Pearson

‘We Belong to the North’The Flights of the Northern Indians from the White River Agencies, 1877–1878
by Kingsley M. Bray

‘Custer’s Last Stand’An Artist’s Perspective
by Thom Ross

Mapping MontanaThe Federal Land Surveys of 1867–1868
by Jeffrey J. Safford

Fear in the Time of Infantile Paralysisby Volney Steele

The 320 Ranchby Connie Staudohar

Community Preservation in Montanaby Rolene R. Schliesman

Spring 2005

Created: Monday, March 21, 2005

Vol. 55, No. 1

Diversions, Ditches, and District CourtsMontana’s Struggle to Allocate Water
by Brian Shovers

The Contradictory Legacies of Buffalo Bill Cody’s First Scalp for Custerby Paul L. Hedren

Elwood Mead, Buffalo Bill Cody, and the Carey Act in Wyomingby Robert E. Bonner

Kayaking Playground or Nature Preserve?Whitewater Boating Conflicts in Yellowstone National Park
by Michael J. Yochim

Historical Maps of Montana and the Stories They Tellby Sally Thompson

Reading between the Linesby Clyde Ellis and Charlene Porsild

Winter 2004

Created: Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Vol. 54, No. 4

‘This Wicked Family’A Biography of the Deschamps Family of Fort Union—Their Feuds, Fights, and Violent Demise
by Robert W. Thomson

The Bearer Has PermissionA Brief History of Research Permitting in Yellowstone National Park
by Alice Wondrak Biel

Old West and New West in Garden Park, Coloradoby Steven M. Schnell, Curtis J. Sorenson, Soren Larsen, Matthew Dunbar, and Erin McGrogan

Laura Bell McDanielQueen of the Colorado City Tenderloin
by Jan MacKell

Icy Reconnaissanceby Michael J. Ober

Federal Historic Rehabilitation Income Tax Credit Programby Pete Brown

New Deal Oasis on the High Plainsby Fredric L. Quivik

Autumn 2004

Created: Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Vol. 54, No. 3

Empty SaddlesDesertion from the Dashing U.S. Cavalry
by Judy Daubenmier

Fire and AshesThe Last Survivor of the Mann Gulch Fire
by John N. Maclean

A Rashomon NightMontana Vigilantes and the Subjective Question of Guilt
by Frederick Allen

‘Give Me Eighty Men’Shattering the Myth of the Fetterman Massacre
by Shannon Smith Calitri

The Trials of John L. Smithby John Clayton

The Old Works Golf Course, Anaconda, Montanaby Brian Shovers

From Liverpool to Cut Bankby Jodie Foley

Bearcreek, Montanaby Jon Axline

Summer 2004

Created: Monday, June 21, 2004

Vol. 54, No. 2

KonaCradle of Hawaii’s Paniolo
by Richard W. Slatta, Ku‘ulani Auld, and Maile Melrose

Montana’s Worst Natural DisasterThe 1964 Flood on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation
by Aaron Parrett

‘I Want It Real Bad’The Charles M. Russell–Malcolm Mackay Collaboration
by Brian W. Dippie

Montana’s Last Best ChanceThe Malcolm S. Mackay Collection of Charles M. Russell Art
by Kirby Lambert

A Recipe for New Researchby Charlene Porsild

Remembering Butte’s Chinatownby Carrie Schneider

Spring 2004

Created: Sunday, March 21, 2004

Vol. 54, No. 1

Falling in Love with MontanaJohn Vachon’s Photographic Sojourn
by Mary Murphy

‘Enigma Woman’ Nellie MadisonFemme Fatales and Noir Fiction
by Kathleen Cairns

Going to BuffaloIndian Hunting Migrations Across the Rocky Mountains Part 2: Civilian Permits, Army Escorts
by William E. Farr

‘Performers Prove Beauty & Rodeo Can Be Mixed’The Return of the Cowgirl Queen
by Renee M. Laegreid

‘The Fellow Who Can Talk the Loudest and Has the Best Shotgun Gets the Water’Water Regulation and the Montana State Engineer’s Office, 1889–1964
by James E. Sherow

Days of Discoveryby Dayton Duncan

L. A. Huffmanby Gene Allen & Bev Allen

Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refugeby Amy L. McKinney

Winter 2003

Created: Sunday, December 21, 2003

Vol. 53, No. 4

Going to BuffaloIndian Hunting Migrations Across the Rocky Mountains
Part 1: Making Meat and Taking Robes

by William E. Farr

‘Music, Song, and Laughter’Yellowstone National Park’s Fountain Hotel, 1891–1916
by Lee H. Whittlesey

Letters from World’s EndA Young Couple’s Portrait of Butte, 1936–1941
by Brenda Pentland

‘The Making of a Good Woman’Montana and the National Florence Crittenton Mission
by Ellen Baumler

Documenting Education in Montanaby Molly Kruckenberg

Lolo Hot Springsby Charlene Porsild

Autumn 2003

Created: Sunday, September 21, 2003

Vol. 53, No. 3

Snow Machines in the Gardens The History of Snowmobiles in Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks
by Michael J. Yochim

Two Roads Diverged A Look Back at the Montana Study
by Carla Homstad

Mormon Missionaries, the Utah War, and the 1858 Bannock Raid on Fort Limhiby David Bigler

Made in Montana Montana’s Post Office Murals
by Elizabeth Mentzer

Sculptor Alexander Phimister Proctor in Montanaby Peter H. Hassrick

From the Society Treasure State Treasurers Survey
by Kirby Lambert

The Montana Traveler The National Bison Range
by W. Clark Whitehorn

Summer 2003

Created: Saturday, June 21, 2003

Vol. 53, No. 2

The Education of a Muckraker The Journalism of Christopher Powell Connolly
by Dennis Swibold

The Bozeman Trail before John Bozeman A Busy Land
by Robert M. Utley

Montana Fever’ Smallpox and the Montana State Board of Health
by Ellen Leahy

‘The Art of the Possible’ Wallace Stegner and Historical Fiction
interview by Robert Keller, edited by Sarah Fox

Historical Commentary The Unnatural History of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial
by Mark Spence

From the Society An Extraordinary Record of an Ordinary Life
by Jodie Foley

The Montana Traveler Lewis and Clark National Historic Landmarks in Montana
by Ellen Baumler

Spring 2003

Created: Friday, March 21, 2003

Vol. 53, No. 1

Yellowstone’s Creation Myth Can We Live with Our Own Legends?
by Paul Schullery and Lee Whittlesey

Beauty and the Beet The Dam Battles of Yellowstone National Park
by Michael J. Yochim

Sisters’ Hospital The Sisters of Providence and St. Patrick Hospital, Missoula, Montana, 1873–1890
by Todd L. Savitt and Janice Willms

‘Kluxer Blues’ The Klan Confronts Catholics in Butte, Montana, 1923–1929
by Christine K. Erickson

Montana Episodes From Treasure State to Big Sky
by Brian Shovers

From the Society Montana’s Heritage Barns Project
by Kate Hampton

The Montana Traveler Madison River Canyon Earthquake Area
by Molly K. Holz

Winter 2002

Created: Saturday, December 21, 2002

Vol. 52, No. 4

Disputing the Medicine Line The Plains Cree and the Canadian-American Border, 1876–1885
by Michel Hogue

Wrestling with Horace Albright, Part II Edmund Rogers, Visitors, and Bears in Yellowstone National Park
by Alice K. Wondrak

The Forgotten Yellowstone Surveying Expedition of 1871 W. Milnor Roberts and the Northern Pacific Railroad in Montana
by M. John Lubetkin

‘We Didn’t Care for It’ The Salish and Kootenai Battle against Termination Policy, 1946–1954
by Jaakko Puisto

‘Rabbit Child—A Crazy Dog of the Crows’ A Crow Narrative
ed. by Phenocia Bauerle

Montana Episodes Terror Floated over Montana
by Larry Tanglen

From the Society Brand Books
by Charlene Porsild and Molly Miller

The Montana Traveler Dearborn River High Bridge
by Jon Axline

Autumn 2002

Created: Saturday, September 21, 2002

Vol. 52, No. 3

Wrestling with Horace Albright, Part I Edmund Rogers, Visitors, and Bears in Yellowstone National Park
by Alice K. Wondrak

‘Nothing Up Here But Foreigners and Coal Slack World War I and the Tranformation of Red Lodge
by Bonnie Christensen

Life on the Margin The Evolution of the Waning West
by William Wyckoff

‘First to Respond to Their Country’s Call’ The First Montana Infantry and the Spanish-American War and Philippine Insurrection, 1898–1899
by Richard K. Hines

Memorial Vivian Paladin
by Charles E. Rankin, Martha Kohl, William L. Lang, Robert F. Morgan, Ellen Baumler, Jean Baucus

Montana Episodes Brass Bands and Copper Kings
by David Reynolds

The Natural West The Astonishing Origins of Wallace Stegner’s Environmental Genius
by Beth LaDow

Essays on the West The Best Books about Montana, Twenty-First-Century Edition
by Harry W. Fritz

The Montana Traveler The Charles M. Bair Family Museum
by Ann Kooistra-Manning

Summer 2002

Created: Friday, June 21, 2002

Vol. 52, No. 2

Frontier Fly-Fishing in the New Westby Paul Schullery

Fishing the Hatch New West Romanticism and Fly-Fishing in the High Country
by Ken Owens

‘A Millionaire Couldn’t Buy a Piece of Water as Good’ George Grant and the Conservation of the Big Hole River Watershed
by Pat Munday

Trout Shangri-La Remaking the Fishing in Yellowstone National Park
by John Byorth

Montana Episodes Pacific Memories
by Carle F. O’Neil

Montana Episodes While Custer Was Making His Last Stand
by Ken Owens

The Montana Traveler The Montana State Capitol
by Kirby Lambert

The Natural West Blight in the Waters
by Tom Palmer

Spring 2002

Created: Thursday, March 21, 2002

Vol. 52, No. 1

The Texas Ranger Tradition Established Jack Hays and Walker Creek
by Robert M. Utley

The Damming of Yellowstone National Park A Crusade for Irrigation in the Upper Yellowstone Valley
by Hugh Lovin

Learning about the Weather Dryfarming Doctrine and Homestead Failure in Eastern Montana, 1900–1925
by Gary D. Libecap

Winter in the Rockies Winter Quarters of the Mountain Men
by Kerry R. Oman

Saving Montana’s Past The Creation and Evolution of the Montana Historical Society and Montana The Magazine of Western History
by Brian Shovers

Essays on the West Bookmen on the Montana Frontier
by Rick Newby

Montana Episodes Isabelle Randall and the “Natives”
by Phyllis Smith

The Montana Traveler A Hospitable History, Grant Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site
by Lyndel Meikle

Historical Reflections The Haunting of Butte’s Quartz Street Fire Station
by Ellen Baumler

Winter 2001

Created: Friday, December 21, 2001

Vol. 51, No. 4

World Champions The 1904 Girls’ Basketball Team from Fort Shaw Indian Boarding School
by Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith

“The Greatest Hazard of All Is the ‘Human Element’” Manning the Machines of the World’s Greatest Wheat Farm
by Douglas M. Edwards

The Goldfish Died Great Falls, Fort Benton, and the Great Flood of 1908
by Gordon Morris Bakken and J. Elwood Bakken

Nelson A. Miles, Crazy Horse, and the Battle of Wolf Mountainsby Jeffrey V. Pearson

Essays on the West Western Art Don’t Get No Respect
by Brian W. Dippie

The Road to Reappearance
by Peter Iverson

Still High, Wide, and Handsome
by Hal Rothman

Looking Ahead An Opportunity for Partnership

The Montana Traveler Pictograph Cave State Park
by Ann Kooistra-Manning

Autumn 2001

Created: Friday, September 21, 2001

Vol. 51, No. 3

‘When Montana and I Were Young’ Margaret Bell’s Memoir of a Northern Montana Childhood
by Mary Clearman Blew

American Pathwaysby Elliott West

‘Well I Have Lived in Montana Almost a Week and Like It Fine’ Letters from the Davis Homestead, 1910–1926
by Seena B. Kohl

Creating a Mythic Past Spanish-Style Architecture in Montana
by Hipόlito Rafael Chacόn

Looking Backby Vivian A. Paladin, William L. Lang, and Charles E. Rankin

The Montana Traveler Crossing a Landscape of Sorrow: The Nez Perce (Nee-Me-Poo) National Historic Trail
by Dan Gard

Summer 2001

Created: Thursday, June 21, 2001

Vol. 51, No. 2

‘Flying Buffaloes’ Artists and the Buffalo Hunt
by Brian W. Dippie

‘A Beautiful Spirit’ Origins of the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts
by Rick Newby and Chere Jiusto

Old Photographs Sometimes You Just Can’t Believe Your Eyes
by Bill Holm

Maynard Dixon and a Changing West, 1917–1935by Donald J. Hagerty

Julius Seyler Painting the Blackfeet, Painting Glacier Park, 1913–1914
by William E. Farr

The Montana Traveler Seeing Bob Scriver’s Artwork
by Kirby Lambert

Historical Reflections Photos from Montana’s Montana’s Past
by Ellen Baumler

Spring 2001

Created: Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Vol. 51, No. 1

Montana Vigilantes and the Origins of 3-7-77by Frederick Allen

‘A Very Exclusive Party’ A Firsthand Account of Building the Union Pacific Railroad
by Ernest Haycox, Jr.

Evolution of an Environmentalist Senator Frank Church and the Hells Canyon Controversy
by Sara E. Dant Ewert

Scots in the North American Westby Ferenc Morton Szasz

Looking Back Happy Birthday Montana!
by K. Ross Toole

Historical Reflections Rapid, Reliable Riding on Montana’s Street Railways
by Ellen Baumler

The Montana Traveler Wild Horse Island
by Diane Tipton

Winter 2000

Created: Thursday, December 21, 2000

Vol. 50, No. 4

A Journey to the Heart of Darkness John W. Wright and the War against the Sioux, 1863–1865
by Kim Allen Scott and Ken Kempcke

The Army at the Clearwater Tactical Victory and Strategic Defeat in the Nez Perce War
by Jerome A. Greene

Photojournalism, 1877 John H. Fouchm, Fort Keogh’s First Post Photographer
by James S. Brust

Private John F. Donohue’s Reflections on the Little Bighornby Lewis O. Saum

Medals for Custer’s Menby Larry Sklenar

MemorialsAubrey L. Haines (1914–2000) and Don G. Rickey, Jr. (1925–2000)

The Montana Traveler Snowden Bridge
by Jon Axline

Autumn 2000

Created: Thursday, September 21, 2000

Vol. 50, No. 3

Joe De Yong and Hollywood Charlie Russell’s Protégé on the Celluloid Frontier
by Dan Gagliasso

George Bird Grinnell and the ‘Vanishing’ Plains Indiansby Sherry L. Smith

A Life in the Oil Patch Kenneth F. Cox in Glendive, Montana, 1953–1954
by Stephen F. Cox

Unlikely Harvesters German Prisoners of War as Agricultural Workers in the Northwest
by Tomas Jaehn

Historical Commentary Davy Crockett and the Alamo: Thoughts on Truth, Fiction, and Smelling a Rat
by Stephen Harrigan

Essay on the West ‘What’s in a Name?’: Christening Early Madison County, Montana, Quartz Lodges
by Jeffrey J. Safford

The Montana Traveler Old Montana Prison—A Place to Visit
by Molly Holz

Historical Reflections When a Capital Idea Turned ‘Hideous’
by Ellen Baumler

Summer 2000

Created: Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Vol. 50, No. 1

Illness at Three Forks Captain William Clark and the First Recorded Case of Colorado Tick Fever
by Ronald V. Loge

Beyond the Melting Pot and Multiculturalism Cultural Politics in Southern Appalachia and Hispanic New Mexico
by Mark Banker

Rocky Flats Expect a Fire, But Produce
by Len Ackland

The Footrace From the Frontier Adventures of Walter Cooper
by Larry Len Peterson

Essays on the West When Camels Came Back to Montana
by Ellen Baumler

Historical Reflections Photos from Montana’s Past
by the editor

The Montana Traveler Life on the Upper Missouri: The Art of Karl Bodmer

Spring 2000

Created: Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Vol. 50, No. 1

A Very Different Story Exploring the Southwest from Monticello with the Freeman and Custis Exedition of 1806
by Dan Flores

A Voyage to Montana, Part II Serena Washburn’s Account of Her Trip up the Missouri River in 1869
by Aubrey L. Haines

Mules, Mines, and Millions Frank Smith and Calico Borax
by Douglas Steeples

The Columbia River’s Fate in the Twentieth Centuryby William L. Lang

Memorial Mike Malone—A Man to Remember
by Charles E. Rankin, Pierce C. Mullen, William L. Lang, Vivian A. Paladin, Richard W. Etulain

Historical Reflections Photos from Montana’s Past (Yogo sapphires)
by the editor

The Montana Traveler Chief Plenty Coups State Park
by Molly Holz

Winter 1999

Created: Tuesday, December 21, 1999

Vol. 49, No. 4

The Steamboat and Stagecoach Era in Montana and the Northern Westby Carlos A. Schwantes

A Voyage to Montana, Part I Serena Washburn’s Account of Her Trip up the Missouri River in 1869
by Aubrey L. Haines

The Crow Indians and the Bozeman Trailby Frank Rzeczkowski

Something of a Nuisance Value The Montana, Wyoming & Southern Railroad, 1905–1953
by Jon Axline

Historical CommentaryThe ‘Wild’ Old West—A Different View
by Stewart L. Udall

Essays on the West Crazy Horse—Will We Ever Know You?
by Robert M. Utley

Historical ReflectionsPhotos from Montana’s Past (Airplanes, 1910s–1920s)
by the editor

The Montana TravelerMullan’s Point of Rocks: Preserving Transportation History
by Jon Axline

Autumn 1999

Created: Tuesday, September 21, 1999

Vol. 49, No. 3

Golden Dreams Colorado, California, and the Reimagining of America
by Elliott West

Disorder, Crime, and Punishment in the California Gold Rushby Martin Ridge

‘When a Person Gits to California It Is Hard to Say or Tell When He Gets Away’ Why the Forty-Niners Were Reluctant to Come Home the Families They Loved
by Malcolm J. Rohrbough

No Need to Rush The Chinese, Placer Mining, and the Western Environment
by Liping Zhu

The Legacy of the Gold Rush An Afterword
by Martin Ridge

Essays on the West More than the Glory: Preserving the Gold Rush and Its Outcome at Virginia City
by Ellen Baumler

The Montana Traveler Bannack State Park: A Gate in Time
by Marcella Sherfy

Historical Reflections Photos from Montana’s Past (Robbers’ Roost)
by the editor

Montana Book Roundup by Charles E. Rankin

Summer 1999

Created: Monday, June 21, 1999

Vol. 49, No. 2

‘Everyone Can Understand a Picture’ Photographers and the Promotion of Early Yellowstone
by Lee H. Whittlesey

Thomas J. Hine One of Yellowstone’s Earliest Photographers
by James S. Brust and Lee H. Whittlesey

Joshua Crissman Yellowstone’s Forgotten Photographer
by Steven B. Jackson

Through the Artist’s Eye The Paintings and Photographs of R. E. DeCamp
by Kirby Lambert

The 1859 Lander Expedition Revisited ‘Worthy Relics’ Tell New Tales of a Wind River Wagon Road
by Alan Fraser Houston and Jourdan Moore Houston

Historical ReflectionsPhotos from Montana’s Past (Yellowstone’s Buffalo Ranch)

The Montana Traveler Ulm Pishkun: World of the Early Plains Bison
by Krys Holmes

Spring 1999

Created: Sunday, March 21, 1999

Vol. 49, No. 1

‘This I Know from the Old People’ Yakima Indian Treaty Rights
by Andrew H. Fisher

Hoboes across the Border A Comparison of Itinerant Cross-Border Laborers between Montana and Western Canada
by Evelyne Stitt Pickett

‘Hope It Turns Warm So Things Will Grow’ Dwight and Hazel Howard and the Development of Montana Seed Corn
by Stan Howard

The Crazy Mule Maps A Northern Cheyenne’s View of Montana and Western Dakota in 1878
by Linea Sundstrom and Glen Fredlund

Montana Episodes The Willson Brothers Come to Montana
by Kim Allen Scott

Historical Reflections Photos from Montana’s Past (Montana Highway Patrol)
by the editor

Montana Book Roundup by Martha Kohl

Winter 1998

Created: Monday, December 21, 1998

Vol. 48, No. 4

‘Powder Aplenty for Native and Guest Alike’ Steamboat Springs, Corporate Control, and the Changing Meaning of Home
by Hal K. Rothman

‘A Paper of, by, and for the People’ The Producer’s News, and the Farmers’ Movement in Northeastern Montana, 1918–1937
by Verlaine Stoner McDonald

A ‘Mail-Order Marriage’ The Norman Maclean—Robert Utley Correspondence
by O. Alan Weltzien

Historical Commentary The Senate of Mike Mansfield
by Donald A. Ritchie

Montana Episodes The Great Falls Home Front during World War II
by William J. Furdell

Historical Reflections Photos from Montana’s Past (Butte warehouse fire, 1895)
by the editor

Montana Book RoundupCharles E. Rankin

Autumn 1998

Created: Monday, September 21, 1998

Vol. 48, No. 3

Butte Resilient City with an Unforgettable Past
by Mary Murphy

Devil’s Perch Prostitution from Suite to Cellar in Butte, Montana
by Ellen Baumler

Intimate Strangers The Interlocking Histories of Butte, Montana, and Chuquicamata, Chile
by Janet L. Finn

Remaking the Wide-Open Town Butte at the End of the Twentieth Century
by Brian Shovers

Montana Episodes The Butte Walkathon, 1931
by Fred and Mary Kay Voget

Historical Commentary A Reexamination of the Granite Mountain–Speculator Fire
by James D. Harrington

Essays on the West Where Have All the Heroes Gone?A Review of J. Anthony Luka’s Big Trouble
by David M. Emmons

Summer 1998

Created: Sunday, June 21, 1998

Vol. 48, No. 2

Called Out People The Cheyennes and the Central Plains
by Elliott West

Montana’s Refining Industry, Part II, 1942–1996by Joseph M. Ashley

Elk Head and White Bear Warrior Artists in the Early Reservation Period
by Allen Chronister

Harry Walker Fort Benton Bandmaster, 1881–1882
by H. Bruce Lobaugh

The Uniqueness of Crow Art A Glimpse into the History of an Embattled People
by Michael H. Logan and Douglas A. Schmittou

Essays on the West The Journals of Lewis and Clark: Almost Home
by Gary E. Moulton

Spring 1998

Created: Saturday, March 21, 1998

Vol. 48, No. 1

Frontierland as Tomorrowland Walt Disney and the Architectural Packaging of the Mythic West
by Michael Steiner

Montana’s Refining Industry, Part I 1920–1941
by Joseph M. Ashley

“Food, Rest, and Happyness,” Part II Limitations and Possibilities in the Early Treatment of Tuberculosis in Montana
by Connie Staudohar

Essays on the West Lewis and Clark and the American Century: A Review of Ken Burn’s PBS Series on the Corps of Discovery
by William L. Lang

Essays on the West Northern Perspectives on the American West
by John R. Wunder

Winter 1997

Created: Sunday, December 21, 1997

Vol. 47, No. 4

Angus McDonald A Scottish Highlander among Indian Peoples
by James Hunter

First across the Continent, Part II Alexander Mackenzie’s Trek to the Pacific
by Barry Gough

Beautiful Deceiver The Absolutely Divine Lola Montez
by Janet R. Fireman

“Food, Rest, & Happyness,” Part I Limitations and Possibilities in the Early Treatment of Tuberculosis in Montana
by Connie Staudohar

Historical Commentary Butte: Cultural Treasure in a Mining Town
by Patrick Malone

Montana Episodes Confessions of a Telephone Girl
by Dorothy M. Johnson

Autumn 1997

Created: Sunday, September 21, 1997

Vol. 47, No. 3

First across the Continent, Part I Alexander Mackenzie’s Trek to the Pacific
by Barry Gough

Yellowstone Ecological Holocaustby Paul Schullery

“Baited by a ‘Color’ of Gold to a Mountain of Granite,” Part II Connecticut Capital at Work in the Montana Goldfields, 1865–1868
by Jeffrey J. Safford

Odyssey of a Union Communism and the Rise of the Northwest Metal Workers, 1960–1972
by Katherine G. Aiken

Montana Episodes “If It Don’t End in Bloodshed”: The Montana State Baseball League, 1900
by James A. Scott

In Commemoration John C. Ewers, 1909–1997
by Charles E. Rankin, Vivian A. Paladin, William R. Swagerty, Hugh Dempsey, Raymond J. DeMallie

Summer 1997

Created: Saturday, June 21, 1997

Vol. 47, No. 2

“Baited by a ‘Color’ of Gold to a Mountain of Granite,” Part I Connecticut Capital at Work in the Montana Goldfields, 1865–1868
by Jeffrey J. Safford

Red Cloud, Part II The Reservation Years
by Robert W. Larson

Passengers, Profits, and Prestige The Glacier Park Hotel Company, 1914–1929
by Christiane Diehl-Taylor

Fire on the Mountain Tragic Death and Memorialization of the Storm King Fourteen
by Andrew Gulliford

An Indian Memorial for the Little Bighornby Charles E. Rankin

Historical Commentary What Ever Happened to the Anaconda Company?
by Eugene C. Tidball

Essays on the West Reflections on a Reputation: The Remington Rainsonné
by Brian W. Dippie

Spring 1997

Created: Friday, March 21, 1997

Vol. 47, No. 1

Punishing the Elephant Malfeasance and Organized Criminality on the Overland Trail
by John Phillip Reid

Red Cloud, Part I The Warrior Years
by Robert W. Larson

‘A Hell of a Time All the Time’ Farmers, Ranchers, and the Roaring Fork Valley during the ‘Quiet Years’
by Annie Gilbert Coleman

Radio in the HinterlandsKGCX 1925–1993 KGCX: ‘The Voice of Cow Creek’
by Bill Knowles

KGCX: ‘Not a Pretentious Operation’
by Clair and Keith Krebsbach

Essays on the WestSometimes the Magic Works by Clyde A. Milner II
‘Never Take No Cutoffs’ The Filmmakers Saga by Dayton Duncan

Winter 1996

Created: Saturday, December 21, 1996

Vol. 46, No. 4

From Esteban to Rodney King Five Centuries of African American History in the West
by Quintard Taylor

Driven from Point to Point Fact and Legend of the Bear River Riot
by D. Claudia Thompson

Reaping the Wind The Jacobs Brothers, Montana’s Pioneer ‘Windsmiths’
by Robert W. Righter

‘. . . And All That Jazz’ Changing Manners and Morals in Butter after World War I
by Mary Murphy

Historical Commentary Custer’s Last Stand: Protecting an Endangered Species
by Gregory F. Michno

Autumn 1996

Created: Saturday, September 21, 1996

Vol. 46, No. 3

Reflections on the Pony Expressby Martin Ridge

Chinese River Mining in the Westby Randall Rohe

‘Joe Hill Ain’t Never Died’ Wallace Stegner’s Act of Literary Imagination
by Robert H. Keller

‘What Valor Is’ Artists and the Mythic Moment
by Brian W. Dippie

Historical Commentary The Medicine Line and the Thin Red Line
by Frits Pannekoek

Montana Episodes Pearl Danniel: Homesteader in Big Dry Country
by Ellie Arguimbau

Summer 1996

Created: Friday, June 21, 1996

Vol. 46, No. 2

The Curse of the Buffalo Skull Seventy Years on the Trail of a Charles M. Russell Biography
by John Taliaferro

Frederic Remington, The Painter A Historiographical Sketch
by Peter H. Hassrick

Selling the Myth Western Images in Advertising
by Elliott West

Burying the Hatchet The Semi-Centennial of the Battle of the Little Bighorn
by Douglas C. McChristian

Historical Commentary Creating a ‘New’ West: Big Money Returns to the Hinterland
by William G. Robbins

Essays on the West The Way West, A Review
by Philip J. Deloria

Spring 1996

Created: Thursday, March 21, 1996

Vol. 46, No. 1

Shark of the Plains Early Western Encounters with Wolves
by Bruce Hampton

‘A Fight to the Finish’ The Extermination of the Gray Wolf in Wyoming, 1890–1930
by Peter M. Zmyj

The First National Park Interpreter C. L. Henderson in Yellowstone, 1882–1902
by Lee H. Whittlesey

The Lure of the Parksby Kirby Lambert

‘Roughing It Up the Yellowstone to Wonderland’ The Nelson Miles/Colgate Hoyt Party in Yellowstone National Park, September 1878
by James S. Brust and Lee H. Whittlesey

Essays on the West Perilous Passage: A Narrative of the Montana Gold Rush, 1862–1863
by Edwin Ruthven Purple, ed. by Kenneth N. Owens

In Commemoration Richard B. Roeder, 1930–1995
by Charles E. Rankin, Brian Cockhill, Michael P. Malone, Harry W. Fritz, Eugene C.Tidball, and Pierce C. Mullen

Autumn/Winter 1995

Created: Thursday, December 21, 1995

Vol. 45, No. 4

The Golden Horse on the Silver Screenby Lillian Turner

Calamity Jane’s Diary and Letters Story of a Fraud
by James D. McLaird

‘A Chinaman’s Chance’ on the Rocky Mountain Frontierby Liping Zhu

‘Immence Mountains to the West’ Lewis and Clark Breach the Bitterroots
by Stephen E. Ambrose

Historical Commentary History by Unreliable Narrators: Sitting Bull’s Circus Horse
by William E. Lemons

Summer 1995

Created: Thursday, June 1, 1995

Vol. 45, No. 3

Showdown at the Hollywood Corral Wyatt Earp and the Movies
by Paul Andrew Hutton

Annie Oakley Creating the Cowgirl
by Glenda Riley

Paradise among the Monuments John Ford’s Vision of the American West
by Ronald L. Davis

Historical Commentary Stories: A Narrative History of the West
by Elliott West

Spring 1995

Created: Wednesday, March 1, 1995

Vol. 45, No. 2

D’Arcy McNickle Native American Author, Montana Native Son
by Dorothy R. Parker

The Northern Cheyennes and the Fight for Cultural Sovereignty The Notes of Father Aloysius Van Der Velden, S.J.
by Suzanne H. Schrems

Licit Amusements of Enlisted Men in the Post–Civil War Armyby William A. Dobak

Historical Commentary Norman Maclean and Laird Robinson: A Tale of Two Research Partners
by O. Alan Weltzien

Essays on the West Charles M. Russell and ‘Piano Jim’
by John Taliaferro

Essays on the West A Trip through Western Time and Western Space
by David M. Emmons

Winter 1995

Created: Sunday, January 1, 1995

Vol. 45, No. 1

‘Always Bet on the Butcher’ Warren Nelson and Illegal Gambling in Montana in the 1920s and 1930s
by R. T. King

When Indians Became Cowboysby Peter Iverson

Battle for Dinosaur Echo Park Dam and the Birth of the Modern Wilderness Movement
by Mark W. T. Harvey

Historical Commentary The Rocky Mountain West: Fragile Space, Diverse Place
by Dan Flores

Essays on the West Writing One Sweet Quarrel, Telling the Accurate Lie
by Deirdre McNamer

In Commemoration Merrill G. Burlingame, 1901–1994
by Pierce C. Mullen, Brian Cockhill, Vivian A. Paladin, and Michael P. Malone

Autumn 1994

Created: Thursday, September 1, 1994

Vol. 44, No. 4

A Moment in Time The West—September 1806
by James P. Ronda

Killing Custer An Excerpt
by James Welch

Bringing Montana Out of the Mud The Early Years of John Morrison, Sr.
by Theodore E. Lang

Government Patronage Catlin, Stanley, and Eastman
by Brian W. Dippie

Pen Sketches of Promise The Western Drawings of Merritt Dana Houghton
by Michael A. Amundson

Historical Commentary The Price of ‘Freedom’—Montana in the Late and Post-Anaconda Era
by David M. Emmons

Essays on the West Charles M. Russell, Word Painter—Letters 1887–1926
by John Taliaferro

Summer 1994

Created: Tuesday, June 21, 1994

Vol. 44, No. 3

Recovering Red Cloud’s Autobiographyby R. Eli Paul

A Woman’s Life in the Teton Country Geraldine L. Lucas
by Sherry Smith

‘We All Intermingled’ The Childhood Memories of South Slavic Immigrants in Red Lodge and Bearcreek, Montana, 1904–1943
by Anna Zellick

No Fleet Angleby Jack Havard

Historical Commentary Grandad’s Guilt
by Elmer Kelton

Essays on the West The Fetterman Hospital Association
by Phil Roberts

Spring 1994

Created: Monday, March 21, 1994

Vol. 44, No. 2

John H. Fouch First Post Photographer at Fort Keogh
by James S. Brust

Battle of the Big Hole, Part 2by Bruce Hampton

Army Muleby Emmett M. Essin

General Sherman’s March through Montanaby Eugene C. Tidball

Historical Commentary The Montana University System—The First Half Century
by Michael P. Malone

Higher Education in Montana, 1950–1993
by George M. Dennison

Essays on the West Resisting Silence—William Kittredge’s Hole in the Sky
by Mary Clearman Blew

Winter 1994

Created: Saturday, January 1, 1994

Vol. 44, No. 1

Battle of the Big Hole, Part 1by Bruce Hampton

Enlightened Selfishness Great Falls and the Sun River Project
by Judith Fabry

‘We Are Women Irish’ Gender, Class, Religious, and Ethnic Identity in Anaconda, Montana
by Laurie K. Mercier

‘I Was a Stranger and Ye Took Me In’by Clark C. Spence

Ethelby Jack Havard

Historical Commentary Frontier, Region, and Border: Cultural Currents in the Recent Southwest
by Richard W. Etulain

Montana Episode Winter at Cut Bank Ranger Station
by John Fraley

Autumn 1993

Created: Wednesday, September 1, 1993

Vol. 43, No. 4

Troubled Bundles, Troubled Blackfeet The Travail of Cultural and Religious Renewal
by William E. Farr

The Life and Western Art of E. E. Heikkaby Vivian A. Paladin

A Scout’s Perceptions of Indians at the Battle of Beecher Island An Essay on Ethnocentrism
by John H. Monnett

Sea Serpents of the Pacific Northwestby Paul H. LeBlond

Essays on the West: Tribute to Wallace Stegner A Brief Reminescence: Father, Teacher, Collaborator
by Page Stegner

Where the Old West Met the New, Wallace Stegner: 1909–1993
by Jackson J. Benson

Stegner, Story-Telling, and Western Identity
by Elliott West

Precedents to Wisdom
by Patricia Nelson Limerick

Stegner, the West, and the Environment
by Dan Flores

Thoughts on Wallace Stegner
by Ivan Doig

The Good Rain: Stegner and the Wild
by William Kittredge

Wallace Stegner as Western Humorist
by Richard W. Etulain

Summer 1993

Created: Monday, June 21, 1993

Vol. 43, No. 3

Charlie’s Hidden Agenda Realism and Nostalgia in C. M. Russell’s Stories about Indians
by Raphael Cristy

From Hill 57 to Capitol Hill: ‘Making Sparks Fly’ Sister Providencia Tolan’s Drive on Behalf of Montana’s Off-Reservation Indians, 1950–1970
by Joan Bishop

Custer’s Luck Runs Outby Shirley A. Leckie

Crazy Horse, Custer, and the Sweep to the Northby Gregory F. Michno

Traders to Trappers, Part II Andrew Henry and the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade
by Linda Harper White and Fred R. Gowans

Montana Episodes Phil Weinard Remembers Early Helena, 1880
ed. by K. F. Weinard

Historical Commentary Coming of Age in Montana: The Legacy of A. B. Guthrie, Jr.
by Fred Erisman

Essays on the West Professor Maclean and General Custer
by Robert M. Utley

Spring 1993

Created: Sunday, March 21, 1993

Vol. 43, No. 2

Manipulating Nature’s Paradise National Park Management under Stephen T. Mather, 1916–1929
by Richard West Sellars

Journey to Wyoming An Excerpt from Ethel Waxham’s Journals and Letters
ed. by Barbara Love and Frances Love Froidevaux

‘The Pilgrimage of a Funny Man’ Bob Burdette’s Northwestern Tour of 1888
by Lewis O. Saum

Landscapes of Opportunity Phases of Railroad Promotion of the Pacific Northwest
by Carlos A. Schwantes

Railroading on the Great Divide Images of the Milwaukee Road’s Western Main Line
by Dale Martin

Historical Commentary The Urban West and the Twenty-First Century
by Carl Abbott

Essays on the West Tragedy and Beyond: Norman Maclean’s Young Men and Fire, A Review
by Harold P. Simonson

The New Western History Goes to Town, Or Don’t Forget That Your Urban Hamburger Was Once a Rural Cow
by Howard Rabinowitz

Winter 1993

Created: Friday, January 1, 1993

Vol. 43, No. 1

Beyond the Beaver Fur and the American West by James P. Ronda

Certainty of Vengeance The Hudson’s Bay Company and Retaliation in Kind against Indian Offenders in New Caledonia
by John Phillip Reid

A View from the Bottom Up The Work Force of the American Fur Company on the Upper Missouri in the 1830s
by William R. Swagerty

Lou Devon’s Narrative A Tale of the Mandan’s Lost Years
by Will Bagley

Fort Uintah and the Reed Trading Postby John D. Barton

Traders to Trappers Andrew Henry and the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade
by Linda Harper White and Fred R. Gowans

Essays on the West Exploration and Commerce along the Pacific Northwest Coast
by James P. Ronda

A River Runs Through It, A Review
by Ivan Doig

Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven—The Western Is Back
by John Mack Faragher

Autumn 1992

Created: Tuesday, September 1, 1992

Vol. 42, No. 4

Montana’s Entrepreneurial Spirit at Workby Michael P. Malone

A Settlement on the Plains Paris Gibson and the Building of Great Falls
by Richard B. Roeder

The Deconstruction of a Capitalist Patriarch The Life and Times of Samuel T. Hauser
by William G. Robbins

‘A Little Bit Better’ William Andrews Clark and Welfare Work in Arizona
by Jeanette Rodda

Origins of the Great Sioux War The Brown-Anderson Controversy Revisited
by Robert M. Utley

Historical Commentary American Indians and Outsiders: A Crucial Dialogue of the Columbian Quincenterary
by Margaret Connell Szasz

Essays on the West Custer and Crazy Horse Ride Again . . . and Again, and Again: Filmmaking and History at the Little Bighorn
by Paul Stekler

TV Looks at Indians and American History A Review Essay
by Roger L. Nichols

Summer 1992

Created: Monday, June 1, 1992

Vol. 42, No. 3

Where Is the American West? Report on a Survey
by Walter Nugent

Western Art Museums A Question of Style or Content
by Peter H. Hassrick

Photographic Allegories and Indian Destinyby Brian W. Dippie

Western Montana Rock Art Images of Forgotten Dreams
by James D. Keyser

Historical Commentary What You See Is Not Necessarily What You Get
by William H. Truettner and Alexander Nemerov

Visitors Respond: Selections from ‘The West as America’ Comment Books
by Andrew Gulliford

Essays on the West Discovered Lands, Invented Pasts
by Ron Tyler

Spring 1992

Created: Sunday, March 1, 1992

Vol. 42, No. 2

European Images of America The West in Historical Perspective
by Gerald D. Nash

The American West in the European Imaginationby Julian Crandall Hollick

Annie Oakley The Magical Year in London
by Shirl Kasper

‘Hang Me If You Will’ Violence in the Last Western Mining Boomtown
by Sally Zanjani

Sunday at the Little Big Horn with Georgeby Eric von Schmidt

Historical Commentary Triumph al Narratives and the Northern West
by William G. Robbins

Essays on the West The Wagon Box Fight
by Jerry Keenan

Native American Literature Comes of Ageby Walter C. Fleming

Winter 1992

Created: Wednesday, January 1, 1992

Vol. 42, No. 1

Desire and Pursuit of the Whole The Politics of Storytelling
by William Kittredge

The Mormon-Carson Emigrant Trail in Western Historyby Kenneth N. Owens

Saving Souls on the Frontier A Chaplain’s Labor
by William Seraile

Rural Radicalism on the Northern Plains, 1912–1950by William C. Pratt

‘A Tough Place to Live’ The 1959 Montana State Prison Riot
by Keith Edgerton

Essays on the West Whose Shrine Is It? The Ideological Struggle for Custer Battlefield
by Robert M. Utley

In Search of Custer Battlefield
by Douglas C. McChristian

Historical Commentary The Origins of Twenty-First Century Montana
by Harry W. Fritz

Autumn 1991

Created: Saturday, September 21, 1991

Vol. 41, No. 4

In the Shadow of Jefferson Explorers and the Great West
by Martin Ridge

‘A Knowledge of Distant Parts’ The Shaping of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
by James P. Ronda

Travels in a Subjective West The Letters of Edwin James and Major Stephen Long’s Scientific Expedition of 1819–1820
by Carlo Rotella

The Edwin James Letter Book at Yaleby George Miles

Marvelous Figures, Astonished Travelers The Montana Expedition of Maximilian, Prince of Wied
by Joseph C. Porter

Journeys to the Land of Gold Emigrants on the Bozeman Trail, 1863–1866
by Susan Badger Doyle

Historical Commentary Spanish Exploration in the Western Borderlands
by John L. Kessell

Review Essay The West in Exploration, Empire, and Art
by Joseph C. Porter

Summer 1991

Created: Friday, June 21, 1991

Vol. 41, No. 3

The View from Wisdom Region and Identity in the Minds of Four Westerners
by Clyde A. Milner II

The Beginning of the End Miles versus Sitting Bull at Cedar Creek
by Jerome A. Greene

Was There Arsenic in the Air? Anaconda versus the Farmers of Deer Lodge Valley
by Gordon Morris Bakken

Evelyn Cameron Pioneer Photographer and Diarist
by Donna M. Lucey

The Peace Policy at Wind River The James Irwin Years, 1871–1877
by Henry E. Stamm IV

Historical Commentary The Western Intellectual: Josiah Royce
by Robert V. Hine

Review Essays Montana Literature and Western Identity
by Elliott West

Spring 1991

Created: Thursday, March 21, 1991

Vol. 41, No. 2

Narcissa Whitman The Significance of a Missionary’s Life
by Julie Roy Jeffrey

‘I Really Had Something Like the Blues’ Letters from Jessie Benton Frémont to Elizabeth Blair Lee, 1847–1883
by Pamela Herr and Mary Lee Spence

Not a Love Story Bordeaux v. Bordeaux
by Paula Petrik

Women’s Matters Birth Control, Prenatal Care, and Childbirth in Rural Montana, 1910–1940
by Mary Melcher

Historical Commentary The Contributions and Challenges of Western Women’s History’
Four essays by Sarah Deutsch, Virginia Scharff, Glenda Riley, and John Mack Faragher

Montana Episodes Graduation Party—1929
by Jo Measure

Winter 1991

Created: Tuesday, January 1, 1991

Vol. 41, No. 1

The Life of an Idea The Significance of Frederick Jackson Turner’s Frontier Thesis
by Martin Ridge

‘three cool, determined men’ The Sioux War Heroism of Privates Evans, Stewart, and Bell
by Paul L. Hedren

‘Correct in Every Detail’ General Custer in Hollywood
by Paul Andrew Hutton

Minerva Allen Educator, Linguist, Poet
by John Terreo

Historical Commentary The West as Utopia and Myth
by Gerald D. Nash

Review Essay Of Bullets, Blunders, and Custer Buffs
by Brian W. Dippie

Autumn 1990

Created: Friday, September 21, 1990

Vol. 40, No. 4

Art and Architecture of the Westby Richard W. Etulain

Montana’s Monuments History in the Making
by Carroll Van West

Sheet Iron Elegance Mail Order Architecture in Montana
by Arthur A. Hart

The North and Snow Joseph Henry Sharp in Montana
by Sarah Boehme

Crow Beadwork The Resilience of Cultural Values
by Barbara Loeb

Historical Commentary Back to the Future of the Great Plains
by Frederick C. Luebke

Montana Episodes History, Family, and Legacy on Montana’s High Line
by Mary Sheehy Moe

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Summer 1990

Created: Thursday, June 21, 1990

Vol. 40, No. 3

A Conversation with Wallace Stegnerinterview by Richard W. Etulain

Yellowstone Kelly From New York to Paradise
by Jerry Keenan

Walla Walla Gateway to the Pacific Northwest Interior
by G. Thomas Edwards

Civil Disorder and the Military in Rock Springs, Wyoming The Army’s Role in the 1885 Chinese Massacre
by Clayton D. Laurie

Historical Commentary Western History, Why the Past May Be Changing
four essays by Patricia Nelson Limerick, Michael P. Malone, Gerald Thompson, and Elliott West

Montana Episodes Montanans at Work: Businesswomen in Agricultural Communities
by Laurie K. Mercier

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Spring 1990

Created: Wednesday, March 21, 1990

Vol. 40, No. 2

Monarch of All These Mighty Wonders Tourists and Yellowstone’s Excelsior Geyser, 1881–1890
by Lee Whittlesey

Fire in the Hole Slovenians, Croatians, and Coal Mining on the Musselshell
by Anna Zellick

‘Greetings from this Coalvillage’ Finnish Immigrants of Red Lodge
by Erika Kuhlman

From the Land of Oz L. Frank Baum’s Satirical View of South Dakota’s First Year of Statehood
by Nancy Tystad Koupal

Public History and the Native American Issues in the American West
by Albert L. Hurtado

Montana Episodes Number, Please . . .
by Ethlyn F. Ross

Historical Commentary The Looseness of Zion: The Lighter Side of Mormon History
by Leonard J. Arrington

Movie Review McMurtry and Graham, Montana
by Paul Monaco

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Winter 1990

Created: Monday, January 1, 1990

Vol. 40, No. 1

Robes, Rum, and Rifles Indian Middlemen in the Northern Plains Fur Trade
by Thomas F. Schilz

Where Did the Nez Perces Go in Yellowstone in 1877?by William L. Lang

Motivations of Indian Children at Missionary and U.S. Government Schools, 1860–1918 A Study through Published Reminiscences
by Michael C. Coleman

‘That Is My Road’ The Life and Times of a Crow Berdache
by Will Roscoe

Indian Perspectives of the Bozeman Trail, 1864–1868by Susan Badger Doyle

Montana Episodes A Trooper with Custer: Augustus DeVoto’s Account of the Little Big Horn
ed. by Dale Schoenberger

Historical Commentary The West and the Military-Industrial Complex
by Gerald D. Nash

A Tribute to William L. Langby Vivian A. Paladin, Richard Maxwell Brown, Dave Walter, Elliott West, Laurie K. Mercier, and Michael P. Malone

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Autumn 1989

Created: Thursday, September 21, 1989

Vol. 39, No. 4

Social Myth and Social Realityby David M. Emmons

Chinook, Montana, and the Myth of Progressive Adaptationby Mary Beth LaDow

Kinship and Opportunity Nova Scotians on the Wyoming Frontier
by Charles E. Rankin

Windmills in Montana Dutch Settlement in the Gallatin Valley
by Rob Kroes

Messenger of the New Age Station KGIR in Butte, Montana
by Mary Murphy

Montana Episodes Diary of a Night Nurse, Butte, Montana, 1909
by Beatrice Murphy

Historical Commentary Landscape, Memory, and the Western Past
by Barbara Allen

Review Essay Man Bites Dog in Yellowstone: The Fire Books of 1989
by Alfred Runte

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Summer 1989

Created: Wednesday, June 21, 1989

Vol. 39, No. 3

Tracking C. M. Russell in Canada, 1888–1889by Hugh A. Dempsey

Hobo Heresy Three Women on an Unconventional Tour of the American West in 1922
by Kathryn Stephen Wright

Centennial Biographies Charles A. Broadwater and the Main Chance in Montana
by William L. Lang

Robert Yellowtail, The New Warrior
by Constance J. Poten

Listening to the Native Voice American Indian Schooling in the Twentieth Century
by Margaret Connell Szasz

Missing in Glacier The Disappearance of the Whitehead Brothers in 1924
by Jerome S. DeSanto

Montana Episodes Montanans at Work: Camp Cooks in Montana
by Laurie K. Mercier

Historical Commentary Letting Wild Fire Loose: the Fires of ‘88
by Stephen J. Pyne

Review Essay Words to Drive By
by William L. Lang

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Spring 1989

Created: Tuesday, March 21, 1989

Vol. 39, No. 2

The Seventh Iowa Cavalry and the Plains Indian Wars, 1861–1866by David P. Robrock

Centennial Biographies ‘We’re not isolated now!’ Anna Boe Dalh and the REA
by David Long

Thomas H. Carter—Spokesman for Western Development
by Richard B. Roeder

Nannie Alderson’s Frontier—and Ours
by William Bevis

Jeannette Rankin and the Women’s Peace Unionby Harriet Hyman Alonso

Irish-American Nationalism in Butte, 1900–1916by Catherine Dowling

Montana Episodes Looking Back on the Sun Road
by Gordon LaVerne Harrison

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Winter 1989

Created: Sunday, January 1, 1989

Vol. 39, No. 1

A Lady’s Trip to Yellowstone in 1883 “Earth Could Not Furnish Another Such Site”
by Margaret Andrews Cruikshank, ed. by Lee H. Whittlesey

U.S. Army Surgeons and the Big Horn–Yellowstone Expedition of 1876by Mary C. Gillett

Centennial Biographies The Two Frontiers of Mary Ronan
by Annick Smith

Simon Pepin, A Quiet Capitalist
by Dave Walter

Dan Whetstone, Sage of Cutbank
by Vivian A. Paladin

Helen Hunt Jackson and the Ponca Controversyby Valerie Sherer Mathes

Montana Episodes My Years as Montana’s First Woman State Senator
by Ellenore M. Bridenstine

Historical Commentary “On the Move Again”: Hardrock Mining in the West
by Duane A. Smith

Review Essay Transition and Culmination: The Far West and the Great Plains in Transition, by Rodman Paul
by Clyde A. Milner II

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Autumn 1988

Created: Wednesday, September 21, 1988

Vol. 38, No. 4

“At the end of the cracked whip” The Northern West, 1880–1920
by William G. Robbins

Commonwealth or Colony Montana Railroads in the First Decade of Statehood
by W. Thomas White

Electrical Power, Copper, and John D. Ryanby Carrie Johnson

Images of the Wageworkers’ Frontierby Carlos A. Schwantes

Women’s Economic Role in Montana Agriculture “You Had to Make Every Minute Count
by Laurie K. Mercier

Montana Episodes Thrashing in Montana at the Turn of the Century
by T. Eugene Barrows

Historical Landscapes Early steel Transmission Towers and Energy for Montana’s Copper Industry
by Frederic L. Quivik

Historical Commentary Colonialism: The Perpetual Pendulum
by Gene M. Gressley

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Summer 1988

Created: Tuesday, June 21, 1988

Vol. 38, No. 3

“Astonishing the Natives” Bringing the Wild West to Los Angeles
by Lewis O. Saum

Dude Ranching in the Rockiesby Lawrence R. Borne

On Reading Lewis and Clark The Last Twenty Years
by Gary E. Moulton

“I have been improving right along” Continuity and Changes in the Art of Charles M. Russell
by Brian W. Dippie

Electing Montana’s Territorial Delegates The Beginnings of a Political System
by Richard B. Roeder

Remembering Donald Jacksonby Robert E. Lange, Mary Lee Spence, James P. Ronda, and Robert A. Saindon

Montana Episodes Visits with Charles M. Russell
by Lew L. Callaway

Historical Commentary The National Parks in Idealism and Reality
by Alfred Runte

Review Essay Discredited Memoirs Resurrected: Riding the High Country, by Patrick T. Tucker
by Raphael Cristy

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Spring 1988

Created: Monday, March 21, 1988

Vol. 38, No. 2

“There Is Something Wrong Down Here” The Smith Mine Disaster, Bearcreek, Montana, 1943
by Paul Anderson

American Daughters Black Women in the West
by Glenda Riley

“The Best Attractions at Popular Prices Early Theatre in Butte
by William R. Kershner

“The Stack Dominated Our Lives” Metals Manufacturing in Four Montana Communities
by Laurie K. Mercier

Rivals for California The Great Northern and the Southern Pacific, 1905–1931
by Don L. Hofsommer

Montana Episodes Herding Sheep in the Judith Basin at the Turn of the Century
by Henry T. and John A. Murray

Historical Commentary Shots in the Dark: Television and the Western Myth
by Elliott West

Montana Landscape The Arch in Helena’s Nineteenth Century Architecture
by Carroll Van West

Review Essay A New Perspective on the West? A Review of The Legacy of Conquest
by Vernon Carstensen

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin


Winter 1988

Created: Friday, January 1, 1988

Vol. 38, No. 1

Child’s Play Tradition and Adaptation on the Frontier
by Elliott West

Phil Sheridan’s Frontierby Paul Andrew Hutton

The Winter of 1886–1887 The Last of Those 5,000?
by Leland E. Stuart

From Kwangtung to the Big Sky The Chinese Experience in Frontier Montana
by Robert R. Swartout, Jr.

Death of a Small Business The Missoula Brewing Company
by John Andrew Kutzman

Montana Episodes “I never give up in despair”: The Letters of S. L. McIlhenny, 1878–1885
ed. by Herbert D. Hollinger

Historical Commentary Knowing the Land, Leaving the Land: Navajos, Hopis, and Relocation in the American West
by Peter Iverson

Review Essay Art of the American West: The West of the Imagination
by Peter Hassrick

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Autumn 1987

Created: Monday, September 21, 1987

Vol. 37, No. 4

The Prizes of Statehoodby Kenneth N. Owens

Insurrection, Agitation, and Riots The Police Power and Washington Statehood
by Kent D. Richards

“God Helps Those Who Help Themselves” The Farmers Alliance and Dakota Statehood
by Larry Remele

Spoils of Statehood Montana Communities in Conflict, 1888–1894
by William L. Lang

“The Right Kind of Nail” Reactions to J. K. Toole’s Montana Statehood Speech
by Dave Walter

Idaho’s Season of Political Distress An Unusual Path to Statehood
by Merle Wells

Montana Episodes Helena’s Social Supremacy: Political Sarcasm and the Capital Fight
by Rick Newby

Historical Landscapes A Landscape of Statehood: The Montana State Capitol
by Carroll Van West

Historical Commentary Statehood Centennials: What Shall We Celebrate?
by Judith Austin

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Summer 1987

Created: Sunday, June 21, 1987

Who Was Billy Kid?by Robert M. Utley

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Architectural Projects in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana, 1909–1910
by Donald Leslie Johnson

The Golden Special Campaign Train Republican Women Campaign for Charles Evans Hughes for President in 1916
by J. Leonard Bates and Vanette M. Schwartz

Charlie Russell’s Indiansby John C. Ewers

Teaching School on the Western Frontier An Acceptable Occupation for Nineteenth Century Women
by Suzanne H. Schrems

Frederic G. Renner, 1897–1987by Vivian A. Paladin

Montana Episodes Wolf Hunt Summer in Northeastern Montana, 1911
by Allan H. Toole

Historical Landscapes The Soo Line Corridor in Northeastern Montana
by Carrol Van West

Historical Commentary “Meet Anyone Face to Face” and Keep the Bullet in Front
by Richard Maxwell Brown

Review Essay The Secret Life of Those Times
by William Kittredge

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Spring 1987

Created: Saturday, March 21, 1987

Vol. 37, No. 2

Testimonyby David Long

In and Out of Tule Lake Segregation Center Japanese Internment in the West, 1942–1945
by Rosalie H. Wax

The Perils of Working in the Butte Underground Industrial Fatalities in the Copper Mines, 1880–1920
by Brian Shovers

Selling Land on the Montana Plains, 1905–1915 Northern Pacific Railway’s Land-Grant Sales Policies
by Ross R. Cotroneo

Montanans and “the Most Peculiar Disease The Influenza Epidemic and Public Health, 1918–1919
by Pierce C. Mullen and Michael L. Nelson

Montana EpisodesA “Fluey” Diary, 1918

Montana Commentary Buffalo and Bacteria
by Kenneth N. Owens and Sally L. Owens

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Winter 1987

Created: Thursday, January 1, 1987

Vol. 37, No. 1

The Shared Memory of Montana’s Pioneersby Clyde A. Milner II

The Letters of Barbara Alice Slater Homesteading on Canadian Prairies, 1909–1918
ed. by Jean E. Dryden and Sandra L. Myres

Boycott in Butte Organized Labor and the Chinese Community, 1896–1897
by Stacy A. Flaherty

W. A. Clark and the Las Vegas Connection The “Midas of the West” and the Development of Southern Nevada
by James W. Hulse

Montana Episodes Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Threshing in the Judith Basin
by Henry T. Murray with John A. Murray

Historical Landscapes Marcus Daly and Montana: One Man’s Imprint on the Landscape
by Carroll Van West

Historical Commentary The Tarnished Dream: The Turbulent World of the Forest Products Industry in the Northwest
by William G. Robbins

Review Essay Simple Stories of a Complicated People, or Complicated Stories for a Simple People?
by Richard White

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Autumn 1986

Created: Sunday, September 21, 1986

Vol. 36, No. 4

The Rise and Fall of Socialism in a Company Town Anaconda, Montana, 1902–1905
by Jerry Calvert

“Mr. Montana” Revised Another Look at Granville Stuart
by William Kittredge and Steven M. Krauzer

Politics and the Crow Indian Land Cessions, 1851–1904by Burton M. Smith

Sword Bearer and the “Crow Outbreak” of 1887by Colin G. Calloway

Promise in the West The Letters of Isaac Schultz, 1884–1887
ed. by H. Duane Hampton

Montana Episodes Rounding up “Canners” for the “Corned Beef and Cabbage”
by Robert W. “Ike” Eigell

Historical Landscapes The Milwaukee Road Corridor
by Carroll Van West

Historical Commentary A Dream of Water
by Donald Worster

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Summer 1986

Created: Saturday, June 21, 1986

Vol. 36, No. 3

The Story of Mrs. Picotte-Galpin, a Sioux Heroine Eagle Woman Becomes a Trader and Counsels for Peace, 1868–1888
by John S. Gray

Astoria and the Birth of Empireby James P. Ronda

Robert Meldrum and the Crow Peltry Tradeby Keith Algier

Conflict and Crisis in University Politics The Firing of President E. B. Craighead, 1915
by Jules A. Karlin

A Puritan at Alder Gulch and the Great Salt Lake Rev. Jonathan Blanchard’s Letters from the West, 1864
by Robert H. Keller Jr.

Montana Episodes Celebrating the Fourth of July in Fort Benton, 1910
by T. Eugene Barrows

Historical Commentary “Promised Land” or Armageddon? History, Survivalists, and the Aryan Nations in the Pacific Northwest
by Eckard Toy

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Spring 1986

Created: Friday, March 21, 1986

Vol. 36, No. 2

The Story of Mrs. Picotte-Gilpin, a Sioux Heroine Eagle Woman Learns about White Ways and Racial Conflict, 1820–1868
by John S. Gray

“Roughing It Up the Yellowstone to Wonderland An Account of a Trip through the Yellowstone Valley in 1878
by Colgate Hoyt, ed. by Carroll Van West

The Livery Stable in the American Westby Clark C. Spence

“The Glorious Orb of Day Has Rose” A Diary of the Smoky Hill Route to Pike’s Peak, 1858
by Wilbur Fiske Parker, ed. by Norman Lavers

Handball’s Sagebrush Champs The Growth of Handball in Montana
by Marcia Melton

Montana Episodes Surveying in Yellowstone National Park, 1882
by Samuel P. Panton

Historical Landscapes Solid, Safe, and Secure: Country Banks in Montana

Historical Commentary On Digging Up Custer Battlefield
by Robert M. Utley

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Winter 1986

Created: Wednesday, January 1, 1986

Vol. 36, No. 1

New to the Countryby William Kittredge

A Friendship in Adversity Burton K. Wheeler and Hiram W. Johnson
by Robert E. Burke

Montana Women’s Clubs at the Turn of the Centuryby Stephenie Ambrose Tubbs

The Last Round-up Theodore Roosevelt Confronts the Nonpartisan League, October 1918
by James F. Vivian

Western Author Caroline Lockhart and Her Perspectives on Wyomingby Necah Stewart Furman

Montana Episodes Freighting in the Judith Basin, 1891–1902
by Henry T. Murray and John A. Murray

Historical LandscapesThe Bighorn Canyon

Historical Commentary The 1980s Farm Crisis
by Gilbert C. Fite

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

Autumn 1985

Created: Saturday, September 21, 1985

Vol. 35, No. 4

The Native Americans’ Yellowstoneby C. Adrian Heidenreich

War Houses in the Sioux Country The Military Occupation of the Lower Yellowstone
by Robert M. Utley

Steamboats on the Yellowstoneby William E. Lass

Coulson and the Clark’s Fork Bottom The Economic Structure of a Pre-Railroad Community, 1874–1881
by Carroll Van West

Main Streets of the Yellowstone Valley Town-Building along the Northern Pacific in Montana
by John C. Hudson

Forsyth’s Booster, Walter B. Dean, Delores Morrow

Montana Episodes Memories of Sidney, Montana, and the Lower Yellowstone Valley, 1919–1939
by Laurie K. Mercier

Historical Landscapes Livingston: Railroad Town on the Yellowstone

Historical Commentary Saving the Yellowstone
by William L. Lang

A Review Essay The Great Father, A New History of Federal Indian Policy
by Lawrence C. Kelly

Summer 1985

Created: Friday, June 21, 1985

Vol. 35, No. 3

Strange Bedfellows Prostitution, Politicians, and Moral Reform in Helena, Montana, 1885–1887
by Paula Petrik

Game of Freeze-Out Marguerite Greenfield and Her Battle with the Great Northern Railway, 1920–1929
by Joan Bishop

The Missing Journals of Meriwether Lewisby Gary E. Moulton

I. G. Baker and Company in Calgary, 1875–1884by Henry C. Klassen

From Vermont to Whoop-Up Country Some Letters of D. W. Davis, 1867–1878
by Lewis O. Saum

Montana Episodes “I am lonely here all alone . . .”: The Letters of Hugh S. Lewis in Montana Territory, 1886–1887
comp. by Mary Templeton Haight, ed. by Rick Newby

Historical Landscapes Rural Schoolhouses in Montana

Spring 1985

Created: Thursday, March 21, 1985

Vol. 35, No. 2

Women in Waiting in the Westward Movement Pamelia Dillin Fergus and Emma Stratton Christie
by Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith

Hydraulics in the American West The Development and Diffusion of a Mining Technique
by Randall E. Rohe

“An Eldorado of Ease and Elegance” Taking the Waters at White Sulphur Springs, 1866–1904
by Marilyn McMillan

Real and Fancied Claims Joseph Richard “Skookum Joe” Anderson, Miner in Central Montana, 1880–1897
by George D. Mueller

Montana Episodes Across Montana on the Northern Pacific in 1883
by Paul LIndrau, ed. and trans. by Frederic Trautmann

Historical Landscapes Historic Landscapes and the Western Identity

Historical Commentary The Close of the Copper Century
by Michael P. Malone

A Review Essay English Creek and Western Historical Fiction
by William Bevis

Winter 1985

Created: Tuesday, January 1, 1985

Vol. 35, No. 1

You Can’t Not Go Home Againby Ivan Doig

Thomas Francis Meagher’s Bar Billby Elliott West

A Forgotten Passage to Puget Sound The Fort Steilacoom–Walla Walla Road
by Richard Perko

Drilling at Kintla Lake Montana’s First Oil Well, 1901
by Jerome DeSanto

The Diary of Albert “Death-on-the-Trail” Reynolds, Glacier National Park, 1912–1913by C. W. Buchholtz

Montana Episodes Controlling Mormon Crickets in Montana, 1936–1941
by Ely M. Swisher

Autumn 1984

Created: Friday, September 21, 1984

Vol. 34, No. 4

“We Are Going to Have a Big Sioux War” Colonel David S. Stanley’s Yellowstone Expedition, 1872
by Francis B. Robertson

Letters from the Lone Cowboy A Sampling of Will James’s Letters to Maxwell Perkins
by William Gardner Bell

Peter Paul Prando, S.J., “Apostle of the Crows”by Michael E. Engh, S.J.

Father Peter Paul Prando’s Crow Reservation Photographs, 1894–1895by Michael E. Engh, S.J.

Father Jeremiah J. Callaghan Butte’s First Irish Priest, 1898–1906
by Jeanette Prodgers

M. L. Wilson and the Origins of Federal Farm Policy in the Great Plains, 1909–1914by Harry C. McDean

Montana Episodes M. L. Wilson: A Man to Remember
by Mont H. Saunderson

Notes on New Booksby Michael P. Malone

Summer 1984

Created: Thursday, June 21, 1984

Vol. 34, No. 3

Charles M. Russell and Modern Timesby Richard B. Roeder

Charlie Russell’s Friendsby Vivian A. Paladin

Jake Hoover Russell’s First Friend in Montana
by Earl L. Jensen

Charlie and the Ladies in His Lifeby Ginger K. Renner

Charlie Russell Meets California’by Brian W. Dippie

Montana Episodes Charlie Russell and Great Falls
Russell Letters

Spring 1984

Created: Wednesday, March 21, 1984

Vol. 34, No. 2

The Struggle for the Piegan TradeThe Saskatchewan Versus the Missouri
by David Smyth

“A Mustard See in Montana Recollections of the First Indian Mission in Montana
by Sister Saint Angela Louis Abair, ed. Orlan J. Svingen

Plain to Fancy The Lake Hotel, 1889–1929
by Barbara H. Dittl and Joanne Mallmann

Ernest Thompson Seton in Yellowstone Countryby H. Allen Anderson

Montana Episodes Sergeant Molchert’s Perils: Soldiering in Montana, 1870–1880
by Jon G. James

Winter 1984

Created: Sunday, January 1, 1984

Vol. 34, No. 1

Myths, History, and the Precarious Margin of Fictionby Mary Clearman Blew

Training Sled Dogs at Camp Rimini, 1942–1944by Karen Fischer

Frontierwomen’s Changing Views of Indians in the Trans-Mississippi Westby Glenda Riley

Children in Montanaby Patricia Dean

Confrontation in Montana Dr. Frederick A. Cook and the Mount McKinley Controversy
by William R. Hunt

Survey Party on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, 1907by Fred E. Buck

A Tribute to Robert G. Athearnby Elliott West, Vivian A. Paladin, Michael P. Malone, H. Duane Hampton, David Emmons

Autumn 1983

Created: Wednesday, September 21, 1983

Vol. 33, No. 4

Midas of the West The Incredible Career of William Andrews Clark
by Michael P. Malone

Jessie Donaldson Schultz and Blackfeet Craftsby Anne Banks

Montana’s Self-Confessed Elite The Progressive Men of Montana
by Carrol Van West

Jackson Sundown: Nez Perce Horsemanby Rowena L. and Gordon D. Alcorn

“Alone on that Prairie . . .” The Homestead Narrative of Nellie Rogney
by Dorothy Kimball, contributor

Montana Episodes From Horse to Machine
by Jeffrey J. Safford, ed.

Notes on New Booksby Michael P. Malone

Summer 1983

Created: Tuesday, June 21, 1983

Vol. 33, No. 3

“Not Without Labor and Expense” The Villard–Northern Pacific Last Spike Excursion, 1883
by Edward W. Nolan

The Great Railroad Celebration A Narrative by Francis Jackson Garrison
by Katharine Villard Seckinger, ed.

A Portfolio of F. Jay Haynes Railroad Photographsby Edward W. Nolan and John C. Smart

I Worked for the Railroad Oral Histories of Montana Railroaders, 1910–1950
by Laurie Mercier

Paris Gibson, James J. Hill & the “New Minneapolis” The Great Falls Water Power and Townsite Company, 1882–1908
by W. Thomas White

Montana Episodes Building the Northern Pacific in 1881
by Walter A. Cameron

Spring 1983

Created: Monday, March 21, 1983

Vol. 33, No. 2

Peyotism in Montanaby Omer C. Stewart

Western Saddlemakers, 1865–1920by Oliver Knight

The Western Federation of Miners in Two Copper Camps The Impact of the Michigan Copper Miners’ Strike on Butte’s Local No. 1
by Arthur W. Thurner

Police Reform in Montana,1890–1918by Robert A. Harvie and Larry V. Bishop

Montana Episodes Skirmish at Goose Creek: Edmond R. P. Shurly’s Bozeman Trail Reminiscence
by Brian Cockhill, ed.

Winter 1983

Created: Saturday, January 1, 1983

Vol. 33, No. 1

In Yellowstone Park, 1886–1889 George Tutherly’s Reminiscences
by Lee H. Whittlesey, ed.

“At the Greatest Personal Peril to the Photographer” The Schwatka-Haynes Winter Expedition in Yellowstone, 1887
by William L. Lang

An Infantry Company in the Sioux Campaign, 1876by Paul Hedren

“We Done the Chores and Set by the Fire” Cold Winter in the Bitterroot
by Stanley R. Davison, ed.

Montana Episodes Ice Harvesting on Lakeside Ranch
by Michael P. Malone, ed.

Autumn 1982

Created: Tuesday, September 21, 1982

Vol. 32, No. 4

After the Gold Rush Chinese Mining in the Far West, 1850–1890
by Randall E. Rohe

A. C. Haddon Joins Edward S. Curtis An English Anthropologist among the Blackfeet, 1909
by Mick Gidley, ed.

A Surgeon at the Little Big Horn The Letters of Dr. Holmes O. Paulding
by Thomas R. Buecker, ed.

Tough Taft Boom Town
by Virginia Weisel Johnson

Germans in Montana Gold Camps Two Views
by William E. Farr

Montana Episodes Country Kids in Chicago: Montana’s First Delegation to the National 4-H Club Congress, 1925
by Marie MacDonald

Summer 1982

Created: Monday, June 21, 1982

Vol. 32, No. 3

Western Women Beginning to Come into Focus
by Sue Armitage

Hell Came with Horses Plains Indian Women in the Equestrian Era
by Margot Liberty

Mary Richardson Walker The Shattered Dreams of a Missionary Woman
by Patricia V. Horner

Well and Strong and Fearless Etta Anderson in Washington Territory
by Margaret Anderson Uhler, ed.

To the Dear Ones at Home Elizabeth Fisk’s Missouri River Trip, 1867
by Rex C. Myers, ed.

Mothers and Daughters of Eldorado The Fisk Family of Helena, M.T., 1867–1902
by Paula Petrik

Crossing the Gender Line Ella L. Knowles, Montana’s First Woman Lawyer
by Richard B. Roeder

Female Photographers on the Frontier Montana’s Lady Photographic Artists, 1866–1900
by Delores J. Morrow

Montana Episodes Frieda and Belle Fligelman: A Frontier-City Girlhood in the 1890s
by Susan Leaphart

Spring 1982

Created: Sunday, March 21, 1982

Vol. 32, No. 2

Stanley Huntley Interviews Sitting Bull Event, Pseudo-Event or Fabrication?
by Lewis O. Saum

Montana’s Silver Mining Era Great Boom and Great Bust
by Robert A. Chadwick

Phil Sheridan’s Pyrrhic Victory The Piegan Massacre, Army Politics, and the Transfer Debate
by Paul A. Hutton

Fannie Sperry Steele Montana’s Champion Bronc Rider
by Liz Stiffler and Tona Blake

Lorena Hickok to Harry Hopkins, 1933 A Woman Reporter Views Prairie Towns
by Maurine Hoffman Beasley

Montana Episodes A Maine Man in the West—Letters of Stephen C. Barron, 1867–1874
by Robert W. Lovett

Winter 1982

Created: Friday, January 1, 1982

Vol. 32, No. 1

Bitterroot Enigma Howard Taylor Ricketts and the Early Struggle against Spotted Fever
by Pierce C. Mullen

Uncle Jeff Mysterious Character of the North Fork
by Jerome S. DeSanto

Senator James E. Murray A Voice of the People in Foreign Affairs
by William B. Evans

W. T. Cheney Photographs of Lima and the Oregon Short Line
by Bonnie Cheney Merrell

Montana Episodes The 1855 Blackfeet Treaty Council, A Memoir by Henry a Kennerly
by David A. Walter, ed.

The Best Books about Montana A Reader’s Guide to the Treasure Stateby Harry W. Fritz

Autumn 1981

Created: Monday, September 21, 1981

Vol. 31, No. 4

Buffalo Hunting in Montana in 1886 The Diary of W. Harvey Brown
by John M. Peterson, ed.

Reservation Self-Sufficiency Stock Raising Versus Farming on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, 1900–1914
by Orlan J. Svingen

Solving Custer Photo PuzzlesSome New Dates and Identifications
by Neil Mangum

The Lewis and Clark Caverns Politics and the Establishment of Montana’s First State Park
by Kenneth W. Karsmizki

Montana Episodes Wheelmen in Yellowstone, 1905
by Susan Leaphart

K. Ross Toole A Memorial
by Robert G. Athearn, Paul F. Sharp, John C. Ewers, Merrill G. Burlingame, Vivian A. Paladin, Harry W. Fritz

Summer 1981

Created: Sunday, June 21, 1981

Vol. 31, No. 3

Henry B. BlackwellWoman Suffrage’s Gray-Bearded Champion Comes to Montana, 1889
by Leslie Wheeler

Granville Stuart of the DHS Ranch, 1879–1887by William S. Reese

“To Struggle against an Adverse Fate” Granville Stuart, Cowman
by David Remley

“Scenes in the Indian Country” A Portfolio of Alexander Gardner’s Stereographic Views of the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty Councils
by Raymond J. DeMallie

Montana Episodes Mining in Butte 40 Years Ago
by Clarence Adami Wendel

Spring 1981

Created: Saturday, March 21, 1981

Vol. 31, No. 2

“To Arouse Interest in the Outdoors” The Literary Career of Enos Mills
by Carl Abbott

Scarlet West The Oldest Profession in the Trans-Mississippi Westby Elliott West

Capitalists with Rooms Prostitution in Helena, Montana, 1865–1900
by Paula Petrik

Wheat for the Soviet MassesM. L. Wilson and the Montana Connection
by Thomas R. Wessel

The Crow Indian Delegation to Washington, D.C., in 1880 by C. Adrian Heidenreich

Montana Episodes Homestead Fun
by Ruth Cameron

Winter 1981

Created: Thursday, January 1, 1981

Vol. 31, No. 1

Catherine Etchart A Montana Love Story
by Monique Ursa

Making the World Unsafe for Democracy Vigilantes, Grangers, and the Walla Walla “Outrage” of June 1918
by Carlos A. Schwantes

Patriots on the Rampage Mob Action in Lewistown, 1917–1918
by Anna Zellick

Montana’s Political Culture A Century of Evolution
by Michael P. Malone and Dianne G. Dougherty

Montana Episodes Dead Man’s Flat
by Robert Printz

Autumn 1980

Created: Sunday, September 21, 1980

Vol. 30, No. 4

John Ringo The Story of a Western Myth
by Jack Burrows

Terminus Town The Founding of Dillon, 1880
by Stanley R. Davison and Rex C. Myers

Strike and RetreatIntertribal Warfare and the Powder River War, 1865–1868
by Anthony McGinnis

Marshall’s Hotel in the National Parkby Lee H. Whittlesey

Montana EpisodesTracking Con Murphy
by Jacob Mathews Powers

Summer 1980

Created: Saturday, June 21, 1980

Vol. 30, No. 3

Fanny Cory CooneyMontana Mother and Artist
by Bob Cooney and Sayre Conney Dodgson

Law and Chinese in Frontier Montanaby John R. Wunder

“Up This Great River” Daniel Weston’s Missouri Steamboat Diary
by Lee Silliman

“Old Reliable” The Steamboat Benton on the Upper Missouri
by John G. Lepley

Montana Episodes Conversations with Boo
by Vivian A. Paladin

Spring 1980

Created: Friday, March 21, 1980

Vol. 30, No. 2

Vigorous Attempts to Prosecute Pinkerton Men on Montana’s Range, 1914by Joan Bishop

Law, Order, & Reform in the Gallatin, 1893–1918by Larry V. Bishop and Robert A. Harvie

Montana Collage Our History through Photographs, A Portfolio
by the editors

“Peace Is a Woman’s Job . . .” Jeannette Rankin and American Foreign Policy: Her Lifework as a Pacifist
by Joan Hoff Wilson

William Henry Hunt The Montana Years
by William Hunt Conrad

Montana Episodes 180 Degree Turn
by C. Reg Krause

Winter 1980

Created: Tuesday, January 1, 1980

Vol. 30, No. 1

Joseph Kinsey Howard and His Vision of the Westby Richard B. Roeder

The Legendary Joe Cosleyby Jerry DeSanto

“Peace Is a Woman’s Job . . .” Jeannette Rankin and American Foreign Policy: The Origins of Her Pacifism
by Joan Hoff Wilson

Edwin M. Ellis Montana’s Bicycling Minister
by Nina Ellis Dosker

Montana Episodes Heavers, Hashers, Skinners & Dudes: Yellowstone 1915
by Yellowstone Chip Samuell

Autumn 1979

Created: Friday, September 21, 1979

Vol. 29, No. 4

Boycott The Pullman Strike in Montana
by W. Thomas White

The Trans-Mississippi Exposition and the Flathead Delegationby Robert Bigart and Clarence Woodcock

The Rinehart Photographs A Portfolio
by Earl Clark

Wells Fargo Stagecoaching in Montana Final Months
by W. Turrentine Jackson

Montana Episodes Stage on the High Line
by Earl Sandvig

Summer 1979

Created: Thursday, June 21, 1979

Vol. 29, No. 3

The Return of the Mandan Chiefby William E. Foley and Charles David Rice

Pelts, Provisions, & Perceptions The Hudson’s Bay Company and Mandan Indian Trade, 1975–1812
by John A. Alwin

Montana’s Birdmen of World War Iby Dennis Gordon

The Governor Hunts Another Judge Benjamin Potts and the Ouster of John Murphy
by Clark C. Spence

Ralph E. DeCamp Artist as Photographer
by the editors

Wells Fargo Stagecoaching in Montana The Overland Mail Contract for 1868
by W. Turrentine Jackson

Montana Episodes He Didn’t Know It Couldn’t Be Done
by Robert Travis Pound

Spring 1979

Created: Wednesday, March 21, 1979

Vol. 29, No. 2

W. H. D. Koerner & Emerson Hough A Western Collaboration
by Dorys Crow Grover

Sollid Wants to See You George Sollid, Homestead Locator
by William E. Farr

When Lowry Took Russell and Me to Eatby Belknap “Ballie” Buck
introduction by Brian W. Dippie

How the Buffalo Lost His Crown by John W. Beaconillustrated by Charles M. Russell

Wells Fargo Stagecoaching in Montana Trials and Triumphs
by W. Turrentine Jackson

Brick Stronghold of the Border Fort Assinniboine, 1879–1911
by Nicholas P. Hardeman

Montana Episodes Shipping Time
by Jeffrey J. Safford

Winter 1979

Created: Monday, January 1, 1979

Vol. 29. No. 1

Henry Sieben Pioneer Montana Stockman
by Dick Pace

Montana Memories A Memoir by Rev. James Hovey Spencer, D.D.
by Spencer Wilson

Another White Hope Bites the Dust The Jack Johnson–Jim Flynn Heavyweight Fight in 1912
by Raymond Wilson

Wells Fargo Stagecoaching in Montana Into a New Territoryby W. Turrentine Jackson

Amerlia’s Palace Brigham Young’s Grandest Residence
by Joseph Heinerman

Autumn 1978

Created: Thursday, September 21, 1978

Vol. 28, No. 4

Survival on the High Plains, 1929–1934by Charles Vindex

Colonel Custer’s Copperhead The “Mysterious” Mark Kellogg
by Lewis O. Saum

Henry M. Stanley’s Frontier Apprenticeshipby Thomas D. Isern

Montana’s Righteous Hangmen A Reconsideration
by Merrill G. Burlingame

1870—To the Hangman’s Tree Helena’s Last Vigilante Execution
by Lee Silliman

Summer 1978

Created: Wednesday, June 21, 1978

Vol. 28, No. 3

A Partnership in Conservation Theodore Roosevelt and Yellowstone
by Paul Schullery

We Do Not Know What the Government Intends to Do . . . Lt. Palmer Writes from the Bozeman Trail, 1867–68
by Jerome A. Greene

The Shame of Little Wolfby Gary L. Roberts

In Search of Little Wolf . . . A Tangled Photographic Record
commentary by Gary L. Roberts

A Season of Trial Helena’s Entrepreneurs Nurture a City
by Joan Bishop

Spring 1978

Created: Tuesday, March 21, 1978

Vol. 28, No. 2

Itinerant Frontier Photographers and Images Lost, Strayed, or Stolenby John S. Gray

“The Very Atmospphere Is Charged with Unbelief . . .” Presbyterians and Higher Education in Montana
by Norman J. Bender

Cornelius Hedges Frontier Educator
by George Lubick

Miss Jacoby 19th Century Educator, 20th Century Guardian of Excellence
by Alice Cowan Coleman

Lutey Brothers Marketeria America’s First Self-Serve Grocers
by Kent Lutey

Winter 1978

Created: Sunday, January 1, 1978

Vol. 28, No. 1

Frontier Brethren The Hutterite Experience in the American West
by Dorothy Schwieder

A Mountain Charade The Sheepeater Campaign of 1879
by Joan Corbett Quinn

James Hervey Simpson in the Great Basin A Topographical Discovery of a Shorter Route to California, 1859
by Barbara Beeton

The Men from Bribir The Croatian Stonemasons of Lewistown, Montana
by Anna Zellick

Hum-Pa-Zee Major C. B. Lohmiller, Imposing Man at Fort Peck Agency
by Ben H. Johnson

Autumn 1977

Created: Wednesday, September 21, 1977

Vol. 27, No. 4

A Century Ago The Nez Perce and the Tortuous Pursuit
by Stanley R. Davison

The Settlers and the Nez Perceby Rex C. Myers

“We have Joseph and all his people . . .”A Soldier Writes Home About the Battle
A Document

Saloon Entrepreneurs of Russell’s Art and the Pilgrimage of One Collectionby Paul T. DeVore

Mary MacLane A Feminist Opinion
by Carolyn J. Mattern

Member of the Crew Reminiscences of a Teen-Ager on a Threshing Rig
by Orland E. Esval

Horsepower “I Don’t Have a Work Horse on the Place”
by Donald R. Bosley

Summer 1977

Created: Tuesday, June 21, 1977

Vol. 27, No. 3

Burton K. Wheeler and the Montana Connectionby Richard T. Ruetten

Mary MacLane Montana’s Shocking “Litr’y Lady”
by Leslie A. Wheeler

Taming the Missouri and Treating the Depression Fort Peck Dam
by Bob Saindon and Bunky Sullivan

The Camera Eye of Sumner Matteson and the People Who Fooled Them Allby George P. Horse Capture

In Pursuit of a New County The Creation of Phillips County—1915
by J. Russell (Rusty) Larcombe and E. E. (Boo) MacGilvra

Spring 1977

Created: Monday, March 21, 1977

Vol. 27, No. 2

David Dawson Mitchell Virginian on the Wild Missouri
by Paul E. Verdon

Timber to Newport on the Pend Oreille River in Idahoby Louis Musso III

An Inning for Sin Chicago Joe and Her Hurdy-Gurdy Girls
by Rex C. Myers

Camp Baker/Fort Logan Microcosm of the /Frontier Military Experience
by Raymond A. Mentzer, Jr.

Asian Adventures of a Cowboy from Montana—Red Bartonby Ralph Miracle

Care and Feeding of the Model Tby Tony Dalich

Winter 1977

Created: Saturday, January 1, 1977

Vol. 27, No. 1

Five Strings to His Bow The Remarkable Career of William (Lone Star) Dietz
by John C. Ewer

Eli Washington John Lindesmith Fort Keogh’s Chaplain in Buckskin
by Louis L. Pfaller

Ned Casey and His Cheyenne Scouts A Noble Experiment in an Atmosphere of Tension
by Katherine M. Weist

Gertrude Atherton Montana and the Lady Novelist
by Leslie A. Wheeler

Andersonville A Civil War Legacy of Hatred in Montana
by Spencer Wilson

Autumn 1976

Created: Tuesday, September 21, 1976

Vol. 26, No. 4

The Golden Spell of Harvestby Charles Vindex

Sadie and the Missing Custer Battle Papersby Carl L. Pearton

The Last Summer at Lake McDonaldby Curtis W. Buchholtz

The Montana Club Symbol of Elegance
by Rex C. Myers

The Scattered Morrisitesby C. LeRoy Anderson

Summer 1976

Created: Monday, June 21, 1976

Vol. 26, No. 3

The River Which Scolds at All Others An Obstinate Blunder in Nomenclature
by Bob Saindon

Our Dog Scannon Partner in Discovery
by Ernest S. Osgood

The Bird Woman Purposeful Member of the Corps or Casual “Tag-Along”?
by E. G. Chuinard

The CCC Experience in Glacier National Parkby Michael J. Ober

“Buffalo Jones” and the Bison Herd in Yellowstone Another Look
by Paul Schullery

The Final Curtin Call Chautauqua in Montana
by LeRoy Stahl

The Foreignersby Dorothy M. Johnson

Spring 1976

Created: Sunday, March 21, 1976

Vol. 26, No. 3

Albert Bierstadt Painter of America’s Western Vision
by Phillip Drennon Thomas

Montana Editors and the Custer Battleby Rex C. Myers

When the Preacher Kept a Cowby Dorothy M. Johnson

A Tale of Two Towns Gilman and Augusta
by Jeffrey L. Cuniff

“He Was Ferocious, That Pike!” A Fighting Man and a Town to Match
by Lee Silliman

Winter 1976

Created: Thursday, January 1, 1976

Vol. 26, No. 1

First Track in the Big Hornsby Robert A. Murray

Hard on the Heels of Lewis and Clarkby Frank H. Dickson

Sketch of a Life—Charles Schafftedited by Vivian A. Paladin

From Buffalo to Beef Assimilation on Fort Belknap Reservation
by Edward E. Barry, Jr.

School Days, School Days, Good Old Rubber Hose Daysby Dorothy M. Johnson

Jim Butler Nevada’s Improbable Tycoon
by Myrtle T. Myles

Silas S. Soule Partizan of the Frontier
by Stan Hoig

Autumn 1975

Created: Monday, September 1, 1975

Vol. 25, No. 4

Peter Peterson Tofft Painter in the Wilderness
by Robert Bigart and Clarence Woodcock

Wheat in Montana Determined Adaptation
by Ralph E. Ward

Coburg A Montana Town That Is No More
by Donald R. Bosley

1876 on the Reservations The Indian “Question”
by Michael P. Malone and Richard B. Roeder

Celebrating the Centennialby Michael P. Malone and Richard B. Roeder

Tales Told by a New Dealer—General Hugh S. Johnsonby John Kennedy Ohl

Summer 1975

Created: Sunday, June 1, 1975

Vol. 25, No. 3

The Ghastly Harvest Montana’s Buffalo Bone Trade
by LeRoy Barnett

The American Bison His Annihilation and Preservation
by James A. Dolph and C. Ivar Dolph

Essay in Photographs The Artistic Vision of Myrta Wright Stevens
by the editors

Carefree Youth and Dudes in Glacier National Parkby Dorothy M. Johnson

Yellowstone’s Madison Museum In Celebration of an American Idea
by Donald C. Stewart

The Fiery Ordeal of Cornelius Hedgesby Ernest S. Osgood

Spring 1975

Created: Saturday, March 1, 1975

Vol. 25, No. 2

Gutzon Borglum Mercurial Master of Colossal Art
by Gilbert C. Fite

The Centennial Year in Montana In the Gulches—Mining in Field and Pasture—Agriculture
by Michael P. Malone and Richard B. Roeder

William Illingworth Stereoscopic Eye on the Frontier West
by Jeffrey P. Grosscup

William Clark A Reappraisal
by Jerome O. Steffen

I Remember Old Yogo and the Weatherwaxby Kenneth W. Hay

Winter 1975

Created: Wednesday, January 1, 1975

Vol. 25, No. 1

1876 in Montana Anxiety and Anticipation
by Michael P. Malone and Richard B. Roeder

High Bull’s Victory Rosterby Peter J. Powell

Montana School Teacherby Mary Hyland Currier

William Gilpin and the Cosmopolitan Roadby J. Christopher Schnell

The Santee Sioux and the Lake Shetek Settlers Capture and Rescue
by John S. Gray

Some Lawmen I Have Knownby Dorothy M. Johnson

Autumn 1974

Created: Sunday, September 1, 1974

Vol. 24, No. 4

The Redcoat Detachment at Writing-on-Stone in Albertaby Hugh A. Dempsey

Lost on Cold Creek Modern Explorers Track the Nez Perce
by Daniel Goodenough, Jr.

The Cheyenne “Outbreak” of 1897by Lonnie E. Underhill and Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr.

The Mormons and the Morrisite Warby C. LeRoy Anderson and Larry J. Halford

Brigham Young’s Deseret Alphabetby Elizabeth Cottam Walker

Fun in the Great Outdoors—Or Was It?by Dorothy M. Johnson

Vigilante Numbers A Re-Examination
by Rex C. Myers

Summer 1974

Created: Saturday, June 1, 1974

Vol. 24, No. 3

Women’s Role in the American Westan essay by T. A. Larson

“Love from All to All” The Governor’s Lady Writes Home to Ohio
by James L. Thane, Jr.

Evy Alexander The Colonel’s Lady at McDowell in Arizona
by Sandra L. Myres

Women in the West A Pictorial View
compiled by the editors

Lillian’s Montana Sceneby Joyce H. Litz

Mother Was Shockedby Belle Fligelman Winestine

The Safe and Easy Way to Adventureby Dorothy M. Johnson


Created: Friday, March 1, 1974

Vol. 24, No. 2

The Carroll Trail Utopian Enterprise
by Lee Silliman

A Monument to Custerby Minnie Dubbs Millbrook

Rocky Mountain Husbandman Embattled Voice of the Montana Farmer
by Frank Grant

Small Town World Before Radioby Dorothy M. Johnson

Kendall, Montana Twentieth Century Ghost Town
by John Foster, in collaboration with Glenn C. Morton

Winter 1974

Created: Tuesday, January 1, 1974

Vol. 24, No. 1

Beggars to Washington Montana’s Territorial Delegates
by Clark C. Spence

Condition of the Tribes, 1865 The Report of General McCook
by Gary L. Roberts

A Short Moral Essay Or, How Kids Made Money in a Frontier Town
by Dorothy M. Johnson

Pastor on the Prairie The Letters of Rev. Scriver Thorpe
edited by Avis R. Anderson

The Custer Battle on Canvas Reflections and Afterthoughts
by Brian W. Dippie

The Great Bear Creek Sheep Raid The Quiet Slaughter
by Lyman Brewster

Autumn 1973

Created: Saturday, September 1, 1973

Vol. 23, No. 4

Probing the Riddle of the Bird Womanby Irving W. Anderson

Coal Montana’s Prosaic Treasure
by Robert A. Chadwick

Ships North to Alaska’s Coastby Neil M. Clark

Rufus Zogbaum and the Frontier Westby Judith MacBain Alter

“Number Please” Confessions of a Teenage “Central”
by Dorothy M. Johnson

From Montana Most Sincerely
by John L. Marsh

Summer 1973

Created: Friday, June 1, 1973

Vol. 23, No. 3

The Gallatin Canyon and the Tides of Historyby Michael P. Malone

The Baron C. C. O’Keefe The Legend and the Legacy
by Edith Toole Oberley

Glacier’s Skyland Camps A Culver Colonel’s Abortive Dream
by Michael J. Ober

Last of the Rough Riders Now There Is Only One
by Dale L. Walker

Brush, Palette and the Battle of the Little Big Hornby Harrison Lane

Spring 1973

Created: Thursday, March 1, 1973

Vol. 23, No. 2

Chip of the Flying U The Author Was a Lady
by Stanley R. Davison

B. K. Wheeler and Jim Murray Senators in Conflict
by Donald E. Spritzer

The Boy General and How He Grew George Custer after Appomattox
by Minnie Dubbs Millbrook

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever The Sickness and the Triumph
by Philip A. Kalisch

Dr. Montezuma Apache Warrior in Two Worlds
by Neil M. Clark

Winter 1973

Created: Monday, January 1, 1973

Vol. 23, No. 1

Bold But Wasting Race Stereotypes and American Indian Policy
by Brian W. Dippie

Hon. Albert B. Fall of New Mexico Frontier’s Fallen Star of Teapot Dome
by Earl F. Woodward

Montana Women and the Battle for the Ballot Woman Suffrage in the Treasure State
by T. A. Larson

The Road Agent and the Doctor Two Divergent Men Named Henry Plummer
by Charles M. Guthrie

B. D. Phillips in Montana A Reminiscence and a Record
by Walter W. Phillips

The Spirit Wind in Floyd Knoble’s Barn A Winter Experience in Northern Montana
by Mary Knoble Young

Autumn 1972

Created: Friday, September 1, 1972

Vol. 22, No. 4

Brother Van’s Call to Frontier Montana “To Preach, Sing, and Encourage People to Be Good”
by Myron J. Fogde

Over Barren Plains and Rock-Bound Mountains “Being the Journal of a Tour by the Overland Route . . .”
by Adam M. Brown, edited by David M. Kiefer

The Hayfield Fight A Reappraisal of a Neglected Action
by Jerome A. Greene

Old Fort Kearny—1846–1848 Symbol of a Changing Frontier
by Milton E. Holtz

Chief Joseph and the “Lyin’ Jack” Syndromeby Mark H. Brown

Western Literature and Its Myth A Rejoinder
by William W. Savage, Jr.

Summer 1972

Created: Thursday, June 1, 1972

Vol. 22, No. 3


Yellowstone: The First Century
PART I: An Idea and Its Exploration

The Meaning of Yellowstone A Commentary
by Joe B. Frantz

The Quest of Warren Gillette Based on the Original Diary
edited by Brian Cockhill

Lost in the Wilderness Truman Everts’ 37 Days of Terror
by Aubrey L. Haines

William Henry Jackson First Camera on the Yellowstone
by Lewis W. Selmeier

Trials of a Trailblazer P. W. Norris and Yellowstone
by John S. Gray


PART II: Protection and Enjoyment

The United States Army and the National Parksby H. Duane Hampton

Memories of the Great and Near-Great in Yellowstoneby Horace Marden Albright

Yellowstone Park by Camp The Shaw & Powell Camping Company
photo essay by Vivian A. Paladin and S. Rose Shaw

Memories of a Four-Horse Stage Driver in Yellowstone Parkby Earl B. Osborn

Spring 1972

Created: Wednesday, March 1, 1972

Vol. 22, No. 2

Lutheran Zealots among the Crowby Oswald F. Wagner

The Custer Battle and the Critique of an Adventureedited by Harold D. Langley

Trolleys of the Treasure Stateby Rex C. Myers

Shakespearean “Culture” in Montana, 1902by Elizabeth Greenfield

Western Literature and the Myth-Makersby Carol Anne French

Winter 1972

Created: Saturday, January 1, 1972

Vol. 22, No. 1

The Joseph Mythby Mark H. Brown

Lone Wolf Returns to that Long-Ago Timeby Paul Dyck

The Blackfeet and the Divine “Establishment”by Howard L. Harrod

The Custer Battle and Widow’s Weedsby Edgar I. Stewart

Julius Basinski Jewish Merchant in Montana
by Robert E. Levinson

W. W. Alderson An Editor Who Told It Like It Was
by Dick Pace

Autumn 1971

Created: Wednesday, September 1, 1971

Vol. 21, No. 4

Lewis and Clark Westering Physicians
by Drake W. Will

The Wobblies and Montana’s Garden Cityby George A. Venn

Butte A Troubled Labor Paradise
by Theodore Wiprud

Joe Scheuerle Modest Man with Friendly Palette
by Thorton I. and Margo Boileau

Faith to Move Mountains by Richard H. Dillon

Aunt Tish Beloved Gourmet of the Bitter Root
by Glenn Chaffin

Pat Garrett Another Look at a Western Gunman
by Leon C. Metz

I Remember Helena and How To Spell “Uncle”by Gerald T. Perry

Summer 1971

Created: Tuesday, June 1, 1971

Vol. 21, No. 3

Lewis and Clark on the Upper Missouri Decision at the Marias
by John L. Allen

Granville Stuart in Latin America A Montana Pioneer’s Diplomatic Career
by Victor C. Dahl

Bugler! No Pay Call Today! The Year the Army Went Payless
by Henry P. Walker

Winold Reiss His Portraits and Protégés
by John C. Ewers

“Kid” Foss and the Birth of Montana Rodeo by Marie MacDonald

Some Reflections on General Custer by Edgar I. Stewart

Fred Miller “Boxpotapesh” of the Crows
by Jean I. Castles