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Autumn 2003

Autumn 2003

Vol. 53, No. 3

Created: Sunday, September 21, 2003

Vol. 53, No. 3

Snow Machines in the Gardens The History of Snowmobiles in Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks
by Michael J. Yochim

Two Roads Diverged A Look Back at the Montana Study
by Carla Homstad

Mormon Missionaries, the Utah War, and the 1858 Bannock Raid on Fort Limhiby David Bigler

Made in Montana Montana’s Post Office Murals
by Elizabeth Mentzer

Sculptor Alexander Phimister Proctor in Montanaby Peter H. Hassrick

From the Society Treasure State Treasurers Survey
by Kirby Lambert

The Montana Traveler The National Bison Range
by W. Clark Whitehorn

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Chisholm, Following the Wrong God Home, reviewed by Ann Ronald | Mihesuah, Indigenous American Women, reviewed by Lillian A. Ackerman | Hugo, Writing for Her Life, reviewed by Sue Hart | Moulton, ed., The Lewis and Clark Journals, reviewed by William L. Lang | Scharff, Twenty Thousand Roads, reviewed by Shannon Smith Calitri | Beckey, Range of Glaciers, reviewed by Kevin Marsh | Blessing, ed., A Road of Her Own and Hasselstrom, Between Grass and Sky, reviewed by Sandra Schackel | Hurt, The Indian Frontier, 1763–1846, reviewed by Joshua Piker | Butts, Galvanized Yankees on the Upper Missouri, reviewed by Gordon Morris Bakken | Gilbert, Reminger, and Cunningham, eds., Encyclopedia of Buffalo Hunters and Skinners, reviewed by Henry B. Crawford | Schubert, ed., Voices of the Buffalo Soldier, reviewed by Jerome A. Greene | Schultz, Floating on the Missouri, reviewed by Aaron Parrett | Wood, Porter, and Hunt, Karl Bodmer's Studio Art, reviewed by Brandon K. Ruud | McConnell, The Record-Setting Trips, reviewed by Randal L. Hall | Holloway, Interpreting the Legacy, reviewed by Lori Utecht | Brosnan, Uniting Mountain and Plain, reviewed by Michael Welsh | Mellis, Riding Buffaloes and Broncos, reviewed by Renee Laegreid

On the cover

(front) Pay Dirt, 1925, by Charles M. Russell; (back) News from the States, 1938, by Elizabeth Lochrie, and Flathead War Party, 1942, by Henry J. Meloy