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Autumn 1999

Autumn 1999

Vol. 49, No. 3

Created: Tuesday, September 21, 1999

Vol. 49, No. 3

Golden Dreams Colorado, California, and the Reimagining of America
by Elliott West

Disorder, Crime, and Punishment in the California Gold Rushby Martin Ridge

‘When a Person Gits to California It Is Hard to Say or Tell When He Gets Away’ Why the Forty-Niners Were Reluctant to Come Home the Families They Loved
by Malcolm J. Rohrbough

No Need to Rush The Chinese, Placer Mining, and the Western Environment
by Liping Zhu

The Legacy of the Gold Rush An Afterword
by Martin Ridge

Essays on the West More than the Glory: Preserving the Gold Rush and Its Outcome at Virginia City
by Ellen Baumler

The Montana Traveler Bannack State Park: A Gate in Time
by Marcella Sherfy

Historical Reflections Photos from Montana’s Past (Robbers’ Roost)
by the editor

Montana Book Roundup by Charles E. Rankin

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Rohrbough, Days of Gold, reviewed by Kenneth N. Owens | Zhu, A Chinaman’s Chance, reviewed by Carlos A. Schwantes | Zanjani, A Mine of Her Own, reviewed by Jeffrey J. Safford | Riley, Building and Breaking Families in the American West, reviewed by Lillian Schlissel | Iverson, Barry Goldwater, reviewed by Art Gόmez | Robbins, Landscapes of Promise, reviewed by Chet Orloff | Essin, Shavetails and Bell Sharps, reviewed by Joseph G. Dawson III | Schubert, Black Valor, reviewed by William H. Leckie | Ronda, ed., Thomas Jefferson and the Changing West, reviewed by Carol L. MacGregor

On the cover

(front) The Prospector, 1850, by E. Hall Martin; (back) A Moment at Rest (Gold Rush Camp), 1882, by Ernest Narjot