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Autumn 1998

Autumn 1998

Vol. 48, No. 3

Created: Monday, September 21, 1998

Vol. 48, No. 3

Butte Resilient City with an Unforgettable Past
by Mary Murphy

Devil’s Perch Prostitution from Suite to Cellar in Butte, Montana
by Ellen Baumler

Intimate Strangers The Interlocking Histories of Butte, Montana, and Chuquicamata, Chile
by Janet L. Finn

Remaking the Wide-Open Town Butte at the End of the Twentieth Century
by Brian Shovers

Montana Episodes The Butte Walkathon, 1931
by Fred and Mary Kay Voget

Historical Commentary A Reexamination of the Granite Mountain–Speculator Fire
by James D. Harrington

Essays on the West Where Have All the Heroes Gone?A Review of J. Anthony Luka’s Big Trouble
by David M. Emmons

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Murphy, Mining Cultures, reviewed by Janet L. Finn | Wrobel and Steiner, eds., Many Wests, reviewed by Gene M. Gressley | White, comp., News of the Plains and Rockies, 1803–1865, reviewed by W. R. Swagerty | Reid, Policing the Elephant, reviewed by John R. Wunder | Koupal, ed., Our Landlady, reviewed by Lewis O. Saum | Huseman, Wild River, Timeless Canyons, reviewed by Gray Sweeney | Boswell and McConaghy, Raise Hell and Sell Newspapers, reviewed by Barbara Cloud | Hampton, The Great American Wolf, reviewed by James Pritchard | Pisani, Water, Land, and Law in the West, reviewed by William D. Rowley | Alinder, Ansel Adams and Spaulding, Ansel Adams and the American Landscape, reviewed by Martha A. Sandweiss

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Butte Hill, 1936, by Paul Sample