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Autumn 1993

Autumn 1993

Vol. 43, No. 4

Created: Wednesday, September 1, 1993

Vol. 43, No. 4

Troubled Bundles, Troubled Blackfeet The Travail of Cultural and Religious Renewal
by William E. Farr

The Life and Western Art of E. E. Heikkaby Vivian A. Paladin

A Scout’s Perceptions of Indians at the Battle of Beecher Island An Essay on Ethnocentrism
by John H. Monnett

Sea Serpents of the Pacific Northwestby Paul H. LeBlond

Essays on the West: Tribute to Wallace Stegner A Brief Reminescence: Father, Teacher, Collaborator
by Page Stegner

Where the Old West Met the New, Wallace Stegner: 1909–1993
by Jackson J. Benson

Stegner, Story-Telling, and Western Identity
by Elliott West

Precedents to Wisdom
by Patricia Nelson Limerick

Stegner, the West, and the Environment
by Dan Flores

Thoughts on Wallace Stegner
by Ivan Doig

The Good Rain: Stegner and the Wild
by William Kittredge

Wallace Stegner as Western Humorist
by Richard W. Etulain

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Chelette, Hough, and South, California Grandeur and Genre, and Penney, Art of the American Frontier, reviewed by Brian W. Dippie | Freed, Preserving the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, reviewed by Marcella Sherfy | Rylatt, Surveying the Canadian Pacific, reviewed by Marilyn Grant | Davis, Playing Cowboys, reviewed by Fred Erisman | Tompkins, West of Everything, reviewed by John H. Lenihan | Reedstrom, Scrapbook of the American West, reviewed by John P. Langellier | Hine, Josiah Royce, reviewed by Richard A. Bartlett | Alexander, Things in Heaven and Earth, reviewed by Jan Shipps | Zapffe, Indian Days in Minnesota’s Lake Region, reviewed by Lawrence J. Sommer | O’Neil, Lyman, and McKay, eds., Wounded Knee 1973, reviewed by R. Eli Paul | Fritz, Federal Justice in California, reviewed by Susanne Teepe Gaskins | Mullins, The Depression and the Urban West Coast, reviewed by Gene M. Gressley

On the cover

(front) Searching for the Enemy, n.d., by Julius Seyler; (back) Dream shirt of Short Face, Blackfeet, c. 1890