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Autumn 1992

Autumn 1992

Vol. 42, No. 4

Created: Tuesday, September 1, 1992

Vol. 42, No. 4

Montana’s Entrepreneurial Spirit at Workby Michael P. Malone

A Settlement on the Plains Paris Gibson and the Building of Great Falls
by Richard B. Roeder

The Deconstruction of a Capitalist Patriarch The Life and Times of Samuel T. Hauser
by William G. Robbins

‘A Little Bit Better’ William Andrews Clark and Welfare Work in Arizona
by Jeanette Rodda

Origins of the Great Sioux War The Brown-Anderson Controversy Revisited
by Robert M. Utley

Historical Commentary American Indians and Outsiders: A Crucial Dialogue of the Columbian Quincenterary
by Margaret Connell Szasz

Essays on the West Custer and Crazy Horse Ride Again . . . and Again, and Again: Filmmaking and History at the Little Bighorn
by Paul Stekler

TV Looks at Indians and American History A Review Essay
by Roger L. Nichols

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Malone, Roeder, Lang, Montana, A History of Two Centuries, reviewed by Robert R. Swartout Jr. | Winks, Frederick Billings, reviewed by Bill Bryans | Foster, Henry M. Porter, reviewed by Lyle W. Dorsett | Leyendecker, Palace Car Prince, reviewed by Robin W. Winks | Peterson, Bonanza Rich, reviewed by Sally Zanjani | Rolle, Henry Mayo Newhall and His Times, reviewed by Doyce B. Nunis, Jr. | Sherow, Watering the Valley, reviewed by Judith Fabry | Stratton, ed., Spokane and the Inland Empire, reviewed by G. Thomas Edwards | Hardorff, ed., Lakota Recollections of the Custer Fight, reviewed by Jerome A. Green | Jensen, Paul, Carter, Eyewitness at Wounded Knee, reviewed by Robert M. Utley | Bernstein, American Indians and World War II, reviewed by Francis Paul Prucha | Henige, In Search of Columbus, reviewed by David J. Weber | Walker, Protestantism in the Sangre De Cristos, 1850–1920, reviewed by Mark T. Banker | Olivera and Crété, Life in Mexico under Santa Ana, reviewed by Charles R. Cutter | Haywood, Victorian West, reviewed by Judith R. Johnson | Tinsley, For a Cowboy Has to Sing, reviewed by Guy Logsdon | Kasper, Annie Oakley, reviewed by Ian Craig Breaden

On the cover

(detail) “Great Falls, Montana: Its Situation, Surroundings, Resources Railroad and River Connections, 1893,” map drawn by Oswald C. Mortson