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Autumn 1991

Autumn 1991

Vol. 41, No. 4

Created: Saturday, September 21, 1991

Vol. 41, No. 4

In the Shadow of Jefferson Explorers and the Great West
by Martin Ridge

‘A Knowledge of Distant Parts’ The Shaping of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
by James P. Ronda

Travels in a Subjective West The Letters of Edwin James and Major Stephen Long’s Scientific Expedition of 1819–1820
by Carlo Rotella

The Edwin James Letter Book at Yaleby George Miles

Marvelous Figures, Astonished Travelers The Montana Expedition of Maximilian, Prince of Wied
by Joseph C. Porter

Journeys to the Land of Gold Emigrants on the Bozeman Trail, 1863–1866
by Susan Badger Doyle

Historical Commentary Spanish Exploration in the Western Borderlands
by John L. Kessell

Review Essay The West in Exploration, Empire, and Art
by Joseph C. Porter

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Winship, trans., ed., The Journey of Coronado, 1540–1542, reviewed by Marc Simmons | Simmons, The Last Conquistador Juan de Oñate and the Settling of the Far Southwest, reviewed by John L. Kessell | Cutter, California in 1792, A Spanish Naval Visit, reviewed by Iris H. W. Engstrand | Weber, ed., The Californios versus Jedediah Smith, 1826–1827, A New Cache of Documents, reviewed by Fred R. Gowans | Hague, Langum, Thomas O. Larkin, A Life of Patriotism and Profit in Old California, reviewed by Valerie Sherer Mathes | Rumer, The Wagon Trains of ’44, A Comparative View of the Individual Caravans in the Emigrations of 1844 to Oregon, and Rumer, ed., This Emigrating Conmpany, The 1844 Oregon Trail Journal of Jacob Hammer, reviewed by Brigham D. Madsen | Stillman, Wanderings in the Southwest in 1855, edited by Ron Tyler, reviewed by Joe A. Stout, Jr. | Mathes, Helen Hunt Jackson and Her Indian Reform Legacy, reviewed by Margaret Connell Szasz | Saum, The Popular Mood of America, 1860–1890, reviewed by Anne F. Hyde | Kirk, Alexander, Exploring Washington’s Past, A Road Guide to History, reviewed by Carroll Van West | Grant, ed., We Took the Train, reviewed by W. Thomas White

On the cover

(front) America (map of North and South America), 1627–1687, engraved by Jan Mathijsz; (inside front) The Great Explorers, May 12, 1906, by Frederic Remington