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Autumn 1988

Autumn 1988

Vol. 38, No. 4

Created: Wednesday, September 21, 1988

Vol. 38, No. 4

“At the end of the cracked whip” The Northern West, 1880–1920
by William G. Robbins

Commonwealth or Colony Montana Railroads in the First Decade of Statehood
by W. Thomas White

Electrical Power, Copper, and John D. Ryanby Carrie Johnson

Images of the Wageworkers’ Frontierby Carlos A. Schwantes

Women’s Economic Role in Montana Agriculture “You Had to Make Every Minute Count
by Laurie K. Mercier

Montana Episodes Thrashing in Montana at the Turn of the Century
by T. Eugene Barrows

Historical Landscapes Early steel Transmission Towers and Energy for Montana’s Copper Industry
by Frederic L. Quivik

Historical Commentary Colonialism: The Perpetual Pendulum
by Gene M. Gressley

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

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Petrik, No Step Backward, reviewed by Elliott West | Mather and Boswell, Hanging the Sheriff, reviewed by Richard B. Roeder | Smith, Mining America, reviewed by Robert Kelley | Allen, Homesteading the High Desert, reviewed by Ken Karsmizki | Jones, Empire of Dust, reviewed by Burton M. Smith | Duncan, Out West, reviewed by Carlos A. Schwantes | Sherman and Thorson, eds., Plains Folk, reviewed by Rex C. Myers | Frey, The World of the Crow Indians as Driftwood Lodges, reviewed by Richmond L. Clow | Ficken, The Forested Land, reviewed by Thomas R. Cox | Jackson, Among the Sleeping Giants, reviewed by Hal Stearns Jr.

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(front) Haying Time, 1921, by W. H. D. Koerner; (back) The Oil Game, 1917, by W. H. D. Koerner