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Autumn 1987

Autumn 1987

Vol. 37, No. 4

Created: Monday, September 21, 1987

Vol. 37, No. 4

The Prizes of Statehoodby Kenneth N. Owens

Insurrection, Agitation, and Riots The Police Power and Washington Statehood
by Kent D. Richards

“God Helps Those Who Help Themselves” The Farmers Alliance and Dakota Statehood
by Larry Remele

Spoils of Statehood Montana Communities in Conflict, 1888–1894
by William L. Lang

“The Right Kind of Nail” Reactions to J. K. Toole’s Montana Statehood Speech
by Dave Walter

Idaho’s Season of Political Distress An Unusual Path to Statehood
by Merle Wells

Montana Episodes Helena’s Social Supremacy: Political Sarcasm and the Capital Fight
by Rick Newby

Historical Landscapes A Landscape of Statehood: The Montana State Capitol
by Carroll Van West

Historical Commentary Statehood Centennials: What Shall We Celebrate?
by Judith Austin

Montana Book Roundupby Charles E. Rankin

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Moulton, ed., The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, vol. 2, reviewed by Mary Lee Spence | Madsen, The Shoshoni Frontier and the Bear River Massacre, reviewed by Melvin T. Smith | Janetski, Indians of Yellowstone Park, reviewed by Richard A. Bartlett | Dewing, Wounded Knee, reviewed by Richard N. Ellis | Spitzer, Senator James E. Murray and the Limits of Post-War Liberalism, reviewed by Richard T. Ruetten | Riebeth, J. H. Sharp among the Crow Indians, reviewed by David Reed Miller | Hanna, The Life and Times of James Willard Schultz, reviewed by Richard B. Roeder | Conn, A Persistent Vision, reviewed by Joseph C. Porter | Conlin, Bacon, Beans, and Galantines, reviewed by William S. Greever | Fahey, The Inland Empire, reviewed by Gordon Dodds | Hardy, Wyoming University, reviewed by F. Alan Coombs | Nelson, After the West Was Won, reviewed by Mary W. M. Hargreaves

On the cover

(front) Montana State Capitol, 1899, by J. H. Kent; (back) “Dedication of Meagher Statue,” July 4, 1905, photographer unknown