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Autumn 1979

Autumn 1979

Vol. 29, No. 4

Created: Friday, September 21, 1979

Vol. 29, No. 4

Boycott The Pullman Strike in Montana
by W. Thomas White

The Trans-Mississippi Exposition and the Flathead Delegationby Robert Bigart and Clarence Woodcock

The Rinehart Photographs A Portfolio
by Earl Clark

Wells Fargo Stagecoaching in Montana Final Months
by W. Turrentine Jackson

Montana Episodes Stage on the High Line
by Earl Sandvig

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Unruh, The Plains Across: The Overland Emigrants and the Trans-Mississippi West, 1840–1860, reviewed by W. Turrentine Jackson | Wunder, Inferior Courts, Superior Justice: A History of the Justices of the Peace on the Northwest Frontier, 1853–1889, reviewed by Gordon Morris Bakken | Steffen, The Horse Soldier, 1776–1943: The U.S. Cavalryman, His Uniforms, Arms, Accoutrements, and Equipments, Vol. IV, World War I, The Peacetime Army, World War II, 1917–1943, reviewed by Edward M. Coffman | Jackson, ed., Letters of the Lewis and Clark Expedition with Related Documents, reviewed by Hal G. Stearns | Hill, Hanta Yo, reviewed by Natachee Scott Momaday | Brewer, First 100 Years, and Tuchscherer with Forssen, Petticoat & Stethoscope: A Montana Legend, reviewed by Pierce C. Mullan | Fox, So Far Disordered in Mind: Insanity in California, 1870–1930, reviewed by Alfred Louch | Fogdall, Royal Family of the Columbia: Dr. John McLoughlin and His Family, reviewed by Kent D. Richards | Bowen, The Willamette Valley: Migration and Settlement on the Oregon Frontier, reviewed by G. Thomas Edwards | Faragher, Women and Men on the Overland Trail, reviewed by Merrill J. Mattes | Samuels and Samuels, eds., The Collected Writings of Frederic Remington, reviewed by Jeff Dykes | Steffen, The Horse Soldier, 1776–1943: Vol. III—The Last of the Indian Wars, The Spanish-American War, the Brink of the Great War, 1881–1916, reviewed by Harwood P. Hinton | Robinson, ,Water for the West: The Bureau of Reclamation, 1902–1977, reviewed by Robert G. Dunbar | Davis, ed., Lifeways of Intermontane and Plains Montana Indians, and Davis and Wilson, eds., Bison Procurement and Utilization: A Symposium, reviewed by Hugh A. Dempsey | Lofaro, The Life and Adventures of Daniel Boone, reviewed by Thomas D. Clark | Fischer, From the High Plains, reviewed by Robert Calvert

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