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Winter 2021

Montana The Magazine of Western History Winter 2021 cover
  • December 01 2021

Vol. 71, No. 4

From the Editor’s Desk
by Diana Di Stefano

Western Women and The Quest for Equality
by Dee Garceau and Renée Laegreid, Guest Editors

Unearthing an Indian Abstract
The Personality Prints of Mary Sully
by Philip Deloria

Virginia Billedeaux and Helen Piotopowaka Clarke
Blackfeet Activists
by Dee Garceau

Ella Mad Plume Yellow Wolf
Photographs by a Native American Woman in the Early 1940s
by Rosalyn LaPier

The desire for that measure of justice”
Consciousness, Political Expediency, and the Rise of Women’s Suffrage in Montana and the West, 1869–1920
by Jennifer Helton

“Some Light on an Old Topic”
Uncovering the First Woman to Vote Dispute between Wyoming and Utah
by Andrea G. Radke-Moss

On the cover

(front) Cornelia Otis Skinner, by Mary Sully, ca. 1935, detail; (back) Edward C. “Teddy Blue” Abbott and Mary Stuart Abbott, ca. 1916.