2018 Friends of the Society March Lecture Series

Wednesday March 7, 12:00 p.m. ~ Hooverizing:  Or How to Prove Your Patriotism by Cooking Without Eggs, Wheat, Sugar, Butter, Meat . . .

In 1917, President Wilson appointed Herbert Hoover the federal Food Administrator.   The Administration’s WWI education and promotion proved so successful in stirring national conscience about voluntary food rationing that the term “Hooverizing” came to symbolize local and personal successes as well as a national stamp of approval.  Reference Historian, Zoe Ann Stoltz, will describe how many Montana women embraced the obstacles created by food conservation, others, not so much. Fortunately for us, they happily shared recipes, strategies, and their unique stories.

Wednesday March 14, 12:00 p.m.~ Like Ripples in a Pond: Mary Ronan and her Circle of Friends MHS interpretive historian Ellen Baumler explores the world of Montana pioneer Mary Ronan, who came to Montana as a child in 1863. Mary experienced the roughest mining camps and the witnessed major events that shaped the state. Baumler edited Mary’s colorful reminiscence under the title Girl from the Gulches.  In this program, “Like Ripples in a Pond: Mary Ronan and her Circle of Friends,” Baumler shares Mary’s remarkable story, its surprising far-flung connections, and how it came to be written down.       

Wednesday March 21, 12:00 p.m. ~ A Strong Woman: The Life of Evelyn Cameron

Using the wealth of information provided by Evelyn's diaries and letters, historic interpreter Mary Jane Bradbury will present a portrait of this remarkable woman, including a look at the artistry and unique perspective expressed in her photographs.

Wednesday March 28, 12:00 p.m.~ On Her Own Terms: The Outfitting Adventures of Mary Faith Hoeffner

Mary Faith Hoeffner owned and operated the K Lazy Three Ranch Outfitters & Guides based in Lincoln, Montana, for over thirty years. She was a wife, mother, horsewoman, camp chef, and crack shot. Her adventures led her all over the Scapegoat and Bob Marshall Wildernesses and into the hearts and memories of everyone who knew her. Before she passed away in October 2015, Mary Faith recorded some of her adventures, which have been transcribed and compiled by presenter Brad Hansen, Federal Grants Manager at SHPO.


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