Chapter 19


Online textbook: Chapter 19

Worksheet 1: Analyzing a Propaganda Poster 

Worksheet 2: World War II Rationing

Click here for a larger version of the "Application for a Special Shoe Stamp" shown on the "World War II Rationing Worksheet."

Learning from Historical Documents:

Letter from Gov. Sam Ford to Gen. Jay Benedict, 1942, Regarding the State Preparedness Program

Letter from Howard Toole to Gov. Sam Ford, from Missoula, 1942, Regarding Japanese Students Attending University of Montana


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Interesting Links

See drawings created by Roundup, Montana, native and Bataan Death March survivor Ben Steele, while he was a Prisoner of War.

Learn more about Native American code talkers.

Meet Joe Medicine Crow, who became a Crow war chief through his World War II military service.

Find out about Marine Private Minnie Spotted Wolf, through a comic strip that was published about her in 1944.  

163rd Going Ashore
163rd going ashore at Wakde Island, Montana Historical Society Photo Archives PAc 85-75