Outreach and Interpretation Staff

Kirby Lambert, Program Manager
(406) 444-4741
Email: klambert@mt.gov

  • Public programming and Montana History Conference
  • Long range planning, goals, objectives, and policies
  • Staff supervision and budget oversight
  • Comments, commendations, and complaints


Christine Brown, Historical Specialist
(406) 444-1687
Email: christine.brown@mt.gov

  • National Register and heritage sign programs
  • Place-based education
  • Centennial Farm and Ranch Program


Martha Kohl, Outreach and Interpretation Historian
(406) 444-4740
Email: mkohl@mt.gov

  • National Register and heritage sign programs
  • Web-based outreach (Women's History Matters and Montana and the Great War) 
  • Curriculum development and teacher training
  • Montana History and Heritage Education Listserv


Deb Mitchell, Program Specialist
(406) 444-4789
Email: dmitchell@mt.gov

  • Tour guide and docent training and management
  • Tour and exhibit development
  • Teacher training and curriculum development


Katie White, Volunteer Coordinator
(406) 444-9553
Email: kwhite@mt.gov

  • Society-wide volunteer management
  • Volunteer recruitment, placement, and supervision
  • Footlocker reservations


 Anthony Schrillo, Lead Tour Guide
(406) 444-4794
Email: anthony.schrillo@mt.gov

  • Reservations for tours at Montana's Museum and Original Governor's Mansion