Survey & Planning

Bannack Stairs

As part of our goal to foster a preservation ethic for Montana's heritage properties, SHPO supports efforts to recognize historic resources, and to encourage their preservation. This goal is furthered in many ways by our staff and through our programs. We offer professional, technical and financial assistance across the state to those efforts seeking to identify significant heritage resources, to document the history of these resources, and to recognize our historic and cultural legacy by listing properties in the National Register of Historic Places.

When funding is available, we sponsor survey efforts and planning projects that ensure good stewardship of Montana's historic places. Over the past two decades, SHPO has funded and/or conducted almost 100 professional surveys of historic and prehistoric resources in Montana. We also work together with public agencies and consultants to ensure that publicly owned resources are considered and well-managed. To that end, we encourage the integration of historic preservation into planning and policy-making at all levels of government.

Historic Preservation Plan: 2013-2017 (PDF)

SHPO Questionnaire Responses (PDF)