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Workshops and Presentations

Research Center staff offer free presentations on a variety of topics related to Montana history.


  • Genealogy I: Getting Started on Your Family History
  • Genealogy II: Techniques for the Intermediate Researcher
  • Genealogy III: Hidden People in the Archives: Advanced Genealogical Sources

Preservation and Conservation

  • Handle with Care: Preserving Your Family Papers
  • Archives 101: Basic Concepts in Arrangement and Description
  • Starting an Archive: Do you Really Want To? And if so, What Do You Need to Do?

Oral History

  • Telling Tales: An Introduction to Oral History Interviews
  • Oral History and the Classroom (Middle School through High School)
  • Oral History and Community History Projects

Lewis & Clark

  • Voyage of Discovery: The Significance of Lewis and Clark
  • A Chip on His Shoulder: David Thompson and the Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • Empire of Fur: Traders, Trappers, and Defining Nations
  • Encountering Montana: Lewis and Clark in Big Sky Country
  • The Core of Discovery: Lewis and Clark and the Age of Exploration
  • Your Most Trustworthy Attendants: The Records of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Montana and Western History

  • Their Minds were Poisoned: The 1917 IWW Timber Strike in Northwest Montana
  • The Auditor: Butte's Canine Hero
  • The History of the Old Works Golf Course
  • An Historical Look at Butte Mines
  • The History of Water Rights in Montana
  • Reading Between the Lines: A Sampling of Women's Diaries, Reminiscences and Oral Histories in Montana Historical Society Collections

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Important notice: Free Travel for Presentations and Workshops to be Discontinued. As a result of legislation passed by the 2017 Legislature and signed by Governor Bullock, the Montana Historical Society is facing severe budget cuts. Unfortunately, this means that positions and services must be cut and, effective August 18, 2017, we will only be able to travel for presentations and workshops if the hosting organization is willing to pay travel costs. We are deeply distressed by this development and apologize for the inconveniences imposed.