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Legislative Research Requests

Our staff will research legislative questions. All legislative research requests are $25 USD. In your request, please clearly define the specific information you want us to look for (i.e. Montana Code Annotated citation or bill number) and the sources you would like us to search. Vague or poorly defined requests cannot be researched and will be returned.

Important  The Montana Legislature's web site has digital audio recordings, scanned minutes and minute logs, and scanned exhibits for committee hearings from 1999‑present. Please visit their site at

For instruction on how to complete a legislative history as well as guidance on the relevant materials in our collections, please consult our Legislative History Guide or contact us at (406) 444-2681.

When will I get the results? Research requests are handled in the order they are received. Turnaround time is approximately 4 weeks from receipt of payment.

Can I publish the results of the research? If you would like to publish a reproduction of an item in our collections, please see Copies and Reproductions.

If you have questions about research requests, please contact us at 406-444-2681 or email

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Research requests may be submitted online or by mail. All legislative research requests are $25 USD.

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Fax and telephone requests will not be accepted.