Special Exhibits

Joe Scheuerle and His Remarkable Indian Gallery

Lobby Gallery

Chief Horn Chief Horn Back

Our newest exhibit features the wonderful American Indian portraits created by artist Joseph G. Scheuerle (1873–1948). Beginning in 1909, Scheuerle regularly visited Montana's reservations where he executed more than two-hundred portraits that were “all finished and done honestly and carefully from life and on the spot.” He befriended the subjects whom he painted and often provided whimsical sketches and commentary on the back. While recognized by his friends and colleagues for his artistic skills, Scheuerle never received the acclaim given Russell and Sharp. Today, however, our knowledge of Plains Indian life is greatly enhanced by Scheuerle's exceptional art. The exhibit showcases 74 of his outstanding portraits, as well as examples of his fine commercial art.

This exhibit is made possible by the generous donations of Scheuerle’s art, from Joe Scheuerle’s grandson Bill Grierson and wife Pat and Alfred K. Jr. and Kathye H. Nippert.

Times of Trouble, Times of Change: Montana and the Great War

Northeast Gallery

When the U.S. entered World War I in April 1917 to make the world “safe for democracy,” a conflict over American ideals erupted at home. What happened when pro-war propaganda swept across the nation? Why did questions of what it meant to be American tear communities apart? What ideals were we fighting to protect? This exhibit explores how everyday Montanans served the war effort on both the home front and the Western Front. It offers several interactive experiences for visitors to step into the lives of Montanans during the war, including a replica trench area and a “Follow a Montanan” character experience. You can view the digital version of the exhibit hereTimes of Trouble, Times of Change is hosted in conjunction with a special exhibit at the Original Governor’s Mansion, Doing Our Bit: Montana’s Home Front during the Great War, and the Montana and the Great War story map project.

Through the Eye of the Needle: A Detailed View of Historic Textiles

Montana Moments Gallery

Historic Textiles Exhibit

This exhibit offers an up-close view of clothing and textiles in the Montana Historical Society museum collection. Bodices, boots, embroidered table covers, and more are accompanied by large photographs of the embellishments on each piece to provide a glimpse into ornamental needlework on late 19th and early 20th century textiles.

Doing Our Bit: Montana's Home Front during the Great War

Original Governor's Mansion, 304 North Ewing, Helena, Montana

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April 2017 through January 2019

In 1918, Governor Sam Stewart wrote "The women of the West are certainly doing their share in bearing the burdens of the war, and we cannot be too eloquent in our praise of their efforts." One hundred years later, visit Montana's Original Governor's Mansion for a special, in-depth, hands-on look at what Montana women and children were doing to merit such recognition. http://mhs.mt.gov/education/ogmtours