Workshops and Presentations

Research Center staff offer free presentations on a variety of topics related to Montana history.


  • Genealogy I: Getting Started on Your Family History
  • Genealogy II: Techniques for the Intermediate Researcher
  • Genealogy III: Hidden People in the Archives: Advanced Genealogical Sources

Preservation and Conservation

  • Handle with Care: Preserving Your Family Papers
  • Archives 101: Basic Concepts in Arrangement and Description
  • Starting an Archive: Do you Really Want To? And if so, What Do You Need to Do?

Oral History

  • Telling Tales: An Introduction to Oral History Interviews
  • Oral History and the Classroom (Middle School through High School)
  • Oral History and Community History Projects

Lewis & Clark

  • Voyage of Discovery: The Significance of Lewis and Clark
  • A Chip on His Shoulder: David Thompson and the Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • Empire of Fur: Traders, Trappers, and Defining Nations
  • Encountering Montana: Lewis and Clark in Big Sky Country
  • The Core of Discovery: Lewis and Clark and the Age of Exploration
  • Your Most Trustworthy Attendants: The Records of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Montana and Western History

  • Their Minds were Poisoned: The 1917 IWW Timber Strike in Northwest Montana
  • The Auditor: Butte's Canine Hero
  • The History of the Old Works Golf Course
  • An Historical Look at Butte Mines
  • The History of Water Rights in Montana
  • Reading Between the Lines: A Sampling of Women's Diaries, Reminiscences and Oral Histories in Montana Historical Society Collections

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